A Hair-Raising Stipulation Could Lead To An Early Christmas Between "King" And "Lord" At FanFest

November 25, 2015
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

One of the most intense rivalries over the past few years in the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) could come to a hair-raising conclusion at FanFest.

More months, “The King” Del Douglas has been battling Lord Zoltan. Technically the two long-time KSWA veterans have been battling for years. During Party Gras’ 75 week reign on top of the tag team universe, Douglas and The Jester had been top contenders. It took quite a few tries before the Millvale villain and his then-henchman rested the belts from Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane. In Fact, that title change occurred during FanFest, 2012.

Now the two Megastars have been battling a one-on-one war. During those battles, Lord Zoltan has walked off with Douglas crown and then his cape. More recently, Lord Zoltan has worn the accouterments to the ring. This more than rises the ire of the “King.”

After the Sharpsburg VFD fundraiser, Del Douglas challenged the 40-year veteran Lord Zoltan to a match with a unique stipulation. Douglas, who rages over Zoltan’s “thefts,” added that he has suffered from depression and “let my hair grow out.” Douglas threw down the gauntlet by saying if he wins, he gets his crown back. Conversely, if Zoltan wins, he gets to “shave these royal locks.”Zoltan accepted the dare, saying that he was going to win and shave his head cleaner “than a baby’s behind.” Zoltan added that he was going to keep the crown and robe, or toss it out to the Krazies “as an early Christmas present.”

The always volatile Douglas has quickly come unglued without his crown and robe; however, he often uses that adrenaline and passion to his advantage. Zoltan always possess a cool, fun-loving, quick-to-dance demeanor. Zoltan also possesses what Douglas wants, so he is easily in the driver’s seat.

The Krazies need to be in Lawrenceville for this Hair v. Crown spectacular.

[KSWA FanFest is Saturday, December 5, at the Teamster Temple, 4701 Butler Street, in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids and $15 in the Mezzanine. Expected to appear is local actor Curt Wootton, who portrays “Pittsburgh Dad,” as well as WWF legend Hillbilly Jim. Card subject to change. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Call 412-726-1762 for more information.]

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