Justin Sane Continues Improbable Roll, Malachi Returns To Dirty "Deeds"

June 28, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Justin Sane’s first match in the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) was on May 20, 2000. He is arguably the greatest Golden Triangle Champion of all time, holding the title a record five times. He and Lord Zoltan, collectively known as Party Gras, held the most prestigious tag titles in the State of Pennsylvania—the KSWA Tag Titles—for a record-smashing 75 weeks. That being noted, he’s probably on the biggest roll of his career: in 2015!

In addition, one half of the current KSWA World Tag Team Champions—Mike Malachi—returned to face Bobby Badfingers as one of the most brutal, controversial and talked-about feuds in that division continues to careen on.

Lord Zoltan v. Sniper

This feud has continued on countless times over the career of both wrestlers. For years the two faced off, but never before the pinnacle of Pennsylvania wrestling—the KSWA. Since Zoltan’s debut, and Sniper’s emergence, the two have continued their dislike and distrust. In Lawrenceville at the Independence Day celebration, the war continued. Lord Zoltan follows Sniper to the ring. Mayor Mystery had warned the fans not to openly cheer “USA, USA.” Of course, the proud Lawrenceville crowd ignored it. In fact, after serious dancing, the fans started to chant loudly. The bell rings and the fans continue the USA chant. Sniper checks with Mayor Mystery at ringside. After some hesitation, the Megastars lock up. Lord Zoltan wrenches Sniper’s wrist and then the South African import switches it over. Zoltan wrenches the wrist and tosses Sniper down. The crowd is into the match early on. Sniper argues with referee David Fedor. Sniper gets Zoltan down for a two count. The fans scream that Sniper is “cheating.” Mayor Mystery attacks Zoltan on the outside with Sniper’s South African flag. Sniper misses with an elbow. Zoltan hits Sniper with a left hand. Zoltan attacks in the corner. Sniper misses with a splash. Mystery gets to the apron. He holds Zoltan up. Sniper goes for a clothesline and Zoltan ducks. The clothesline connects with Mystery. Zoltan rolls up Sniper for the win. Mayor Mystery and Sniper are beside themselves.

KSWA World Title: Kris Kash v. Shawn Blanchard (w/Tommy Faime)

The bell rings and the two long-time opponents are ready for action. Referee Justin Smith checks Blanchard but it looks as if the 6-time champ is in the clear. The fans at ring side believe that Blanchard has an illegal object on him. Smith can’t find a thing. Kash goes after Blanchard’s arm. Kash goes to the top rope and flips Blanchard across the ring. Blanchard goes to the apron and Kash brings him in the hard way. There’s a whip into the post and a follow up splash. The tilt a whirl drop kick is next. Kash drop kicks Blanchard and gets a two count. Blanchard goes on the offensive and gets Kash down to the mat. Blanchard gets Kash into the corner pulls his shirt off. Blanchard chops Kash several times before the challenger does the same to Blanchard. Because of the power of Kash’s chops, the Champ goes face-first into the mat. Kash delivers a clothesline and drop kick. There’s a two count. There’s a head scissors of Blanchard and a pin attempt. Blanchard gets his boot up at two. Blanchard recovers and delivers a back elbow. There’s a bodyslam and Blanchard goes for the submission hold. Kash battles back, but only momentarily. Blanchard lands his trademark spinebuster. He can only get a two count out of the pin attempt. Blanchard chokes and punches Kash. Kash crawls to the corner. Blanchard has wrist tape undone. He chokes Kash with the wrist tape, but the ref can’t find anything on the Champion. Kash recovers, races into the corner and flips out onto Blanchard. Both Megastars are down. There’s a picture-perfect drop kick from Kash. Kash follows that up by chopping Blanchard. Clotheslines are missed but Blanchard connects. He heaves Kash up for a piledriver and scores the hard-fought win. Blanchard holds onto the KSWA World Title.

Fatal Four Way: Del Douglas, Justin Sane, Harley T. Morris and Jay Flash

The quartet is in the ring (David Marbell is on the outside and in Morris’ corner) when the bell rings. Three of the four combatants shake hands. Only Justin Sane is on the preverbal outside looking in. Douglas, Flash and Morris decide to gang up on the overmatched Sane. The trio starts taking turns leveling Justin but they battle it out trying to roll him up for a pin. Morris, Douglas and Flash’s egos take over. Flash and Morris suplex Sane. Douglas goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Flash. Sane gets up and attacks them all. Sane suplexes Douglas and Morris tries to come get some. Sane is then placed into the ropes. Two count on Sane. Douglas bodyslams Sane. Douglas goes to the top rope and delivers the fist that’s banned in 49 out of 50 states. Too many people go after Sane at once. Flash and Morris are clotheslined by Sane. Two count on Douglas by Sane. Sane punches Douglas. Flash drops Sane down. Two count. Another two count on Sane by Flash. Douglas gets Sane into the Royal Sharpshooter. Flash drops a leg. Flash clotheslines Douglas. Morris tries to pin Douglas. Douglas is tossed out by Flash. Flash powerbombs Sane. Morris breaks up the pin attempt. Flash suplexes Douglas and gets 2 ¾ on Sane. Flash attacks Douglas. He suplexes Douglas. He posts Justin to the top rope, perhaps for a super plex. Morris breaks that up. Morris gets both down. Douglas sneaks in to pin Sane and then Flash and the Morris but none work. Justin peppers Flash. Clothesline and Flash goes down. Douglas punches Justin. Douglas knees Sane. Morris wants his foes to work as foes. They tower over Sane. They pick him up. Morris goes to the corner for an elbow. Flash meets Morris with a boot. Sane boots Douglas down and then goes to the top for a Frog Splash. He lands it and gets the improbable win!

Golden Triangle Championship: Kaida v. Lou Martin (champion)

It’s all Kaida in the opening moments. Kaida suplexes Martin and Faime climbs to the apron. Faime, the consummate distractor, nudges attention from Kaida and the referee. Martin uses that to distract Kaida. The Afghani Assault Weapon turns around and right into Martin’s clutches. Martin hits Kaida with a Death Certificate and gets the win in less than two minutes. The crowd is stunned. This stunning loss can only leave the often-absent Kaida wondering about his in-ring future. This loss obviously knocks him out of Golden Triangle contention.

Bobby Badfingers v. Mike Malachi

The feud between “Deeds” and the KSWA World Tag Team Champions—Jack Massacre and “Big” Mike Malachi—continues to be one of the most heated in the organization. Over the KSWA’s epic Summer of 2015 “Krazy Tour,” various schedules have forced one-on-one showdowns, or a handicap match like last week’s in Homestead. However, “Big” Mike was back and looking for vengeance against Bobby Badfingers, who peppered his face with brass knuckles. In this case, even before Malachi can even be introduced, he races to the ring. That’s enough to get the upper hand on Badfingers. Later, Badfingers would confess that he knew he was in trouble. There’s a side suplex from Malachi on Badfingers and he gets the quick win!

Thus ends the KSWA’s annual event at the Lawrenceville Fireworks Celebration in Arsenal Park.

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