"Uncanny" Napier Returns And Immediately Vaults Himself Back Into "Best" Contention

August 29, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

When Super Ginger prepared to defend the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) 5-Star Championship, the two-time champion might have thought that he’d be facing “Nasty” Nick Crane, or Harley T. Morris. Heck, Kris Kash could have been waiting in the wings. The KSWA Championship Committee has taken a closer look at the 5-Star Championship this year and the Ginger Hill, PA Megastar was ready for just about anything. Or anybody.

Then a black-hoodie-and-mask wearing specter entered the Teamster Temple.

Masks are nothing new to Pittsburgh wrestling. Years ago, former Canadians Edric Everhart and Tyler Cross ditched their J. B. Goulet and Drew Belanger personas by jumping Megastars while wearing orange masks. They later unmasked, used different names and reluctantly became members of an expanded VIPs, before losing the KSWA tag team titles and falling into an extended Pittsburgh hiatus.

One of the most popular Megastars in the KSWA history and current Mexican Champion La Lucha, wears a mask that celebrates his ethnic heritage as one of the most decorated athletes of recent years. His cousin, El Skeletorious, himself a former 12-time Mexican titleholder, makes occasional appearances in a skull-and-crossbones combination. Then there’s “The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo and Japan’s export-turned-U.S. citizen The Great Toyota, “Masked Marvels” all.

But this wrestler strode to the ring with determination. Once inside the ring, the grappler escaped from the mask to unveil a taut and chiseled Mitch Napier. Super Ginger, distracted by the excitement of challenge, turned around to see the former KSWA World Champion in the middle of the squared circle.

It’s been a weird road for Mitch Napier. The promising Megastar got off on the ring foot on June 27, 2009 by besting The Great Toyota and La Lucha in a Triple Threat Match at an outdoor event at the Obey House. He was immediately thrust into a small feud with “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin and in August, 2009 joined with “Double A” Anthony Alexander to defeat Shawn Blanchard and Del Douglas in a tag team match. In 2009 and 2010 he fine-tuned his skills against a plethora of capably wrestlers and main eventers. He found himself in the hunt for the Golden Triangle Championship and was always a pin away from tag team opportunities galore.

In 2011 Napier turned a corner and found himself in high-profile matches against and with the Latin Assassin, among others. On March 26, 2011 Napier was propelled into the upper echelon of KSWA Megastars when he won the Joe Abby Tournament. On July 30, 2011 he won a $1,000 over the top rope battle royal and future shot at the KSWA World Title. While he was unable to pin Ali Kaida for the belt, he remained in the top level of challengers. He couldn’t claim the Golden Triangle Championship, either. The Championship Committee was beginning to consider Napier to be the greatest Megastar who had never won a championship title belt.

Then on December 3, 2011 Napier entered the KSWA Heavyweight Title match against champion Kaida, The Latin Assassin and Shawn Blanchard. The match was considered one of the top matches in the history of the KSWA. At the end of the contest, Napier rolled Blanchard up for the pin and scored the Fatal Four victory. He was the brand new KSWA World Champion. Members of the record-setting crowd were on their feet. Then, Lou Martin, who had maintained a clandestine mission to hold onto his Battle Bowl opportunity for nearly 11 months, arrived on the scene with referee and contract in toe with only moments to spare. And as Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Columnist Tony Norman would pen in his December 6, 2011 review, “[Lou Martin], stole the heavyweight title from Mitch Napier in an underhanded sneak attack late in the show.” Napier spun into the Death Certificate and was quickly the former champion.

For the next year, Napier would battle Martin and others at the top of the KSWA. He would get Heavyweight title shots and would team with a variety of Megastars, not staying with anyone particularly long. Napier and The Latin Assassin had formed a bond, a friendship and partnership that was cut short by Assassin’s injury.

It was around this time he was honing his technical skills and impressing with his occasional high-flying dives as well as power that established him as the strongest Megastar pound-for-pound…of all time. He could Sioux Falls Slam anyone with relative ease. He had begun to swing Megastars around the center of the ring. He could superplex three wrestlers at once from the corner. He could bodyslam anyone at any time.

On August 13, 2013 Napier bested Kris Kash and J-Ru in a Triple Threat Match and scored his first 5-Star Championship. He be a fighting champion, pinning Justin Sane, the Jester and in another Triple Threat contest, J-Ru and Edric Everhart. On September 14, 2010 he won the Millvale Days “King of the Mountain” Battle Royal. He’d drop that championship in the FanFest Gauntlet Match in December, 2013.

On March 29, 2014 Napier and then-KSWA Champion Shane Starr defeated the Mercenaries at the Joe Abby Tournament. He would miss the KSWA’s next 22 events and 512 days (or 73 weeks and one day). On Saturday, he materialized with no build-up, no warning, no hoopla for “The Best Around," as his entrance music would tout.

When the Krazies saw that it was an uncharacteristically somber Napier—with a close-cropped hairstyle and unshaved chin--they were confused. When Napier went full-tilt after fellow fan-favorite Super Ginger, they were more perplexed. When Napier dove over the top rope and into the second row of fans, they were shocked and more than a little impressed.

They were not surprised that he scored a victory with technique, power and the Sioux Falls Slam. They were a bit bewildered when he grabbed the belt, held it high into the Lawrenceville night and left the way he arrived, through the front door. He didn’t speak to paparazzi that spotted him black pickup truck and peel off.

The Mysterious Mitch hasn’t spoken to KSWA officials, fellow wrestlers or the Championship Committee. With Millvale Days and FanFest right around the corner, what comes next from the Uncanny Napier is anyone’s guess, but nothing’s going to keep him down.