Trapper's Den: News And Notes Before Dec 5 FanFest

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
November 30, 2009

KSWA's FanFest, Pittsburgh professional wrestling's premier event, returns on December 5th at the Lawrenceville Moose. Bell time is 7:30 p.m.

The Latin Assassin is training like never before, what with his dream of being KSWA World Champion within reach. The Pride of the South Side Projects, The Bronx, New York, says earning the Gold would culminate an already stand-out career.

Meanwhile, current KSWA Champ Shawn Blanchard isn't sweating Latin's charge. Blanchard says that the one-time VIP member will come to his sense and lay down in the center of the ring for “The Enforcer.” Blanchard says that the VIPs have invested too much into Latin for the Number One contender to just turn his back on the group. Double-A Anthony Alexander says that he has Latin's “back” in case the VIPs decide they want to stack the odds. His assistance will most likely be needed.

One of the best feuds to encompass 2009 has been between Golden Triangle Champion Kris Kash and “The King” Del Douglas. After winning the belt from Ali Kaida, Kash has fought off challenges left and right. Douglas briefly won the strap during the summer, and has bragged incessantly about winning it again. Kash continues to improve as his young career blossoms, but no one has improved within the squared circle as much as Douglas.

One of the most electrifying moments in KSWA history was when Demolition won the KSWA Tag Team Championship. The storied duo of Ax and Smash did exactly what they said they would do and knocked Shawn Blanchard, Lou Martin and Frank Durso around the KSWA Arena.

La Lucha has been busy in Mexico filming action serials that are played before Saturday afternoon matinées in his homeland. The Mayor of Mexico City has been starring in such adventures for several years. When La Lucha suffered his eye injury last year, there had been discussions about passing the torch to Joey Quervo, or even that Megastar's famous wrestling father, Quinto Quervo, but La Lucha surprisingly regained his sight, and his role.

The KSWA Krazies have been murmuring excitedly about the upcoming match between Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane. The loser of the FanFest match will be forced to wear a dress in 2010. Bravo cable network Fashionesta Gul Throm says that Lord Zoltan has better legs, while Justin has the superior overall build for a traditional sun dress. Who knows what any of that means!

Lost in some of the other matches is the battle between Big Mike Malachi and the Afghani Assault Weapon, Ali Kaida. Ali Kaida has been more dangerous than ever, while Big Mike has made a remarkable return to the United States, and his hometown, after the implosion of the International Thugs. Their upcoming showdown at FanFest will not be a clinic in technical wrestling, and regardless of the outcome, these two Megastars might extend their snit into the new year.

It's been reported by office sources that admitted KSWA Krazy Paris Hilton recently sent a fan letter to rookie Mitch Napier. In it, Paris offered to be Mitch's BFF and added that she would be his valet if he ever traveled to the West Coast. Mitch, the unassumingly modest Midwest Megastar sent Miss Hilton an autographed headshot and a box of Sioux Falls Taffy as a token of appreciation.

The Legends Match between KSWA Hall of Famer Frank Durso and longtime favorite Dominic DeNucci has both camps ramped up. Durso is so confident in his abilities against his old foe, that he's asked KSWA Owner Bobby O to officiate the match. The legendary DeNucci, who has trained Mick Foley and numerous others, agreed to Bobby O's involvement.

Gentleman Joe Perri is declaring that 2009 has been his most successful year, despite the unceremonious end of the International Thugs, arguably the KSWA's most dominating tag team. With a stable that now includes his personal project The Blood Beast, former Kommissioner Biker Al, Chicago tough guy Bobby Badfingers, the 373 pounds of destruction called Bulldozer, and the supreme martial arts master Great Toyota, Perri has announced that he should be draped in all KSWA Gold by this time next year. Toyota has improved exponentially this year and Bulldozer is simply running over people. Perri could be right. Next up, Perri says he has sent a “welcome basket of interest” to the mysterious Megastar, Alex Arcadian.

Few tag teams have jelled as well as the duo of Ric Rumsky and Vinnie Stone. Rumsky, with his hyperactivity and Vinnie's brute force, 2010 might be their breakout year. Look for them to be in plenty of heated battles with Biker Al and Bobby Badfingers, as well as Lou Martin and Shane Starr. All are on the verge of Mega stardom in the Tag Team Division.

Krazies, don't forget that tickets for FanFest are only $5. We ask that you bring a new, unwrapped toy for the annual Toy Drive, and don't forget a couple of extra dollars for the best Chinese Auction in all of Professional Wrestling. See you on December 5th!