VIPs' Double-A Wins Battle Bowl, Arcadian, Beast Also Get Shots

February 1, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Double-A Anthony Alexander, who for a long time chased after the World Heavyweight Championship currently held by Shawn Blanchard, says he'll sit on his Number One contendership following a shocking win at Battle Bowl. The same cannot be said of Alex Arcadian and The Blood Beast, who also earned shots at KSWA Gold on January 23.

The evening started auspiciously enough with Alexander hitting the ring at the onset of the event. His strode to the ring in unfamiliar music, with the Advisor to the VIPs, Frank Durso, trailing not far behind. The Prime Time Player came to the ring and basically “ran down” the fans who cheered him for many a year. He added that The Latin Assassin earned the “sneak attack” that he received at FanFest. Alexander noted that two years ago Latin sustained a career-threatening back injury and that he was the only Megastar who visited him in the hospital every day. He said that Latin was ungrateful for his friendship.

That brought out the South Side Projects, Bronx, New York resident, to cheering fans (some of whom donned bandannas over their faces). Latin entered the ring, took the microphone and answers Alexander's charges. The Assassin also made the disagreement personal, by saying that his own son asked if Alexander's change of heart was because of something the youngster did.

Both men exchange barbs until Frank Durso gets too close to Latin. The Assassin pops him. That brings out the rest of the VIPs, who rush Latin. Starr, Martin and Blanchard grab The Assassin and Alexander taunts, then punches him down. Durso gouges at Latin. He gets to his feet and he's met with Alexander's Prime Time Cancellation.

The KSWA Tag Team Champions, Vinnie Stone and Ric Rumsky, charge the ring and clear it after the attack. They stay with The Latin Assassin as the VIPs mouth off and head to the locker room.

Mitch Napier and Alex Arcadian v. Bulldozer (w/Joe Perri) and Lord Zoltan (w/Mayor Mystery)

Lord Zoltan, the veteran, and Mitch Napier, the youngster, start. Mayor Mystery jaws at ringside fans. Lord Zoltan, the master of in-ring psychology, goes to the ropes and won't start the match. After what seems to be about 10 minutes of stalling, Napier is able to grab a hold of Zoltan by the wrist. The Megastars reverse wrist lock after wrist lock.

Arcadian is tagged in. Zoltan gets to the corner and tags in Bulldozer. Napier is tagged back in and he is immediately hammered by the 411-lb Bulldozer. Napier is able to get away and he tags in Arcadian. Alex goes for a shoulder block but he just ricochets off of Bulldozer. The two trade punches. Arcadian, one of the pound-for-pound strongest Megastars in the KSWA roster, momentarily wobbles Dozer with a drop kick.

Napier is tagged back in but none of his offense is successful against the much-larger Bulldozer. Dozer chops Mitch. Zoltan is tagged in and he bites Mitch. Bulldozer and Lord Zoltan double team Mitch, while referee Jimmy James holds back Arcadian from his corner.

Lord Zoltan clotheslines Mitch. Zoltan unwraps his wrist tape and chokes Napier. Zoltan runs Mitch's head into Bulldozer's massive knee. Somehow, Mitch is able to recover and punches and kicks Dozer. That doesn't last as Zoltan side slams Napier onto his knee several times. Napier is draped onto the middle rope where Mayor Mystery pokes him in the stomach with his walking stick. Zoltan bites Mitch on the forehead. Dozer is tagged in and he chops Mitch again. Napier is tossed into the corner. Bulldozer follows him in with a splash but misses. The impact of the splash moves the entire ring.

Mitch gets to Arcadian and Alex goes after both opponents. Lord Zoltan spills outside the ring. Napier back in. Both men go after Bulldozer but miss with a double DDT. Mitch climbs to the top corner post. Bulldozer catches the attempted flying body press. Arcadian is out. Bulldozer works on Mitch but he's able to get away. Once again to the top. A flying drop kick from the top floors a weary Bulldozer. Napier races after an interfering Joe Perri. Dozer is up Bulldozer catches, slams and pins Napier for the win.

Zoltan and Bulldozer celebrate their win while Arcadian and Napier gather themselves.

Great Toyota, La Lucha & Joey Quervo v. Bobby Badfingers, Blood Beast & Biker Al (w/Joe Perri)

On the way out the Masked Marvels are led by Joey Quervo, who tries to dance and promptly takes a patented header in the middle of the ring. It takes a while for him to move.

Quervo crawls to the corner and tags in Great Toyota who immediately goes after Perri. Biker Al attacks Toyota from behind. Al drops a leg and gets a 1 ½ count before all competitors are in their corners. Al chops Toyota. He follows that up with a splash and a bulldog. Out of nowhere, Toyota rolls Biker Al up, but the former Kommissioner is too close to the ropes and that breaks the count. Bobby Badfingers is tagged in and he puts the boots to Toyota. Bobby clotheslines, chops and slams Toyota. The other Masked Marvels can only watch from their corner. Bobby lands an elbow drop. Toyota kicks out at two. Blood Beast is tagged in and he goes after Toyota with punches. A spin kick falls Toyota. A double team occurs on Great Toyota. Referee Justin Smith is distracted. Toyota somehow gets to Joey Quervo.

Quervo is in but he's inebriated. Badfingers is tagged in and he punches and kicks Joey. He's knocked to the mat and is up after a one-count. Joey recovers and whips Badfingers in to the ropes. La Lucha is tagged in. He goes after Badfingers. After a few moments, Toyota is tagged back in.

Toyota is all over Badfingers. Quervo is back in and he too goes after Badfingers.

La Lucha is tagged back in and is met with a shot to the crotch from Badfingers. He goes for the pin but Toyota breaks it up. Badfingers gets knocked into the corner and falls to the mat. La Lucha hits him with his three splashes from the corner. Bobby grabs the bottom rope during the pin attempt. Toyota is tagged in, he spin punches and floors Badfingers. Using his martial arts, Toyota pins Badfingers.

After the match, Perri's men aren't happy and they attack the Marvels.

Golden Triangle Championship: (Champion) Douglas v. Justin Sane

King Del Douglas hits the ring and is so confident that no one will beat him for the Golden Triangle Championship that he has added a stipulation to his defense. He says anyone who beats him for the Gold will also receive $10,000. Justin Sane makes his way to the ring wearing the dress he is forced to wear as a stipulation of his loss to Lord Zoltan at FanFest. Justin says that he wants to get all photography out of the way so he posed for 3-seconds in each of the four corners.

After the preliminaries the match begins. King is all over Justin. Quickly, Douglas ties Justin to the Royal Tree of Woe and drop kicks him while stretched out. Once out, Justin is suplexed. The King poses for the crowd. They boo. The offense is all Del Douglas. He goes to the middle rope and drops a fist to Justin's forehead. There's a 2 ½ count. The King chops Justin.

Douglas grabs Justin by the privates and follows that up with a serious chop. Douglas paint-brushes him in the face.

That fires Justin up and he fires Douglas into the corner. Justin lands a clothesline then a splash. Douglas is propped up in the corner and Justin, with the dress, hits the Bronco Buster, which he dubs the Sane-O-Buster. He follows that up with a leg drop and a 2 ½ count. Sane drops an elbow from the second rope. 2 ½ count.

The King rallies and plants Justin with his patented “Drop It Like It's Hot” but Justin is too close to the ropes. Justin hits the scissor kick and goes to the top for his Shock Therapy frog splash. He lands it. Del's leg is on the bottom rope. More offense.

Justin misses with a move, Del capitalizes by rolling up Sane. Douglas grabs a huge handful of tights and gets the win. The King celebrates, Justin Sane is in disbelief.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: VIPs (Martin & Sane w/Durso) challenge Violence Inc. (Rumsky & Stone)

Stone and Starr start out with a collar and elbow tie up. Vinnie is all of Shane in the corner. Rumsky is tagged in and he hits a drop kick. A one-count is recorded on Shane. Starr blasts Rumsky with a crotch shot. Starr follows up by body slamming Rumsky twice. Martin is tagged in and he clotheslines then suplexes Rumsky.

Durso is on the apron causing havoc. Shawn Blanchard and Anthony Alexander, the other members of the VIPs, emerge from the locker room.

There's a double team on Rumsky on the bottom rope. Durso chokes the multi-time tag team champ on the outside. He also punches Rumsky.

Starr is tagged in. He suplexes and gets a two-count on Rumsky. Rumsky is forced in the corner. Martin puts his boot in Rumsky's throat. Referee Justin Smith is distracted by an irate Vinnie Stone. There's another two-count on Rumsky.

Durso is on the apron again. Starr works on Rumsky's leg. Martin grabs the other leg as Durso distracts the ref. Rumsky won't give up.

Martin is tagged back in and he goes to work on Rumsky. There's no quit in the youngsters and Martin stretches him out. Starr grabs Martin's baseball bat and plants it in Rumsky's ribs. Martin punches and gouges at Rumsky. He clotheslines Rumsky. Starr is in and goes for a pin. Two count. Rumsky musters a reserve of energy and he goes after Starr. Rumsky clotheslines him and goes for a pin. Two count. Starr rallies, getting Rumsky into the corner for a Super plex. He lands it and both men and prone on the mat. Referee Smith counts to 7 before Rumsky is able to get up and tag Vinnie. Starr gets to Martin. Vinnie is all over Martin. A melee breaks out. Starr is tagged back in. Martin grabs Rumsky for a super kick. Rumsky gets out of the way and Starr blasts Martin! Starr, distraught, stumbles right into Vinnie Stone's spear. The legal man, Stone, pins the legal man, Starr for the win.

Post match, Blanchard, Durso and Alexander get into the ring. Alexander checks on Starr. Starr, upset over the loss, pushes Alexander and Blanchard. He turns around right into a boot from Lou Martin. Martin administers the Death Certificate on Starr in the middle of the ring! Blanchard grabs the microphone and challenges Starr to a match in February. The VIPs celebrate while referees Justin Smith and Jimmy James help Starr to the back.

Afghanistan Strap Match: Malachi v. Kaida

Both men are introduced and the bullrope is attached to both men. They initiate a tug-of-war. Big Mike Malachi gets the early upper hand with a clothesline. Malachi is all over his former tag team championship partner. Malachi whips and chokes him with the belt. Ali Kaida is whipped into the corner. Ali Kaida rallies with punches and kicks. He then too whips Malachi. There's an elbow drop and a two-count. A “USA” chant resonates through the KSWA Arena for the North Hills resident Malachi. Ali Kaida is in control. He chokes Malachi with the rope. All of the choking and whipping, of course, is legal in the Afghanistan Strap Match. Malachi rebounds and gets some licks in of his own. A side suplex falls the Afghani Assault Weapon. He's up at two. Malachi whips him across his back. Malachi head buts his foe. Kaida once again up at two. A leg drop follows. A two count follows. More whipping. Malachi stands on the ropes that are wrapped around Kaida's throat. Malachi chokes from the outside. Malachi heaves Ali Kaida up for a belly to back suplex and a successful three count! The winner is Big Mike Malachi. As he celebrates, the curtain to the locker room opens and out strides the massive Bulldozer! Along with Gentleman Joe Perri, Bulldozer attacks Malachi from behind. Ali Kaida slinks off. Perri tosses a chair to Bulldozer, who whacks Malachi with it. Bulldozer leaves him lying in the middle of the ring. Ric Rumsky, Vinnie Stone and Mitch Napier race from the locker room to help Malachi. The Krazies clap for Malachi, who gets to his feet.

The Latin Assassin & Kris Kash v. Shawn Blanchard & Anthony Alexander

After the earlier attack on The Latin Assassin, KSWA Owner Bobby O announced that Latin and Kris Kash would take on Shawn Blanchard and Anthony Alexander. Kash comes out first, then Latin. With authority in his step. Then the VIPs with Frank Durso. Referee Jimmy James has a tough time getting Durso out of the ring. Latin starts with Blanchard but he wants Alexander. Latin, frustrated, tags Kash. Blanchard tags Alexander. This dance continues for a few songs until Blanchard puts the boots to Kash, officially starting the action. Blanchard quickly tags in Double-A. Alexander works on Kash then tags Blanchard again. The KSWA Champion punches and kicks Kash in the corner. The offense on Kash continues. Once launched into the corner, he finds the strangling hands of Frank Durso on the outside. Alexander is back in and he launches Kash over the top rope. Once back inside, Alexander side slams Kash and gets a two count. Blanchard is in and hits a tremendous spine buster on Kash. Latin breaks up the pin. Blanchard slams Kash into the ring post. The newest lineup of the VIPs double teams Kash in the corner. Alexander is back in and he lands a couple of back breakers on Kash. He taunts Latin and lands a third back breaker. Alexander stretches Kash over his knee. Blanchard is tagged back in. He whips Kash into the corner and the former Golden Triangle Champion somehow recovers and lands his patented spinning splash from the corner. Latin gets the Krazies to rally. Kash finally gets to Latin and he is tagged in. The Latin Assassin cleans house. Blanchard is brought in the “hard way” over the top rope. There's a two count. Blanchard goes for Latin's eyes. Staggered, Latin is knocked down and there's a two count. Alexander is tagged in and he goes after his former friend. There's a leg drop and another two count. Alexander kicks Latin and puts his boots to his eyes. Blanchard clubs Latin who falls to the outside. All four men are on the outside. Referee Justin Smith attempts to toss Frank Durso out, but the KSWA Hall of Famer quickly sneaks back to ring side. Once back inside, Blanchard applies the Figure Four leg lock on Latin. There's a two-count as Latin's shoulders are on the mat. Blanchard uses the ropes for leverage and more pain. Alexander enters and drops an elbow on Latin while he's still in the Figure Four. Somehow the hold is broken and Latin nearly rolls Alexander up. Alexander, not happy, hits Latin with a back elbow. Blanchard is back in. He claws at Latin's face. The referee is distracted as Latin gets away from Blanchard and makes the tag to Kash. Kash is forced back out. Alexander boots Latin. He applies a reverse chin lock. Latin nearly gets out before Alexander kicks him again. There's a two count and Kash makes the save. Latin Assassin gets up and goes for the Flying Lariat. He misses. Alexander rolls him up, and with his feet on the ropes for leverage, gains the duke. Post match the VIPs celebrate before The Latin Assassin grabs a folding chair and chases them away.

The Main Event: Battle Bowl II Battle Royal

The rules are simple: two men enter and will wrestle for two minutes. Every minute thereafter a Megastar will enter the fray. The only way to be eliminated is to be tossed over the top rope. The last three competitors will chose envelopes that will determine their shots at the three KSWA titles. Lou Martin and Justin Sane draw the first two positions. Lou is all over Justin from the ring of the bell. He hits punches, kicks and a side slam. After two minutes, the first member of the Rookie Class of 2010, the “Ice Man” Tony Johnson, from St. Louis, Missouri, hits the ring. Martin attempts to befriend Johnson, but he is briskly met with a fist. Justin Sane and Tony Johnson double team Martin by suplexing him.

The Latin Assassin is out next. He informs the others to get away from Martin because the VIP stalwart is his.

Justin Sane is the first to be eliminated.

The Great Toyota is next. The Ice Man goes to work on Martin. Martin pleads with Toyota to let him alone.

Mitch Napier is in next. He goes after the Great Toyota because Battle Bowl is “every man for himself.”

Double-A Anthony Alexander is out next. Ice Man and Great Toyota are almost immediately eliminated. Johnson made quite a few friends in his short debut, if fan reaction is any indication. Latin Assassin chokes Double-A.

Next out is Ric Rumsky. He goes after Double-A.

Next up is another rookie, Miami, Florida's J-Flash. Lou Martin, upon seeing the newcomer, shouts out “Who are you?” J-Flash, like Johnson, goes after Martin.

Latin Assassin nearly tosses Mitch Napier, but the youngster is able to hold on.

Next out is Lord Zoltan with Mayor Mystery. A veteran of many Battle Royals, Lord Zoltan is very slow to get in the ring.

Ric Rumsky and J-Flash are eliminated. It should be pointed out that J-Flash impressively flipped himself back into the ring from the outside before ultimately being tossed.

The King Del Douglas is next out.

The Drunken Luchadore Joey Quervo is called. He rushes into the rings, ducks Alexander's big boot, dives over the top rope and races to the bar in the back. The fans howl in appreciation as Joey eliminates himself just to spend time with the Krazies.

Alex Arcadian hits the ring.

Mitch Napier is tossed.

Ali Kaida is next.

The third rookie of 2010, the Thunder Bay Bomber, Drew Belanger, from Canada is out.

Ali Kaida attacks Del Douglas.

Vinnie Stone is out next.

The action is fast and furious.

The Blood Beast is out.

Drew Belanger is tossed.

Vinnie Stone is tossed.

Bulldozer is out next.

Biker Al is introduced.

Ali Kaida, who won a Golden Triangle Championship shot last year, is eliminated. Bobby Badfingers comes out.

The last Megastar into the Battle Bowl is Kris Kash.

Biker Al is eliminated.

Bobby Badfingers is tossed.

Bulldozer, clearly a favorite, is somehow tossed.

Lord Zoltan goes over the top rope next.

On the inside, Lou Martin is choking both Latin Assassin and Kris Kash, who are prone on the mat.

Kris Kash is eliminated.

The Latin Assassin, who before the match expressed that he “needed” the win to catapult himself back into the title hunt, is surprisingly eliminated. Dr. Devastation Lou Martin, another early favorite, and the first man in this year's Battle Bowl, is eliminated.

That leaves Alex Arcadian, The Blood Beast and Anthony Alexander. Arcadian is tossed. He is, however, assured of an envelope with a title shot. Two titans, Blood Beast and Anthony Alexander, go nose-to-nose in the middle of the ring.

Latin Assassin and Lou Martin, who are still at ringside, battle each other to the back.

Blood Beast goes for a big move, Anthony ducks, pulls the top rope and Blood Beast is launched over and onto the floor below.

The winner of Battle Bowl II is Anthony Alexander.

Alex choses an envelope from a fan. It's opened and he ears a Golden Triangle Championship match sometime in 2010.

The Blood Beast choses an envelope and it's determined that he and a partner of his choice have a chance at the KSWA Tag Team Championship.

That leaves the winner, Anthony Alexander, with a shot at KSWA World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Blanchard's title. Alexander shouts that he will never cash it in against Blanchard. Thus ends Battle Bowl II.

Next up, the KSWA celebrates its 10th anniversary at the Lawrenceville Moose on Saturday, February 20. As announced, Blanchard will wrestle Starr in the Main Event.