KSWA’s “Epic” Krazy Tour Comes Back Home On July 11th

July 7, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Since May 2, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has been on an unprecedented run of wrestling excitement and action. In the past 10 weeks, Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization has hosted eight events, including one a week through June.

The schedule was only for the few, the proud, the committed. For some, their stock in Pittsburgh Professional Wrestling has skyrocketed; conversely, others have tumbled, while others crumbled altogether.

The month of May began at the Teamster Temple with Justin Sane and Kris Kash defeating the impressive coupling of Harley T. Morris (with David Marbell) and “The King” Del Douglas. While Morris and Douglas gelled nicely, Kash and Sane have tagged and teamed before. Experience certainly ruled in this match. Sane would later that night cash in his Battle Bowl opportunity against Shawn Blanchard for the most important Single’s Title in the Commonwealth, but the 6-time Champ had much left in the tank after besting Shane Starr in a Street Fight. In fact, Blanchard’s second title defense that night was in extraordinarily fresh-fashion. Blanchard took everything that Starr could bring and he still crushed the still-spry Sane.

Blanchard enjoyed one of the most successful runs of his storied KSWA career. In Tidioute, he defeated Kris Kash for the KSWA belt, but nearly lost it one week later in Morningside. In the first “best of three” match for the KSWA World Title ever, Kris Kash won two out of three decisions, but one was via disqualification. The belt cannot change hands without a stipulation. June 6 at the Teamster Temple, Blanchard defeated Kash, Starr and Martin in a decidedly unconventional Fatal Four Way. Kash and Starr defeated Blanchard and Martin in a tag team match at the Children’s Miracle Network. That was only moments after Starr beat Blanchard by disqualification. Those would be the only blemishes on Blanchard’s ledger during the run. He and Martin would defeat Starr and Kash in tag team action at the Sharpsburg VFD fundraiser on June 13. Blanchard would go toe-to-toe with The Jester in Homestead and dump the challenger on his head with a pile driver. Blanchard’s winning streak only extended with a win over Kash at the Lawrenceville Independence Day Celebration.

One of the most remarkable stories of the KSWA summer run has been the history-in-the-making of the 5-Star Championship. The KSWA’s newest title (debuting in May 8, 2012) has turned over three times since May 30. At the beginning of the year, The Jester was thrilling crowds in title defenses with his perfect frog splash from the top rope. On May 2, Jester defeated Tyler Cross and Ric Rumsky in a Triple Threat Match. On May 30, the nearly-impossible would occur when Super Ginger, the hero from Ginger Hill, PA would rout The Jester and the feuding Jay Flash and “Ice Man” Tony Johnson in a Fatal Four Way at St. Raphael’s school fundraiser. The Jester, in true gentlemanly fashion, greeted Ginger’s win with a handshake and applause. On June 6, Ginger would successfully defend against fellow fan-favorite Ric Rumsky. On June 13, Super Ginger would lose the belt to “Canada’s National Treasure,” “Nasty” Nick Crane (along with Mayor Mystery). Crane and Mystery immediately petitioned the KSWA Championship Committee to re-brand the title to the “5-Maple Leaf” title, much like Mayor Mystery had originally changed the belt from the Jr. Heavyweight Title three years ago. That petition was denied. Ginger re-claimed the title on June 30 at the “Brawl Under The Bridge.” That match featured Crane’s father at ringside. The elder Crane had traveled from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Liam Duchesne’s private jet.

Lord Zoltan accomplished something on May 2 that he’d never done before and that was to team with Doink the Clown. The match was originally comprised as a one-on-one contest but Mayor Mystery led the Mercenaries to the ring in an ambush. The match was soon re-configured and Zoltan teamed with Doink to face off against Sniper and Crane. The match was a classic for the four veterans, but the good guys prevailed and Crane was a few weeks away from making International History as the first “5 Maple Leaf” Champion.

The Golden Triangle Championship has been elevated to higher ranks ever since Kaida won the strap at last December’s FanFest. “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin took perfect opportunity of his Battle Bowl contract to challenge Kaida on June 6 at the Teamster Temple. It was 15 calendar years between Golden Triangle Championship wins for the former 2-time KSWA World Heavyweight Champion and former 3-time Tag Team Champion. The win was only the beginning for Martin, his long-time running mate Blanchard and the devious Owner of the KSWA, Tommy Faime. In what is now being called the Sharpsburg Screw-Job Deux, Faime called the shots to allow the re-formation of the VIPs after Blanchard and Martin won a tag team match over Kris Kash and Shane Starr. Martin would defeat Kris Kash and Shane Starr before dispatching of Kaida is convincing fashion on June 27.

The KSWA World Tag Team Champions—Jack Massacre and Mike Malachi—continue to defend the straps against J-Ru and Bobby Badfingers, and continue to protect themselves in one-on-one and handicap affairs. On May 2, the tag champs defeated “Deeds” via disqualification. On May 16 at the Tidioute Community Charter School, Massacre defeated Badfingers in a brutal Street Fight, some 122 miles north of the Teamster Temple in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. At the conclusion of the match, J-Ru and Badfingers attacked Massacre, with Malachi nowhere near Warren County. On May 30, Badfingers and J-Ru defeated Massacre and Malachi via count-out at St. Raphael’s School Fundraiser at St Raphael School. At the inaugural “Brawl Under the Bridge” in Homestead on June 20, Massacre defeated both members of “Deeds” with powerful aplomb. That bruising came only one week after Deeds picked up momentum with an impressive win over Joey Quervo and El Skeletorious, the 12-time former Mexican Champion in Sharpsburg.

The rivalry still steams forward, despite the fact that Malachi decimated Badfingers in the Main Event at the Lawrenceville Fireworks Celebration in Arsenal Park on June 27. That was Badfingers’ comeuppance for knocking Malachi silly with brass knuckles on June 6 at the Teamster Temple. That was also the same day Massacre defeated J-Ru in a Steel City Strap Match. In an interesting side note, on that day, “King” Del Douglas challenged Massacre to a match. The next day at the Children's Miracle Network Fundraiser at the Blade Runners Ice Complex in Harmarville, Massacre crushed Douglas in one-on-one competition.

The epic “Krazy Tour” would see the ups and downs of Jay Flash and the return of the former KSWA World Champion La Lucha. The now-Mexican champion returned to Tidioute to defend the Mexican Championship for only the fourth time on United States soil. He would contend in a match to determine the new Number One Contender for the 5-Star Championship, but that was won by Harley T. Morris.

All of this leads up to the KSWA return to action this Saturday Night at the Teamster Temple, 4701 Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. For more information, go to kswa.net.

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