Starr Tops Hill, King Pinned At Home, Sniper Gets Snipped As Millvale Days Concludes

September 20, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In the 10 years in which the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has crossed the river from Pittsburgh and Lawrenceville to the neighbor to the north—Millvale—the fans there have been extremely receptive. Much like the past weekend, the Millvale Days free event has traditionally been the highest attended professional wrestling event in western Pennsylvania. Professional photographers have routinely descended upon the KSWA at Millvale Days for exciting pictures and unforgettable moments. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has been recognized for a KSWA event photo taken at Millvale Days, and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has showcased the organization with a full-page spread. In that very first year in which the KSWA attended, WPXI-TV cameras were there, capturing the action.

The KSWA in Millvale is an event.

Saturday’s “King of the Hill” Battle Royal has been a launching pad to stardom. In the first over-the-top-rope match, Del Douglas entered “The Blue Chipper” and exited the “King of Millvale.” Since that day, he has given back to his community, not in leadership or financial means, but an unwavering egotism that has led to untold thousands of fans shouting “Burger King,” “Dairy Queen” and “Have It Your Way,” for a generation.

But even the “King” is not victorious all of the time.

Five Star Championship: Mitch Napier (champion) v. Joey Quervo

Mitch and Quervo come to the ring. Immediately, it’s a grinding, technical contest with Napier in full control of Quervo. The Most Mysterious Man in Wrestling, Napier has a definitive edge to his personality, but he does not cheat or use cheap tactics. He is simply “Here to Fight.” Mitch climbs to the top and hits a cross body block on Quervo. Two count. Napier ties Quervo up and surf boards him down. There’s a series of European upper cuts on Quervo and a splash. Mitch plants Quervo on the top for punches and Quervo fights back. Missle drop kick and a two count. Mitch recovers and wedges Quervo on the mat. Napier suplexes Quervo and covers for a two count. Mitch goes for the Slam, lands it and scores the victory. Mitch simply leaves and Quervo is left in the ring.

Golden Triangle Championship: Kris Kash v. Lou Martin (champion)

Kash comes to the ring with great enthusiasm. Martin slows down the pace by meandering at ringside, bellowing at the crowd. Martin is in a rare mood: salty. Referee David Fedor raises the belt high in the Millvale sky and checks the participants. The bell rings and Martin prowls, as Kash readies. They hook up and Martin immediately goes for forearm smashes to Kash’ back. He splashes Martin in the corner. Kash pops Martin in the head and then chops him with powerful slaps. Martin is tossed in the corner for a splash and tilt-a-whirl drop kick in the corner. Kash drop kick Martin and then the champion is pushed outside. Kash dives on top of him at ringside. They brawl on Grant Street as the fans love it. Kash goes head first into a telephone pole. Bobby O tells Fedor to get control of the action. Martin tosses Kash in and he goes for the Martin pins Kash for a one count. Martin uses the ropes on Kash. There’s a leg drop on Kash. Two count. Both Megastars are weary. Martin uses the ropes and digs at Kash’s face. Martin drops a leg on Kash’s throat as he is dangling off the apron. Fedor admonishes Martin, who continues to use whatever devious needs necessary to keep Kash down. Two count. Martin spins him over. Kash explodes out of the corner and onto Martin. The competitors change blows. Kash lands a standing drop kick. Two and a half count. Martin is down. Whisper in the Wind. Kash misses with the Swonton. That’s enough for Martin to take advantage, land the Death Certificate, and get the win.

KSWA World Heavyweight Championship: Shane Starr v. Shawn Blanchard (champion)

This is a rematch from earlier this year when Blanchard became the 6-time KSWA Champion. Starr enters the ring first, and then Blanchard arrives on the scene. David Fedor checks both competitors. The bell rings and Blanchard appears to have something in his possession. After an extended search, Referee David Fedor cant’s find any illegal objects. Shane tosses Blanchard to the outside and Fedor checks Starr again. Blanchard gets back in and they lock up. Blanchard gets an arm bar on Starr and he works the wrist. Blanchard asks the fans if he should break the arm, and they shout against it. Starr gets Blanchard in the same lock and the fans do want him to break it. Starr gets Blanchard down and works on the arm. Blanchard will not give up. Blanchard pokes Starr in the eye. That’s enough to disarm the challenger. Blanchard keeps Starr down. Starr is in a submission move but he will not submit. Starr powers out and hits Blanchard with elbows. Blanchard uses Starr’s hair to pull him down from behind. Blanchard kicks Starr in the abdomen or below. A back elbow drops Starr. Blanchard kicks him again. The kids at ringside shout for Starr. He smashes Blanchard’s head into the turnbuckles. Starr smashes his head into the top turnbuckle 10 times. Clothesline. Two count. Starr goes for Blanchard’s leg. Starr bends Blanchard’s leg incredibly. Blanchard will not give up. Starr calls for the Sharpshooter but Blanchard goes for his eyes. Both men are down. Fedor admonishes Blanchard for going after the eyes. Atmoic Drop. Drop kick. The pin. Two count. It was very close to a win for Starr. Blanchard goes for the eye again. German Suplex. Another. Then a third. Bridge for a pin. Two again as Starr gets his shoulder up. Blanchard is whipped into the corner. Blanchard pulls Fedor into Starr’s splash and that floors the ref. Martin drops in and drops Starr with the Death Certificate. He rolls Blanchard onto Starr and wakes Fedor. Fedor hits the two count. Kash races out and attacks Martin. Starr is once again poked in the eye. The ref still feels the effects of the punch. Blanchard hits Starr with a foreign object. Starr goes down and Blanchard gets the win. Blanchard is still the KSWA Heavyweight Champion.

"Big" Mike Malachi v. Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell)

Morris and Malachi go for a test of strength. Malachi, who is nearly a foot far taller and 110 heavier, pushes Marbell into the corner. Marbell hides in the ropes. Malachi waits. Marbell does push-ups to show he’s ready. There’s a double forearm that drops Marbell. Malachi uses his boot strings across Marbell’s eyes. He drops the West Virginian down. Big boot from Malachi. Malachi says Morris going for a ride. There’s a big suplex. Marbell is on the apron. Malachi invites him in, but that’s enough for spook Marbell. Morris goes after Malachi’s leg. Morris goes to the drop and body blocks him. Two count on Malachi. Morris pulls him out. Marbell pump-handles Malachi’s leg on the outside. There’s a front face lock that plans Malachi. There’s a submission hold but Malachi won’t give up. Both men are up. Malachi tosses Morris over his head and down. Malachi chops Morris and then uses his boot on Morris’ throat. There’s a side suplex. Two and a half count. Morris got his right shoulder up. Malachi drops Morris and actually gives a lazy cover. Two count on Morris. Morris gets up. Malachi spears him. Marbell up on the apron. Morris hits Marbell. Malachi lands the Cobra Clutch. Into a driver. Three count and Malachi is your winner.

“King” Del Douglas v. Justin Sane

There’s much fanfare with Douglas’ glorious return to Millvale. He shouts “Hello” to the citizens and he says, “I haven’t forgotten about you.” The bell rings and the combatants lock up. Sane goes for Douglas’ wrist. He drops Douglas to one knee. Sane drapes Douglas’ arm over the top rope and drops down to the floor. Sane gets Douglas down and there’s a two count. There’s another. Douglas is exasperated. King goes low on Sane and that’s enough to change the momentum. Douglas chops Sane down. Douglas gets Sane into the Royal Sharpshooter but Sane is able to slide into the bottom rope. Douglas drops an elbow. Two count. There’s a big bodyslam. Douglas goes for the fist “That’s banned in 49 out of 50 states” from the top. He lands it but only gets two. Douglas continues to be in control. At one time, Douglas shakes his hips in a provocative manner towards fans at ring side. He keeps the offense on Sane. Sane gets up and clotheslines him down. Sane continues on the offense. He drops the leg on Douglas. Sane goes to the top rope. He lands the frogsplash and gets the win! Douglas is beside himself.

Sniper (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Jack Massacre

Special Guest Referee Joe Perri checks Massacre as Sniper and Mayor Mystery are on the floor. Perri starts the count on Sniper, but Massacre breaks that up. Sniper crawls into the ring. Massacre awaits in the corner. Massacre wants the match to start. He goes right after Sniper. Sniper backs into the corner. They lock up and Massacre forces Sniper back into the ropes again. Sniper plays the game well in the corner. Massacre pulls Sniper from the corner and onto the mat. Massacre is distracted by Mystery. Sniper goes low on Massacre’s leg. He’s able to use that tactic for a while. Mystery attacks Massacre from the outside. Sniper tries to hog tie Massacre and he uses the ropes to his advantage. Perri kicks his arm off the bottom rope and that’s enough to allow Massacre to flip Sniper over. Massacre chases Mystery on the outside. Massacre gets the cane off of Mystery and drops him with it. Sniper attacks Massacre and tosses him inside. There’s a front face lock on Massacre but Jack simply pushes him into the corner. There’s a series of big chops on Sniper’s chest. Massacre posts Sniper in the corner and tosses him across the ring. Massacre gets the pin and win against Sniper.

“King of the Hill” Millvale Battle Royal

The annual institution doesn’t disappoint, as the match includes all of the Megastars, as well as Mayor Mystery, “Mad Genius” David Marbell, KSWA Owner Bobby O and Ring Announcer Trapper Tom. The action is fast and furious. Everyone is tossed out, leaving Kris Kash, Shane Starr, Sniper and Lou Martin. Martin is tossed, as is Kash. Sniper goes for Starr and the Sharpsburg Shooter has Sniper in his cross hairs and makes him fall over the top rope. Shane Starr is your winner!

Thus concludes Millvale Days, 2015!

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