Megastars Fight For Battle Bowl Opportunities At New Years Knockout

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer, Wrestling Journalist
January 11, 2010

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance returns to action on Saturday, January 23 with New Year's Knockout and Battle Bowl II, the revolutionary match created by KSWA Owner Bobby O. All of the action takes place on Saturday, January 23, 7:30 p.m. at the home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the Lawrenceville Moose.

A Battle Royal, featuring all of the KSWA Megastars, takes a crafty turn when the final three contestants are left in the ring. All three are assured of a title shot in the calendar year. The winner earns a World Title shot, while the other two receive Tag Team and Golden Triangle opportunities respectively.

Last year during the initial Battle Bowl, Ali Kaida earned the Golden Triangle Championship shot, while Lou Martin won the chance to find a team mate and challenge for the Tag Team Championship, and Shawn Blanchard won to challenge for the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship. All three men were successful in capturing those respective titles. Blanchard remains the champion, so it's anyone's guess who could get a shot at the Gold.

Since FanFest's match between former Tag Team Champions Ali Kaida and Big Mike Malachi ended in a no-contest, Malachi has challenged his adversary to a Strap Match. This will be the third match between the two former partners and it promises to be the most brutal. The Afghani Assault Weapon has been on a tear since his sudden return to the KSWA and Big Mike has been equally intense in this rivalry.

The Golden Triangle Championship will be on the line when the new champion, “King” Del Douglas defends against veteran Justin Sane. Justin will be making his first appearance of the New Year in a dress (he lost the Loser Wears A Dress match against Lord Zoltan in December). Del Douglas is at the top of his game and more pompous than ever now that he's got the Golden Triangle Championship back. He's also boasting of a King's Ransom stipulation in the match. Perhaps he'll shed light on this on the 23rd. Justin, a past Golden Triangle Champion in his own right, seems both perturbed and intrigued with his new ring attire. We'll have to see how that translates inside the squared circle.

The KSWA Tag Team Championships are on the line as new champions Ric Rumsky and Vinnie Stone defend against the VIPs, “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin and “The Future” Shane Starr (along with Advisor Frank Durso). Interestingly, the new champs have adopted the name “Violence, Incorporated” for their team. The name clearly is a result of Vinnie Stone's leadership and vicious streak inside the squared circle, as Ric Rumsky has traditionally been one who relies more on speed, quickness and a more technical assault. Meanwhile, Martin and Starr are still disgruntled over the fact that they are no longer the Tag Team Champions. This match, like so many others on the preliminary card, could steal the show.

In other tag team action, the Bourbon Street Brawler Lord Zoltan and Bulldozer team up to take on Alex Arcadian and Mitch Napier. This match is a contrast in styles as Zoltan and Bulldozer come right after their opponents with old-school bully tactics and strength. Alex Arcadian is one of the KSWA's premier up-and-comers with a combination of strength and technical know-how. Add to that the raw athletic ability of Mitch Napier, who will soon no longer be just a rookie within the KSWA. Either of these teams could be in serious contention for the KSWA Tag Team Championship and perhaps the winners will be in-line for such an opportunity.

In Six-Man tag team action, the Masked Machines—La Lucha, “The Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo and The Great Toyota will take on Bobby Badfingers, the Blood Beast and Biker Al (along with Joe Perri). KSWA Owner Bobby O informed Toyota at FanFest that he was no a free man and eligible to wrestler whoever he wants. This did not please Gentleman Joe Perri who had a “Temporary Indentured Servant” Visa registered for the Great Toyota. Perri wants to make sure that Great Toyota does not get an chance to celebrate freedom in America.

The KSWA Krazies also hope to hear from Double-A Anthony Alexander after his surprise attack against his friend, The Latin Assassin. Alexander promptly joined the VIPs. Hearing from Latin may also be a possibility. And what may “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard have to say about recent developments?

This month the KSWA is also inviting the Krazies to bring signs to the event. There will be prizes for the adult fan who brings the best sign, as well an award for the kid who brings in the best sign.

All of this an much more is New Years Knockout, Saturday, January 23 at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the Lawrenceville Moose, 120 51st St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids. Bell time is at 7:30 p.m. Card is subject to change. For more information, go to