Trapper's Den: Looking Ahead At The KSWA In 2010

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
January 4, 2010

In 2010, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance will celebrate its 10th anniversary as Pittsburgh's professional wrestling organization. KSWA Owner Bobby O and the rest of the Championship Committee want to assure the Krazies that the coming year will be the biggest and most remarkable yet.

The KSWA Nation is still shocked by Anthony Alexander's defection to the VIPs. The Prime Time Player must have figured that if the Latin Assassin wasn't going to accept Shawn Blanchard's generous overtures, he might as well become a Very Important Person himself.

Now into the New Year, the VIPs might be close to unstoppable. With 5-time Champ “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard leading the way in-ring (Advisor Frank Durso's involvement is more palpable than ever), “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin (the KSWA's most-resilient Megastar), Shane Starr (the group's most promising “Future”) and now Double-A (at the top of his game), an elite group has just become a new apex of excellence.

As for The Latin Assassin, he plans to do whatever he can to get another shot at Blanchard's gold. It's been a year of ups-and-downs for the South Side Projects, Bronx, New York resident. It already seems like a lifetime ago, but he and the Blood Beast were Tag Team Champions in 2009. Since that team dissolved, Beast has gravitated toward the Gentleman Joe Perri's stable of goons. Now, Alexander strikes with the Prime Time Cancellation at FanFest. Can Latin expect anyone to help him in his war against the VIPs?

The battle for the Golden Triangle Championship has been a more-competitive than ever. Kris Kash held the title with honor but he lost it to the King Del Douglas at FanFest. Their feud in 2009 was a highlight of a tremendous year. But now that Douglas holds the strap, will his royal ego be tolerable?

Ric Rumsky and Vinnie Stone are once again KSWA Tag Team Champions. The duo is a nice mixture of speed (Rumsky) and strength (Stone). Rumsky is more focused now that he isn't teaming with Alex Arcadian and Stone is only getting better now that he isn't partnering with “cousin” Biker Al. Rumsky and Stone will have to be at the top of their game if Perri's new Block Busters (Bulldozer and Blood Beast) decide they'd like the Tag Team Championship. On a pure power level, the Block Busters could be the most dominate in KSWA history. Their total combined weight of 683 lbs easily eclipses the 555 that International Thugs Big Mike Malachi and Ali Kaida boasted during their impressive run with the straps.

The team of Biker Al and Bobby Badfingers cannot be ignored in 2010. That crafty twosome is a force in any tag team scenario. Both are straight-ahead brawlers with gnarly attitudes.

At When World's Collide on January 23, the war between Big Mike Malachi and the Afghani Assault Weapon Ali Kaida adds another chapter. It's already been announced that the former Tag Champs will face each other in an Afghanistan Strap Match. These two behemoths know each other inside and out, so this match could become legendary. However, will their blood-red feud continue after this? Let's hope that this will be the end of his rivalry.

What an impactful year 2009 was for Lord Zoltan. The undisputed Legend of Pittsburgh independent wrestling, Lord Zoltan made his way back to the big city when he competed in the KSWA. He's since battled the KSWA's veteran Justin Sane in a series of terrific and brutal matches. What might the New Year hold for Zoltan? Might Del Douglas' Golden Triangle Championship be in his nefarious sights? What if Douglas and Zoltan team up for a shot at Tag Team gold?

Speaking of Justin Sane, the Mentally Unstable Megastar will now have to wear a dress to his matches in 2010. What will this do for the mindset for a wrestler known to carry a baby doll to the ring with him? His friends may also want to keep an eye on him since his locker room pal, Anthony Alexander has jumped ship. Justin Sane has never been one to embrace change well, and 2010 is already full of change.

Another Megastar who loses with Alexander joining the VIPs is Alex Arcadian. The duo, some called Quad-A looked good in the tournament to crown new Tag Team Champions (Demolition could not make it back to the KSWA Arena and relinquished the titles) but now that's over. Arcadian could work his way up to a shot at the Golden Triangle Championship as well. A match between Douglas and Arcadian for the title would be one the Krazies would enjoy with a cold brew.

It should be noted that Demolition's win over the VIPs for the KSWA Tag Team Championship was reported in the February 2010 edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. For those who don't know, PWI is the Sports Illustrated, the Time Magazine, the Newsweek of the Professional Wrestling industry. A large photo of (KSWA Hall of Famer) Ax and Smash from their WWF run in the early 1990's was featured along with the mention.

What will the New Year hold for the Mexican Connection—La Lucha and Joey Quervo—and their new friend, the Great Toyota? All three of these Megastars have had rocky years in 2009. Could a new-found partnership with the trio bring them more opportunities? And in all actuality, Great Toyota's time with Gentleman Joe Perri has made him a markedly better wrestler. Team him with potential Megastar of the Decade La Lucha and the streaky Joey Quervo, this team could shake things up in both the Tag Team and individual divisions. Could they even take on the VIPs?

The Krazies were excited to see local wrestling stalwart Dominic DeNucci at FanFest. Frank Durso stole the win from DeNucci, but KSWA Owner said Dominic will come back in 2010. Both Megastars showed they still had “something in the basement” during their Legend's Match. Both were in great shape and Dominic promises a different outcome this year.

Rookie Mitch Napier had some unexpected success in 2009 and 2010 should only be more fruitful for this naturally-gifted Megastar. From time-to-time the KSWA does field inquires from athletes who want to train and get into the ring. Interestingly, not many get through the initial stages. “It's not as easy as it looks” is a common refrain. Nevertheless, the KSWA does welcome inquires. The KSWA is enjoying the 1st 10 years of excitement, and looking forward to the next decade.