It's Hard To Argue Against Blanchard As "The Real Champion" Of Professional Wrestling Today

November 7, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

This week, the professional wrestling world was shaken when it was announced that the World Heavyweight Champion for the leading television program representing the sport had injured his knee and would be out of action for nearly a year. This led to a flurry of speculation as to who may become the “new” champion in an upcoming tournament.

Meanwhile and with the absence, Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Blanchard suddenly finds himself as the premier championship holder, perhaps in the industry. “In this world we all live in, I am the only true heavyweight champion that matters,” Blanchard announced in a Facebook post on 11/5/15.

It’s hard to prove him wrong.

Blanchard won the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship in a hard-fought battle with then-champion Shane Starr on Saturday, March 29, at the Teamster Temple in Pittsburgh, PA. With sporadic manager James J. Dillon in his corner (and with the time keeper’s bell in his hand), Blanchard defeated Starr and procured the most prestigious Heavyweight Title in the Commonwealth for a record-extending sixth time. When Dillon embraced Blanchard and Head Referee David Fedor raised his hand in victory, independent professional wrestling took a new turn.

There are countless independent professional wrestling organizations operating in the United States. Few, like the KSWA, have operated with a base inside a major metropolitan area for 15 years. In addition, there are few title holders who have primarily been with the same organization since Bill Clinton was U.S. President.

It’s even harder to find a champion who has held the same title six different times. Blanchard’s announcement that he’s the only champion that “matters,” was met with equal amounts of congratulations and derision. That’s not bad for an athlete who goes out of his way to say he doesn’t care about the fans. It is apparent that a good number of fans at least respect his in-ring talent. Blanchard, who won his first KSWA Heavyweight Title on August 4, 2000 (Pittsburgh native Kurt Angle would win his very first professional wrestling heavyweight title a mere 80 days later), has long asserted that he is not an artiste inside the squared circle. “I am no sports entertainer, shadow wrestler, performer or cirque du soleil act! I am a pro wrestler and a good one at that! To be the man right? Well I am the man and the true heavyweight champion that matters! I am the one and only KSWA Heavyweight Champion 6 times over! On Saturday night or Sunday morning when my head hits the pillow I will still be the champ!”

It should also be noted that Blanchard continued to successfully wrestle after tweaking his knee in a successful title defense against one-time former champion “Big” Mike Malachi.

The KSWA Krazies will see if Blanchard can hold onto the most prestigious title in the Commonwealth on Saturday Night, November 7 at the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser with he takes on Justin Smith and Kris Kash in a Triple Threat match. The VFD is located at 1611 Main Street in Sharpsburg. There’s a special bell time of 7:00 p.m. All tickets are $10. In addition to Blanchard’s defense, the 3rd Annual Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Championship takes place with Bobby Badfingers, Lou Martin, Lord Zoltan and Del Douglas rounding out the field. Other championship matches are also set.

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