Massacre Wins Royal, Martin Triumphant In Rematch, and Blanchard Still Best In World At St Raphael’s Fundraiser

November 15, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Sometimes at fundraisers, wrestlers can make an impression that goes a long way with executives, such as the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Championship Committee. Although events such as these can provide a less-intense atmosphere for some, it can also springboard athletes skyward in the eyes of those making championship matches.

It is also advantageous for wrestlers like Jack Massacre to do well in the first-ever St. Raphael’s Battle Royal. Since losing the KSWA tag team championship, Massacre has been without “Big” Mike Malachi, so it was important for the 7-footer to stay relevant with the Championship Committee. He took that motivation into Saturday night.

Meanwhile, “King” Del Douglas tried to wrestle away Mitch Napier’s 5-Star Championship, and former KSWA World Champion Shane Starr was thrown into a difficult match at the last minute due to a sudden sickness that fell Kris Kash.

St. Raphael’s First Battle Royal

All of the Megastars hit the ring. Lou Martin, Mitch Napier, Shane Starr, Del Douglas, Harley T. Morris, and Bobby Badfingers are all out. Jack Massacre is the final competitor out from the locker room. David Marbell, the manager of Harley T. Morris, is also in as well. Marbell is the first one tossed. Shane Starr clothesline Lou Martin. Soon it’s just Napier, Badfingers, Douglas and Badfingers go after Massacre. Soon it’s just Badfingers and Massacre. Massacre takes his time with Badfingers. Massacre misses with a splash. Badfingers goes to the top rope and hits a DDT. Badfingers might have got a pin but this is an over the top rope elimination. Massacre toys with Badfingers before tossing him over for the win.

Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell) v. Super Ginger

Morris and Marbell make it to the ring before the American-Flag draped Super Ginger. The kids in attendance scream deliriously for Ginger. The bell rings and we are off. The fans are still screaming loudly for Ginger. Morris tries to squash that enthusiasm, but the fans aren’t buying it. Ginger gets an arm bar on Morris and then turns that into a headlock. Ginger gets into the ropes and the hold is broken. Morris simply doesn’t know how to compete against Ginger. Ginger bodyslams Morris and he goes into the bottom rope. Once on the apron, Morris is brought in the hard way. Morris is tossed into a corner. That’s enough to get Marbell on the apron. That distracts Ginger and he gets drop kicked in the face. Morris gets Ginger down for a pinfall and two count, and then another. Ginger is positioned in the bottom rope. Marbell takes over in the corner. Morris drops a leg on Super Ginger, who is prone on the apron. There’s another two count. Morris gets Ginger into a headlock. Ginger fights up and Morris counters. Ginger kicks up at two. Morris motions to Marbell that the match is all over. He pounds on Ginger and gets ready for a clothesline. He misses. Ginger lands two. Ginger lands a stunner. Morris is out. Marbell posts Morris’ leg on the bottom rope at two. Ginger tries again but now Morris kicks up. Ginger stands, ready to pounce. Morris climbs up the ropes. Ginger is pushed into the ropes. He is distracted by Marbell. Ginger walks right into Morris’ DDT and the Pride of West Virginia gets the win! Marbell mocks Ginger before vamoosing. The fans are screaming like crazy against Morris and Marbell.

Golden Triangle Championship: Bobby Badfingers v. Lou Martin (champion)

KSWA Owner Bobby O comes to the ring and reminds Martin that he agreed to wear the Chicken Suit if he loses to Badfingers tonight. (Martin was supposed to be challenged by Ric Rumsky, but he decided to no-show the match. Badfingers was more than happy to take his place.) The bell rings and they lock up. Badfingers gets Martin into the corner and he breaks the hold. Justin Smith gets both Megastars ready and now Martin gets Badfingers in the corner. This time, Martin slaps Badfingers and drives him to the bottom rope. Martin continues the onslaught on Badfingers in the corner and bottom rope. Badfingers is on the mat. Martin drives a double sledge into his sternum. Martin digs at Badfingers’ eyes. Badfingers comes out of the corner and clotheslines Martin. Badfingers bodyslams Martin. There’s a two count. Martin is downed again by a clothesline and Badfingers kicks him a bunch of times. Badfingers deflects the referee over to Perri and that’s enough to administer some more punishment. Martin is placed on the apron. Badfingers pounds some more. There’s a kick to the midsection and a reverse DDT from the corner that just misses putting Martin away. Badfingers hoists Martin put for a maneuver. Martin reverses that move and follows up with a clothesline. There’s a leg drop from the corner that registers a two and a half count. Martin kicks and punches more at Badfingers. Side slam drops Badfingers for a two count. Badfingers rolls Martin up for a two count. Martin drops Badfingers and gets another two count. Badfingers rains blows on Martin. There’s an F-5 and Badfingers kicks up at two and three quarters. Badfingers spears Martin and gets a two and three fourths pin. Badfingers hits the corner and falls into a Death Certificate. Martin pins Badfingers and retains the Golden Triangle Championship. More importantly, he doesn’t have to wear the dreaded Chicken Suit!

J-Ru v. Jack Massacre

J-Ru is pelted with garbage by kids when he comes to the ring. The Krazies are insane for Jack Massacre. The bell rings and referee Justin Smith is ordered by J-Ru to quiet the crowd. They get louder. Jack Massacre tosses J-Ru across the ring. J-Ru tries to slow things down. J-Ru ducks a move by Massacre and then again. J-Ru touts his intelligence and walks right into a giant claw. That drops J-Ru into the ropes. Massacre breaks the hold. J-Ru chops Massacre and that only angers the giant. Jack chops J-Ru down. J-Ru tries it again and that doesn’t work. Massacre chops him down and out of the ring. Massacre drops to the floor and posts J-Ru back in for another chop. Jack gets J-Ru into the corner for another huge chop. Massacre plays with referee’s count and proceeds to chop J-Ru in the chest once, twice, three time and then four times in different corner posts. The series of four chops drops J-Ru in a heap onto the hardwood floor below. Jack goes after J-Ru but he springs up and into the bottom rope. That rope into the crotch slows the giant down for a barrage of offense. J-Ru goes for a pin but Massacre shoots him across the ring instead. J-Ru goes to the corner in an attempt at offense but Massacre meets him by dropping him from that perch. J-Ru is posted for another chop and Jack tosses him from the top into the center of the ring. Massacre makes the pin and gets the win!

5-Star Championship: Del Douglas v. Mitch Napier (champion)

The kids at ringside are convinced that Del Douglas is hiding an illegal object. Referee Justin Smith can’t find it. Douglas is all over Napier in the early going. He chops Napier down and gets a one-count. Douglas gets Napier down again and gets a two-count. Douglas has all of the offense within the first three minutes of the match. This is unusual for anyone against Napier. Douglas bodyslams him and drops the first that’s “Banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Two count. Douglas continues with the onslaught. Douglas has Napier in the ropes and lands a clothesline. Two count again. Douglas punches Napier in the head. He turns his attention to Joe Perri and that’s enough for Napier to land a drop kick. Napier stomps Douglas in the abdomen time and again. Napier goes to the top rope and lands a big time elbow on the King. Napier suplexes Douglas and gets a two count. Napier drop kicks Douglas in the back. Napier pounds away at Douglas. He hits a big time splash. Napier suplexes him over. Napier swings Douglas and then posts him in the corner. Napier drop kicks Douglas in the corner and picks him up. Napier drops him down but he’s in the ropes. Douglas tries to recoup by Napier is just starting to fight. Napier posts Douglas for a series of punches to the head. He breaks the offense at Smith’s five count. European upper cuts are next. Napier gets him up lands a Sioux Falls Slam for the win. Douglas jaws with kids at ringside as Napier makes his way to the locker room. Douglas has a hard time shaking the throngs of children who were ready to pounce on him. Luckily, security came to his rescue.

KSWA World Title Match: Shane Starr v. Shawn Blanchard (champion)

Mr. Munz from St. Raphael’s is the Special Guest Referee. Shawn Blanchard is bothered by the dozens of kids at ringside who are chanting against him. The two long-time foes lock up and then let go of the hold. Starr gets a headlock on Blanchard and then proceeds to give him a shoulder block to the mat. The veteran Blanchard sits on the apron to catch a breather. Blanchard gets up and surveys the situation. They lock up again and Starr drops Blanchard down and follows with a bodyslam that sends the champion packing to the outside. There is no count out, so Blanchard can take a breather. Starr brings him in the hard way. Blanchard pokes Starr in the eyes. That drops the former champion. Blanchard tosses him to the hardwood floor below. Blanchard follows, as does Mr. Munz. Starr blocks the head off the apron and reverses it. Blanchard’s head hits the apron about a dozen times before Blanchard recovers with another poke. That slows the challenger enough that Blanchard tosses Starr into the gymnasium wall. He follows that up with kicks on the floor. There’s a pin attempt on the floor but that only goes to one. Blanchard leads Starr back to the ring area by the hair. Blanchard suplexes Starr onto the floor and the impact reverberates across the gymnasium. Blanchard picks up a chair and hits Starr with it. It’s all legal in the No DQ contest. Blanchard tosses Starr into the ring post. Blanchard sits down next to a little girl in the front row to catch a breather. Starr is chucked back in. Blanchard spreads Starr’s legs apart and kicks him in the lower abdomen, or lower. Two count. Blanchard and Mr. Munz argue and Munz pushes Blanchard down. Blanchard recoils into the corner. Starr reverses the move and out of nowhere slaps on the Sharpshooter. Lou Martin races in and plants Starr with the Death Certificate. Munz tosses Martin out of the ring. Blanchard rolls over onto Starr. Starr kicks out at two and 5/8ths. Starr is slow in getting up and so is Blanchard. Blanchard goes to pound Starr’s head in the corner post but Starr reverses and smashes his head into all four corners. On the top corner, Starr delivers some shots to Blanchard’s head. Starr clotheslines Blanchard. Starr picks him up and tosses Blanchard into the ropes. Blanchard comes out and hits Starr with a piledriver. Blanchard picks up the win and he remains the KSWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Thus concludes the evening of wrestling action.

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