Mitch Napier Makes History, T. Rantula Thrills The Krazies And The KSWA Title Is Prestigious For A Reason

August 17, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

An iconic Pittsburgh wrestler makes his debut for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) and really makes his mark. The oldest of KSWA foes continue their feud, some 14 or so years after it started. And one of the most popular wrestlers in the organization’s history suddenly returns, immediately makes history, and just as abruptly leaves the KSWA landscape. Plenty of questions have been posed, but not nearly enough answers have been reached.

Douglas and Morris v. Party Gras

King Douglas and Harley Morris are irate that Lord Zoltan is dancing at ringside with the fans. Justin Sane is wearing the crown that Lord Zoltan stole from Douglas in Beechview. Justin says that the headpiece was a “gift” from the legendary wrestler. Douglas wants to know why Justin has his crown. Zoltan uses Douglas’ cape to play “ole” like a bull fighter. The bell rings and the “Burger King” chant starts. Zoltan starts out with Douglas with a test of strength but then Douglas doesn’t buy it. The “Burger King” chant starts out loud again. Zoltan gets Douglas in a wrist lock. He hammers away. Referee David Fedor looks over the move. Marbell and Morris distract Fedor and Justin Sane races in. He then tags Zoltan back in. Zoltan goes after Douglas’ arm. There’s another distraction and Party Gras switches teammates again. It’s an underhanded move, but it works for Party Gras. Sane twists Douglas’ arm and Zoltan is tagged in. Justin Sane is tagged in and he races the ropes and leaps over Zoltan and onto Douglas’ arm. Sane continues the arm bar and wrestles Douglas to the mat. Party Gras gets Morris down too and they rowboat their opponents. There’s a two count on Douglas by Sane. Douglas goes low on Sane to equalize the situation. Morris is tagged in and he goes to work on Sane. Morris taunts the tease to Zoltan before plastering Sane. Douglas is back in and gets Sane in the Royal Sharpshooter. Douglas wrenches even further. Douglas tires of the move, drops Sane and tags in Morris who gets Sane in a headlock. Sane battles up and misses a clothesline. Morris lands a back breaker. Morris gets Sane up. There’s a race of the ropes and a double cross body block. Both wrestlers are down. Both men are slow getting to their corners but do. Zoltan clobbers both opponents. There’s a double noggin knocker. There’s a 10 count punch in the corners. They are tossed together. Justin goes up top. Frog splash onto Douglas and Party Gras gets the duke. Zoltan kicks Douglas out onto the floor and Party Gras dances.

Golden Triangle Title Match: Ric Rumsky v. Dr. Devastation Lou Martin (champion)

Bobby O accompanies Ric Rumsky and Tommy Faime accompanies Lou Martin to the ring. The bell rings as per referee Justin Smith and Rumsky nearly rolls Martin up in seconds flat. There’s a two count. Rumsky tries to pin Martin again and the Golden Triangle Champion rolls to the outside and into the arms of Faime. Rumsky chases Martin about and once back inside; Martin lowers the boom on Rumsky. There’s a variety of punches and that keeps Rumsky at a disadvantage. On the outside, Martin yells that he is the “Face of Pittsburgh.” Once inside the beating continues. Bobby O looks over Rumsky. The capacity crowd once again shouts “Garbage Pants” at Martin. Martin has Rumsky in the ropes and there’s potential choking. Martin dives on top of Rumsky and leaves him lying. Martin crows to the crowd. Justin Smith admonishes Martin for choking and that allows Faime to do that very thing on the outside. Rumsky is whipped into the corner. There’s a splash and that levels Rumsky. There’s a kick to the face. Martin boots Rumsky in the face. Martin kicks Rumsky in the ribs. Martin measures Rumsky and tosses him into the corner. Rumsky rolls Martin up for a six count but Smith is distracted by Faime on the outside. Martin clotheslines Rumsky. There’s a leg drop on the challenger. Martin lands a side slam. There’s another close two count. Martin goes to the top rope. He dives but Rumsky meets him with a boot. Both men are down. Smith starts the double count. Rumsky covers Martin and Lou grabs the rope, breaking the pin. Martin goes for the Death Certificate. Rumsky counters, rolls Martin up and almost gets the pin. There's a leg drop from Martin from the middle rope. Two count on Rumsky. Rumsky delivers a super kick out of nowhere but levels Martin. Both Megastars are on the mat. Rumsky is slow to get up but sprints over for the cover. One count. Rumsky plants the face buster. Two and three quarter count. Bobby o and the Krazies wanted a three-count. Rumsky is up. Rumsky drop kicks Martin and gets a two count. At the 10 minute mark, Rumsky hits the super kick. There’s another two and three quarters kick. Rumsky is ready for another and misses. Martin counters with a Death Certificate and gets the win! Martin retains.

Jay Flash and T Rantula

Jay Flash challenges anyone in the locker room. The answer comes in the form of 6’10”, 360 T. Rantula. Referee David Fedor counts as Jay is on the outside, biding time. T. Rantula kicks Jay Flash out of the ring and points to Dominic DeNucci, who is at ringside. T. Rantula chops Jay Flash with thunderous right hands. Jay Flash dashes to the outside and hugs the ring post. After he returns at the 7 count, Jay Flash gets some momentum on T. Rantula. T. lands an enormous bodyslam on Flash and then pulls him out of the corner with aplomb. He gets Jay Flash with a submission move but lets him out. Flash hits a sunset flip but T. Rantula lands on top of him. There’s a two count. Jay grabs a pen and starts to write notes to himself on his wrist tape. Jay lands the impossible when he flips T. Rantula over the top rope. That is short-lived when T. Rantula gets an order of nachos and plants it in Flash’s face. Flash crawls around the ring and then gets back in. He grabs a ringside tool and plasters T. with it, but that doesn’t matter as he plants Jay with a power bomb for the victory.

Open 5-Star Championship: Super Ginger v. Mystery Challenger

The KSWA Championship Committee wanted to shake things up on August 22 and have the 5-Star Champion face a Mystery Opponent. Super Ginger made his way to the ring and the Mystery Partner was welcomed. After a few quiet moments, a wrestler in a mask, jeans and a dark hoodie made his way to the ring. With the referee looking elsewhere and Super Ginger similarly distracted, the challenger got in the ring and took off the hoodie and mask. The Mystery Challenger is former KSWA World Champion Mitch Napier! Mitch attacks Super Ginger and dives over the top rope onto the 5-Star Champion and just about into the first row. The dive was spectacular. The athletes, with comparable builds, take turns leading with momentum. The battle rages as both wrestlers get the upper hand, but spectacularly, Napier finishes off Super Ginger with a Sioux Falls Slam. Napier gets the pin and win. Mitch Napier is the NEW 5-Star champion. Napier leaves the same way he arrived, uncharacteristically silent, with the 5-Star belt raised high in the Lawrenceville air.

Latin Assassin Comes To the Ring

The Latin Assassin is welcomed to the ring. The former KSWA World Champion said he wants to take on Tommy Faime and the VIPs. That brings out KSWA Owner Bobby O, who says he isn’t cleared the wrestle. Latin said he isn’t there to wrestle, but to fight. Bobby O says he understands, even though he can’t clear him to wrestle, Latin can serve as a Special Guest Referee for the Main Event between Shawn Blanchard and Mike Malachi.

J-Ru, Nasty Nick Crane and Sniper v. Shane Starr, Kaida and Jack Massacre

David Fedor has his hands full when the bell rings. J-Ru calls out the other “Powerhouse” in the ring, the 7-foot tall Jack Massacre. J-Ru immediately tries to bodyslam Massacre. When that doesn’t work, he tags in Crane, who has no luck. Neither does Sniper; however, Massacre successfully bodyslams all three of his opponents. When Jack Massacre fakes a dive over the top onto his opponents, time nearly stands still. Kaida is tagged in and he rakes the eyes of J-Ru. Kaida double chops J-Ru. Crane is in and then tags in Sniper. Shane Starr is in and he bodyslams the nearly 300-pound Sniper. Referee Dave Fedor misses the pin as Crane and J-Ru had him hoodwinked. J-Ru savant kicks Starr but he’s able to fall into Massacre. He is in for a series of big chops in the corner. Massacre goes ambidextrous on the opponent. Massacre shakes the ring when he tosses J-Ru into it. Kaida is in for an over-the-top suplex. Kaida tags in Starr who posts J-Ru in the corner. There’s an enormous super plex that ends with Starr bouncing a foot off the mat. J-Ru is able to recover and force Starr into the Mercenaries’ corner. It’s vintage J-Ru when he distracts the ref and his opponents have their way with Shane Starr. Crane chokes Starr with a shin to the throat. Starr battles back but Crane maintains control. Sniper is tagged back in. Sniper taunts Massacre and Kaida as he bends and contorts Starr. Kaida races in and attacks everyone, even Fedor. However, Fedor allows latitude and forces Kaida back. J-Ru drops Starr for a two count. J-Ru drives Starr’s face into the mat. There’s a two count on the former World Champion. Starr hits a sunset flip and a boot to J-Ru’s gut. There’s the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. J-Ru won’t submit. Crane races in and attacks Starr. Massacre attacks Crane. Sniper is suplexed by Kaida. Starr plants J-Ru hard in the center of the ring and the team of Massacre, Starr and Kaida are victorious.

KSWA World Title Match: Mike Malachi v. Shawn Blanchard (champion)

Before the introductions are made, Latin Assassin makes his way to the ring in a spry fashion. He’s eager for this. The bell rings and The Latin Assassin backs “Big” Mike Malachi up in the corner. At 9:42 p.m. the historic title defense begins with a shoulder block and clothesline from Malachi. There’s a bodyslam and Blanchard falls to the outside. Malachi follows. Malachi bounces Blanchard’s head off the apron five times before tossing him back in. Malachi clubs Blanchard in the head while in the corner. Malachi uses his size 15 boot in Blanchard’s throat. KSWA Owner Tommy Faime, who had been banned from ringside, suddenly appears. There are two leg drops from Malachi. Faime gets to the apron and is met with Latin Assassin’s fist. Latin guides Faime back to the locker room by the neck tie. Latin races back just in time for the veteran Blanchard to take some liberties with Malachi. Blanchard puts a boot in Malachi’s midsection and then bends the left leg. Latin checks Malachi to see if he wants to submit. He does not. Blanchard hits a step-over-toe hold on Malachi. Blanchard continues the onslaught. The fans chant “Let’s Go Mike” loudly. Blanchard takes Malachi in the corner and works him over. Blanchard tosses sweat at the Latin Assassin. Blanchard slides Malachi into a Boston Crab. Malachi powers out and drives Blanchard away. “Let’s Go, Mike!” continues. Blanchard suplexes Malachi but the big guy simply stands up. He shakes off the after effects of the move, Latin Assassin is amazed, and Blanchard walks right into a big bodyslam. Both Megastars are spent. At the count of six, Blanchard DDTs Malachi and gets a two count. Blanchard mocks Latin by counting to three in Spanish. Blanchard gets Malachi in the corner. Blanchard kicks Malachi in the goods with a boot. The two exchange chops. Malachi follows that up with a clothesline and three German Suplexes in a row. Latin’s left hand slaps the mat twice before Blanchard’s shoulder goes up. Blanchard continues to assail Malachi. Blanchard hits suplexes of his own. There’s a two count. Blanchard taunts Malachi to get up. Malachi goes to the floor and Blanchard follows. Blanchard may have hit Malachi with something illegal. Blanchard slides him back in. There’s a spinebuster on Malachi but he kicks up at two. Blanchard goes for a DDT but Malachi tosses him out of it. Malachi stalks Blanchard in the corner, but Blanchard punches him directly in the head. Blanchard tosses Latin down. That fires Latin up. A frustrated Latin goes to club Blanchard but hits Malachi with his patented Flying Lariat. Malachi falls in a heap to the mat. Latin is beside himself. Blanchard muscles Malachi up with a Pile Driver and scores the hard-fought victory. Latin raises Blanchard’s hand in victory. Blanchard blasts Latin in the head with the title belt. Latin and Malachi are left lying in the ring. Blanchard, who landed awkwardly on the Pile Driver, limps to the back. Malachi and Latin have words before Malachi leaves and Latin is left alone in the ring. Thus ends KSWA Saturday Night.

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