Douglas Can’t Crown Zoltan, Kash & Starr Stand Over VIPs, Big & Bigger & Napier All Hold On In Millvale

September 19, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) always looks forward to its annual visit to Millvale. The community full of hard-working suburban Pittsburghers has long been an extension of the KSWA’s Lawrenceville base. The matches continue to take on an added urgency for all of the Megastars, including “King” Del Douglas. It’s Douglas’ sojourns that frequently highlight the two-day affair, but his continuing battle with Lord Zoltan continues to leave the King royally flushed. Plus, the mysterious Mitch Napier is just starting his march with the 5-Star Championship.

Lou Martin and Shawn Blanchard v Kris Kash and Shane Starr

The bell rings and Head Referee David Fedor checks and double checks all of the combatants. Blanchard and Kash lock up. He tosses Kash around before the underdog gets momentum on Blanchard. Martin is tagged in and he blasts away on Kash. Martin misses with a clothesline and Kash lands a drop kick. Kash hits Starr with the tilt a whirl kick and tags in Starr, who goes to work on Martin. There’s a standing suplex that reverberates throughout the borough. Starr slams Martin. He tags Kash back in. Kash lands boot and leg on Martin. Blanchard chops away at Kash. Kash returns the favor. After the last blast, Blanchard falls. Blanchard gets his leg on the rope when Kash goes for the pin. Blanchard recovers and hits a nerve pin on Kash. Bedlam soon ensues and Martin rushes in to drop elbows on Kash, without the benefit of a tag. Martin dives on Kash in the ropes. Martin goes to the top rope and misses with a leg drop. Kash flips out of the corner and onto Martin. Both Megastars are down. Starr shouts for Kash. Martin tags Blanchard, Kash gets to Starr. The VIPs are tossed into the corner. Starr locks in the Sharpshooter and Kash hits the Figure Four on Martin. It’s not long before the VIPs submit and Kash and Starr get the exciting victory.

Del Douglas v. Lord Zoltan

Douglas, who is angered because he does not have his crown, is impatient with Zoltan, who has it under his festive Pirate hat. Zoltan “can’t get into the ring because my crown is too heavy.” Douglas, who is home in Millvale, remains incensed that Zoltan fiddles around and doesn’t appear to take things seriously. Referee Justin Smith calls for the bell and Zoltan continues to antagonize the crowd. Zoltan grabs the King’s robe and uses it to bull fight the King. Zoltan angers the King more by using it to wipe his arm pits and buttocks. Zoltan is in complete control of Douglas early. Zoltan bends his arm back and slugs it with his left fist. Douglas won’t give up in his home town. Zoltan turns the wrist. Zoltan pushes Douglas in the ropes and lets him off. Douglas gets Zoltan in a headlock. Douglas hits the referee and blames Zoltan. Douglas does it again and the King is angered even more. They lock up a third time and the same shenanigans ensue. Douglas lures Zoltan into the corner for a back elbow. Now it’s Douglas time as he has Zoltan in the ropes. Zoltan is on the apron and Douglas steps on his throat. Smith breaks it up. Douglas buries shoulders into Zoltan’s midsection. He does it again Zoltan falls to the mat. There’s a two count before Zoltan gets the shoulder up. Zoltan misses with a fist from the top rope. Zoltan gets up and keeps Douglas down. Zoltan teases a kick to the abdomen or below. He lands it and Douglas screams in horror. Zoltan does it again. Zoltan hits Douglas’ head in the top turnbuckle. Douglas tries to reverse a whip, but Zoltan fights it off. Douglas bounces out of the corner and onto the mat. There Zoltan scoops him up for the win! Zoltan takes off with Douglas’ robe and crown.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Massacre and Malachi (champions) v. Sniper and Crane

Once everyone is inside the ring, Massacre takes the Canadian Flag off of “Nasty” Nick Crane and tosses it to the outside. The bell rings and Massacre attacks Crane, who is hesitant about coming inside the ring. Crane wants a Test of Strength with Massacre and he gets it, while standing on the middle rope. Massacre tosses him across the ring a couple of times and tags in Malachi. Malachi hits a big boot on Crane and goes for a count, but Sniper races in and interrupts. Malachi drops a huge leg on Crane and before a pin attempt is made, tags in Massacre who drops one twice that size. Massacre suplexes Crane and tags in Massacre. They double clothesline Crane, who goes down. He won’t give up in a submission hold. Sniper shouts encouragement from the apron. Crane gets to Sniper who goes to work on Malachi with big forearms. Sniper kicks Malachi and posts him in the Mercenaries’ corner. The Mercenaries continue the onslaught on Malachi and at two different points; Crane chokes Malachi while Fedor is away. Sniper is in and hit peppers Malachi with more fists. Crane is back in and he gets momentum on Malachi and drops him for a two count. Malachi tries to get to his corner. That lures Massacre out. That’s enough to chase Fedor. Malachi actually gets to Massacre but Fedor doesn’t witness the exchange and sends the big guy back. Malachi is punched around in the corner. Sniper uses the boot on Malachi’s throat. Massacre comes back in. That allows time for Malachi to get a brief offensive outburst. Sniper keeps him in the corner. Crane pounds away on Malachi. Malachi gets some offense and side suplexes Crane. Both Megastars are down. Fedor counts to six and then seven before Malachi gets to Massacre. Both sides are tagged in. Massacre pounds away at the Mercenaries. Massacre kicks Sniper across the ring. Both Mercenaries are tossed onto the mat and the tag team champs pin both competitors.

Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell) v The Jester

The Megastar from the “Foot Hills of West Virginia” comes to the ring with his manager, the “Mad Genius” David Marbell. Once the bell rings the two evenly-matched wrestlers feel each other out. At one point, the Jester bends down to show off his wide-hipped posterior. The fans find that immensely in Millvale and beyond. The two wrestlers trade chops, slaps and digs. The Jester, who has been away from the KSWA ring for most of the summer, once left the 5-Star Champion but finds himself in a touch-and-go with the more fluent Morris. The contest ends with Morris suddenly, and to some surprisingly, pinning Jester in the middle of the ring.

J-Ru v. Kaida

David Fedor calls for the bell and the two lock up. J-Ru, who has taken to creating a better, more-defined physique, locks up with Kaida, who is the same, bruising 300-pounder he has always been. Kaida clotheslines J-Ru and pounds on the Megastar. Kaida kicks J-Ru about. Kaida chops him in the corner and J-Ru dashes out of the way of a splash. That’s enough to gain some momentum. J-Ru goes for a shoulder block but Kaida gets out of the way. Each wrestler takes turn chopping one another. J-Ru gets Kaida in the corner. There’s a splash and another. He goes for a third but Kaida catches him. J-Ru fights out of a suplex attempt. J-Ru gains temporary momentum until Kaida slaps on a suplex and tosses him over his head. Kaida wins in impressive fashion.

5-Star Championship: Mitch Napier v. Justin Sane

Mitch Napier comes into the ring with no aplomb and no entrance music. Justin Sane makes his way to the ring and the bell rings. Justin tries to welcome Mitch back, but he’s just “here to fight.” They start to grapple and Mitch levels Justin with a drop kick. Mitch swings Justin incredibly until he falls down himself. Justin is in never land when Mitch tries to make the pin. There’s a drop kick and Mitch punches away at Justin’s cranium. Mitch has Justin down and Referee Justin Smith watches over the action. Justin gets into the ropes and Mitch breaks the hold. Mitch goes after the left arm and Mitch hip tosses him with tight proximity. Mitch goes for the arm bar and Justin kicks his leg. Mitch wrenches Justin’s wrist back and continues to apply the arm bar. Justin gets into the rope and Mitch immediately breaks the hold. Mitch buries his shoulder in Justin’s midsection. Mitch suplexes Justin with incredible force. Mitch drops a head butt from the top rope and rolls Justin up for a near pinfall. Justin battles up and gets his own arm bar. Justin works on Mitch’s arm. Mitch fights out of the hold by grabbing Justin with his legs. Mitch hooks Justin from behind and Sane breaks out with elbows. He drops Mitch but Napier crawls back up. Justin drops him down with the leg. Sane goes to the top rope. He misses the frog splash. Napier scoops him up and scores the victory. Mitch celebrates and helps Justin up. Mitch then simply leaves. Justin leaves the ring without knowing what to think next.

Thus ends Day One of Millvale Days. The Megastars will return on Saturday. The day will be highlighted by the annual “King of Millvale” Battle Royal.

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