The Latin Assassin Makes A Statement And A Save At The Beechview Brawl

July 18, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) is Pittsburgh's official wrestling organization. Born in Lawrenceville, raised in Bloomfield and now residing back in the Lawrenceville, the KSWA remains the toast of the town. On Friday, July 17, the promotion made its debut in the south hills community of Beechview and some 225 fans enjoyed the fun, frivolity and action that is the KSWA. And while all of the KSWA gold was on the line, it was a former champion that made the biggest splash...and save of the summer night.

Nasty Nick Crane v. Lord Zoltan

Referee Adam Jugan waits patiently, as does Nick Crane as the legendary Lord Zoltan makes his way to the ring, dancing all the way. Lord Zoltan gets the “USA” chant going with the crowd. Zoltan plays around with Crane, who balks and complains about the shenanigans. The crowd is into the match from the get-go as Crane pushes Zoltan into the corner. The two hook up a second time as Zoltan is pushed into the corner once again. Zoltan grabs Nick’s wrist and twists it. Zoltan drops Crane down from behind and continues with the submission move. Zoltan keeps Crane on the mat. Zoltan hammers the arm of Crane. Crane gets up and breaks the hold. He sucker punches Zoltan, who complains about the infraction. Ref Jugan admonishes Crane for illegal tactics. Crane lures Zoltan into the corner and meets him with an elbow. Crane chokes Zoltan and Jugan admonishes him again. Crane gets Zoltan up and digs at his eyes. Crane clotheslines Zoltan and drops him to the mat. There’s a two count. Zoltan recovers and gets Crane in the corner for a series of punches. An 11th goes to Crane’s gut. Crane misses with a splash. Crane falls to the mat and—out of nowhere—Zoltan rolls him up for the win.

Five Star Championship Match: Jay Flash v. Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell) v. Super Ginger (champion)

The two challengers in this Triple Threat Match have been on this stage before. They are beginning to know each other well, and are ready for this exciting, yet daunting opportunity. Super Ginger challenges both competitors to a test of strength, but that goes well for no one. Morris even says that Jay Flash “bit” him in the fray. All three take turns with landing offensive maneuvers. At one point, Flash bails on the action, leaving Morris and champion Ginger in the ring. Once back inside, Flash puts Ginger in a headlock. Ginger battles out. Ginger at one point is able to splash both opponents in different parts of the ring. During action between Ginger and Flash, Morris climbs to the top rope and hits Flash with a perfect missile drop kick. After that impressive move, Ginger tosses Morris from the ring and he pins Flash for the victory. Super Ginger retains the 5-Star Championship.

Golden Triangle Championship: Justin Sane v. Lou Martin (champion)

The match starts with the long-time foes feeling each other out. Justin Sane, who is accompanied by KSWA Owner Bobby O, gets the early advantage and grabs Martin by the wrist. Justin goes old school and drops a fist onto Martin’s arm from the top rope. Martin, who was led to the ring by KSWA Owner Tommy Faime, is able to recover like the veteran he is. Martin tosses Sane into the rope and into a perfect side suplex. There’s a two count on Sane. Martin digs away at Sane’s face. Sane has Martin in the bottom rope. Martin drops a leg on Sane, who writhes in pain. Martin goes after Sane and drops a leg. Referee Jugan slaps the mat twice. Martin puts Sane into the ropes and into the clutches of Tommy Faime. Martin drops a leg on Sane and goes for the cover. Justin has his leg on the bottom rope but Faime tries to push it off. The crowd chants Garbage Pants and Martin shouts back at a kid in the audience. Martin goes for the pin but only gets a two count. There’s a clothesline that drops Justin Sane. Sane gets some advantage and drops Martin to the mat with big clotheslines. Justin lands the leg that leads to a frog splash from the top. Martin gets his knees up in time and knocks the wind out of Sane. That leads to a Death Certificate and the win for Lou Martin.

KSWA tag team: “Deeds” v. Big Mike Malachi and Jack Massacre (champions)

Mayor Mystery is nowhere to be seen, so Bobby Badfingers and J-Ru come to the ring themselves. The bell rings and the tag champs preen to the crowd. J-Ru wants nothing to do with Big Mike Malachi. He wants to challenge Massacre to a test of strength. That doesn’t go well. Massacre chases J-Ru away. Malachi is tagged in and J-Ru goes to work on him almost immediately. Badfingers is tagged in and he goes right to work on Malachi’s leg. J-Ru is back in and he also goes after the leg. Malachi is able to fight out of it enough and tags in Massacre. He plasters Badfingers and bodyslams him. Malachi is tagged back in and he bodyslams Badfingers. Malachi tries to pin Badfingers but gets only a two count. Massacre is tagged back in and Massacre chops Badfingers with only about half of his power. Malachi goes for the pin on Badfingers but only gets two. Badfingers gets a low blow on Malachi and that’s enough to get J-Ru back in. Massacre tries to go into the ring but he’s stopped by the ref. J-Ru gets Malachi in the corner for some work on the knee that was surgically repaired about a decade ago. Deeds continues to work on Malachi. Badfingers tags in J-Ru and they double suplex Malachi. There’s a leg drop from J-Ru and pin attempt. Badfingers is back in for some more work. Malachi, however, recovers and drops Badfingers with a modified Malachi Crunch. Badfingers and Malachi are down for a seven count. He tags in Massacre. He clotheslines everyone. Malachi crunches Badfingers and Massacre power bombs J-Ru and they get the champs hold onto the tag belts.

The King Challenge: Del Douglas v. Shane Starr

“King” Douglas from time to time challenges anyone from the KSWA locker room to take him on in one-on-one competition. Shane Starr answers the call and immediately pushes Douglas into the corner. Douglas instantly complains that Starr pulled his hair. Douglas and Starr lock up again and Douglas forces his opponent into the corner. Douglas continues with the offense. He gets Starr down for a one count. Douglas grabs Starr in the crotch and drops him down with chops. Starr is in pain. Douglas crows to the crowd. Douglas grabs Starr by the privates a second time. Douglas gets Starr down for the Boston Royal Crab. Starr refuses to submit. There’s a kick out on two from Starr. Douglas gets Starr into a headlock. There’s a suplex on Douglas from Starr. Then there’s a standing suplex. Two count on Douglas. Douglas recovers and knocks Starr to the canvas. Douglas drops a fist that’s banned in “49 out of 50 states.” Douglas goes for “Drop It Like It’s Hot” but Starr reverses it and knocks Douglas down. Starr gains the win with the Sharpshooter as Douglas taps out.

Main Event: KSWA Title Kris Kash v. Shawn Blanchard (champion)

Bobby O arrives with Kris Kash. Tommy Faime comes to the ring with Shawn Blanchard. The bell rings thanks to referee Adam Jugan and the match is underway. Blanchard takes the microphone and calls out show sponsor Mike Aponte, best known to KSWA Krazies as the Latin Assassin. Blanchard tosses Kash into the ropes and the corner where Tommy Faime waits with grabby clutches. Blanchard again tosses Kash into the corner. Kash recovers and goes after Blanchard’s arm. He drops it over the top rope. Kash chops Blanchard and then dives on him on the pavement. Blanchard gets Kash on the mat and digs at his face. Blanchard has Kash in the ropes. Blanchard continues the onslaught. He gets Kash down for a two count. Jugan won’t allow much in the way of shenanigans. Bobby O calls for Kash and he rallies with the fans’ help. Blanchard drops him quick; however, and Blanchard gets a two count. The action moves to the asphalt again as they go near the food cart. Blanchard tosses Kash face first into the food truck. Once back inside, Blanchard goes to work on Kash in the corner. He takes a breather from the peppering. Kash is whipped into the corner but he flips out of it and onto Blanchard. The fans go crazy as Kash slaps Blanchard with a series of head scissors and he follows that up with a two count. The champion gets to his feet. Blanchard lands the pile driver out of nowhere and gets the win. That silences the crowd. Afterwards, the VIPs beat down Kash and Bobby O in the middle of the ring. Suddenly, the The Latin Assassin races in and makes the save. He clobbers Blanchard with the Flying Lariat and the ruckus crowd goes crazy. Martin and Faime the powder as Latin is victorious in the center of the ring. He celebrates with Bobby O and Kris Kash as the crowd is still abuzz.

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