A Historic Night For The KSWA, DeNucci, Christiantello And Latin Assassin In Joe Abby Tournament

April 1, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) experienced arguably its most historic night on Saturday, March 27, 2010 as a proclamation was made, the Hall of Fame increased by two, and a Megastar continued to charge his way toward the Heavyweight Championship by grabbing the Joe Abby Memorial Cup.

The evening started with two new members of the KSWA's developmental squad. Rookies J-Flash, an impressive high-flyer from Miami, Florida faced off one-on-one with The Thunder Bay Bomber Drew Bellanger. The two went at it tooth-and-nail for quite a while. They each showed incredible promise before the KSWA Krazies. Ultimately it was Drew Bellanger who recorded the victory.

City Proclamation: KSWA Day in the City of Pittsburgh

In what's believed to be a first for an independent wrestling organization in the city, the KSWA received a proclamation from Councilor Bill Peduto, acknowledging a decade of excellence in Pittsburgh. Peduto's proclamation touched on some of the charitable work the KSWA has been involved with, as well as its links to “Studio Wrestling” and other traditional, professional wrestling institutions. Peduto topped off the proclamation by stating that March 27, 2010 was “KSWA Day in the City of Pittsburgh.” KSWA Owner Bobby O came out and accepted the proclamation and thanked Mr. Peduto. (Bobby O as well as other representatives of the KSWA later descended upon Pittsburgh City Council Chambers to officially receive the proclamation as well.)

Ali Kaida v. Keith Haught

After that, the official action that comprised the Joe Abby Memorial tournament was to start, but out of nowhere, Ali Kaida rushed the ring, with Haught draped over his shoulder and referee Justin Smith being pulled in by his ankle. Ali Kaida demanded a match and he got it. The Afghani Assault Weapon was all-over Haught as soon as the bell rang. Haught was not granted a second of reprieve as Ali Kaida punched, stomped, slapped and generally tortured the upstart. Before too terribly long, Ali Kaida slapped Haught with the Camel Clutch and the youngster could do very little else but submit. The Krazies couldn't do much but show their displeasure with Ali Kaida.

8-Megastar Matchup: Perri's Stable v. Malachi's Minions

Next up was an 8-Megastar tag team match. Gentleman Joe Perri's squad comprised of four athletes who boasted a total combined weight of more than 1,100 lbs. Biker Al, Bobby Badfingers, the Blood Beast and the 411-lb behemoth Bulldozer made their way to the ring. Perri's gaggle of Megastars met “Iceman” Tony Johnson, Mitch Napier, Joey Quervo and their own giant, Big Mike Malachi. That foursome tipped the scales at 855 in the morning weigh in. Rookie Tony Johnson started out with veteran Biker Al. Al took early advantage of “Iceman” with punches and a body slam and bulldog. A quick pin attempt was unsuccessful as Johnson was up at two. Soon there's a complete breakdown and all four Megastars are on the outside of the ring. Joey Quervo dives from the top turnbuckle onto Bulldozer, who is tripped by a fallen body and lands on the concrete floor. Shortly, all are back inside the ring with an all-out riot. Blood Beast slams Johnson into the corner. Bulldozer follows with a splash. Mitch Napier makes the save from a pin. Bobby Badfingers injects himself into the fray and he's met by Joey Quervo. Quervo gets some offense in and Badfingers is up at two. Johnson is tagged back in and he goes after Badfingers. He tries a pin but Badfingers gets his shoulder up at two. Bulldozer gets back in and he slams Johnson. The Iceman is tossed to the outside. The action is fast and furious at times as tags are made and cheap shots are taken. All competitors get their shots in, all the while, they get busted up as well. Big Mike Malachi is tagged in at one point and just absolutely levels Blood Beast and Bulldozer. In the end, Malachi administers the Malachi Crunch on Badfingers and his team gets the win. Post match, Bulldozer and his team go after Malachi's squad. Bulldozer and Malachi go at it verbally as a mass of humanity keeps them apart.

Joe Abby Semi-Final: Kris Kash v. Lou Martin

In another surprise, Studio Wrestling mainstay Bobby “Hurricane” Hunt makes an appearance before the Krazies. The Hurricane shakes hands with Kris Kash and welcomes him luck before attempting to do the same with Lou Martin. Martin snubs the welcome and tells Hunt that he is “no Frank Durso,” the advisor to the VIPs. Hunt, in turn, says that he knew Joe Abby and was friends with Joe Abby. “Son, you're no Joe Abby,” was his reply to an irate Dr. Devastation. Using that embarrassment as fuel, Martin was all over Kash when the bell rang. Kash was bullied into the ropes and slammed in the center of the ring. In a lazy pin attempt, Lou Martin put one foot on Kash's chest. The former Golden Triangle Champion kicked out at two. Martin hit two big suplexes and followed that up with a knee in the back. Martin attempted to get Kash to submit to a pressure move but he wouldn't do it. Martin goes to the top corner post as Kash lies helpless in the ring. Martin goes for the flying elbow but misses spectacularly. Kash recovers and whips Martin into the corner. Kash drop kicks Martin. KSWA Champion Shawn Blanchard makes his way to the ring to console his partner. Kash climbs to the top rope and dives on both Megastars. Once back in the ring, Kash swings the tilt-a-whirl drop kick on a prone Martin. He nearly pins Martin. After more action between both wrestlers, Martin is able to hit Kash with the Death Certificate for the win. After the match, Blanchard and Martin increase their assault on Kash. Then to everyone's surprise, Shane Starr burst onto the scene and cleared the ring of VIPs. Starr and Kash backed-up into each other and were surprised as to where they were and how they got there. Starr didn't utter a word as he bailed from the ring, leaving Kash to figure it all out.

After the ring was cleared, it was pointed out that Pittsburgh's own, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas had made his way into the KSWA Arena and was selling merchandise and meeting fans. Douglas, who was trained by Dominic DeNucci, also came to watch his mentor later in the evening.

Golden Triangle Match: Great Toyota v. Del Douglas

The Krazies welcome King Del to the ring in their own style. He uses that intensity to take the early advantage on the Great Toyota. Douglas attempts to pin him right away but is not successful. Douglas bodyslams Toyota and follows that up with a fist from the top rope. It's a move Douglas says is “banned 49 out of 50 states.” Douglas punches, slaps and ties Toyota to the Royal Tree of Woe. Toyota is hung upside down and he gets a drop kick to the mush. Douglas slaps on the Royal Clutch but Toyota is able to get to the ropes. Douglas hits Toyota with a clothesline and hits his finishing move, “Drop It Like It's Hot.” This match is all over with “King” Del Douglas retaining the Golden Triangle Championship.

Joe Abby Semi-Final: Justin Sane v. Latin Assassin

This match up is between two Megastars who have been through imaginable war inside the squared circle. The athletes are no strangers to one another. Normally they are friends, but on the day of the Joe Abby Tournament, they are combatants. They shake hands and the match is on. A series of technical moves falls Justin Sane. The Krazies are really pumped for this match. Both competitors slow up the match and proceed to feel each other out. They start out with a collar and elbow tie up. Justin knocks Latin down and punches him in the head. Sane just as quickly darts out of the ring when Latin immediately stands up and takes exception to the punch. Latin clubs Justin in the back with forearm smashes. Latin chops him. He follows that up with a suplex. Two count on Justin. Snap mare. Latin twists Justin's neck. He whips Justin into the ropes and hits a back elbow. Justin fights back but is met with another back elbow. Latin misses a splash in the corner. Both Megastars spill to the outside. It's there where Justin Sane gets some momentum. He gets Latin back into the ring and lands a leg drop. There's a two count but he kicks up. Sane pushes the Assassin back out onto the concrete floor. Justin pushes Latin into the corner post, then back into the ring. Latin regroups and out of nowhere hits Justin with a piledriver. However, Latin is spent. Incredibly, Justin is up at two. Justin gets another boost of energy from somewhere and is able to get Latin down for Shock Therapy frog splash. He lands it but rolls off of Latin. A double count out by referee Shawn Patrick begins. They both get up. Justin gets the momentum again and falls Latin. He climbs to the top rope and attempts another Shock Therapy but this time he lands on Latin's knees. Both men get to their feet, Latin whips Justin into the ropes, he bounces off of the other end and hits a devastating Flying Lariat for the win. After the match, Latin stops to make sure Justin is okay, they embrace and they celebrate together.

Hall of Fame Inductions: Dominic DeNucci and Donna Christiantello

Any observant Krazy might have been able to tell that Dominic DeNucci was going to be honored for his professional wrestling legacy; however the affable DeNucci did appear to be touched by the gesture. A video showcasing some of his in-ring highlights were shown to the enthusiastic. DeNucci took the microphone and thanked everyone in the same gracious manner that has made him one of the all-time Pittsburgh favorites. KSWA Owner Bobby O, who introduced Dominic, then noted that a second honoree would be singled out. “This is a first,” he continued. Then a video package showing Donna Christiantello was aired on the Megatron. Donna, who is undoubtedly the premier female wrestler to ever hail from Pittsburgh, was clearly and pleasantly surprised by the award. The two took pictures and mingled with the crowd.

Shane Starr v. Anthony Alexander

Shane Starr arrived on the scene, followed by Anthony Alexander. As has been a recent phenomenon, the Krazies have started to actually turn their back on the Prime Time Player, who was once hailed as one of the most popular wrestlers in the KSWA. This infuriates the former KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Once inside the ring, the competitors start slowly. Alexander is all over Starr. He kicks a boot to Starr's throat and clotheslines him into a corner before following up with an impressive bulldog. He goes for a quick pin but Starr is up at two. Alexander hits another boot on Starr's head. Then there are more boots to the head and neck. Over the top suplex and a two count. Alexander goes for a clothesline but misses. Starr hits a flying clothesline and knocks Alexander to the mat. Starr follows with boots to the belly, his own suplex and a leg drop. The referee counts to two before newest member of the VIPs kicks up. Alexander is whipped into the corner and he falls to the mat. Starr goes after Alexander's hamstring. But Double-A recovers and hits Starr with a boot. He goes for the pin but only gets two. Double-A gets Starr into a submission move. Starr won't give up. Starr powers up but walks right into a spinebuster. Starr, however, is up at two. Once up, Alexander tries to slap on the Prime Time Cancellation. Starr avoids it repeatedly before Alexander gets the right angle and momentum. He connects for the one, two and three. The winner of the match is Anthony Alexander. Alexander tosses Starr over the top rope after the win.

Tag Team Spectacular: Shawn Blanchard, Frank Durso and Lord Zoltan v. Violence Inc. and Dominic DeNucci

After introductions (including a lengthy welcome by Frank Durso that got the Krazies riled up), Dominic DeNucci goes after Frank Durso. Dominic snatches Lord Zoltan's folded-up robe and stomps on it. That infuriates Zoltan but delights the crowd. DeNucci and Durso, long-time rivals, start the match with a collar-and-elbow tie up. Durso hits DeNucci with forearm chops. DeNucci slaps Frank. The two go at it for several minutes. Lord Zoltan is tagged in and he goes to punch DeNucci but he moves and Durso catches the left hand right in the mush. Shawn Blanchard is tagged in, as is Ric Rumsky, one-half of the KSWA Tag Team Champions, along with Vinnie Stone. Rumsky hits some offense on Blanchard and knocks him to the mat. Blanchard kicks up at the two count. Rumsky slams Blanchard's head into the corner post and the Champion falls to the mat again. Rumsky goes for the pin but Durso breaks up the count. Blanchard gets to his corner and tags in Zoltan. Rumsky grabs onto his wrist. Dominic is back in. He punches Zoltan. Zoltan is pushed into the corner where he is triple-teamed. Vinnie Stone is in for a short while before Rumsky is tagged back in and he drop kicks Zoltan. Zoltan reverses a whip and clotheslines Rumsky. Zoltan gets to the corner and tags in Blanchard. Blanchard hits Rumsky with the spinebuster suplex. Zoltan sneaks in and attacks Rumsky. Zoltan plants Rumsky into Blanchard's knee. Durso is tagged back in and he goes after Rumsky's arm. Zoltan is in and he chokes Rumsky with wrist tape. Referee Shawn Patrick, of course, is distracted. Patrick, who has been an excellence authority inside the ring, had his hands full with this group of grapplers. Durso “phantom” tags in and attacks Rumsky. Vinnie Stone punches Durso for his trouble. Zoltan and Blanchard double team Rumsky. Rumsky kicks out at 2 ˝. Blanchard misses a splash on Rumsky but the hyper action member of Violence, Inc. can't get to his corner to make the tag. Zoltan is back in. Rumsky makes the tag to Stone but the ref doesn't see it and sends the other half of the tag team championship back to his corner. This enables more of a double team on Rumsky. Rumsky and Zoltan collide in the middle of the ring. Dominic tries to get in. Rumsky tags Stone. All six men are then in the ring. Durso's team is thrown together and Stone spears Blanchard. Dominic applies a submission move on Blanchard. He taps out and the team of Violence, Inc and Dominic DeNucci are the winners.

Joe Abby Finals: Lou Martin v. The Latin Assassin

The Latin Assassin is in first. Defending Joe Abby Tournament Champion “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin is next. The Krazies are excited about this one. Latin nearly ends the match right away with a roll-up on Martin. The veteran kicks out. There's a collar-and-elbow tie and the two rivals roll around the perimeter of the ring ropes. Martin breaks the hold and slaps Latin in the face. Martin continues with the momentum, a side suplex gets a two-count from referee Jimmy James. Latin is draped over the middle rope and Martin clubs away. Latin falls onto the mat and Martin lands a flying elbow. Latin falls to the outside and Martin follows. Latin is rammed head-first into the corner post and ring steps before Martin gouges at his face, right in front of Latin's teenage daughter who was leading a group of Latin Krazies. Martin rips up a colorful sign the kids made to support Latin. Fans go berserk for minutes throughout the KSWA Arena at the Lawrenceville Moose. Martin tosses Latin back into the ring. It's all still Dr. D on The Assassin. Another two count. Fans cheer their hero Latin. Martin applies a submission hold but Latin is able to land an inverted Stunner to break the hold. Latin splashes Martin on the middle rope. Latin side suplexes Martin. Both men are down from exhaustion. Latin is the first to get up and he slams Martin. The Assassin goes to the middle rope for a flying elbow. He connects. There's a 2 ˝ count. Martin is up and in the corner. Latin lands 10 punches to his head. Lou Martin pulls Jimmy James in as Latin is in the midst of splashing the VIP member. With the ref down, the guys spill to the outside. Martin hits Assassin with a chair shot. The battle continues on the outside until Latin gets a chair and wallops Martin twice on the back. New ref Shawn Patrick is in. Both men are back in. The resilient Dr. Devastation goes for a Death Certificate. Latin blocks it and follows through with a sunset flip. Martin gets up and is whipped into the ropes. Latin bounces off the other end and lands his patented Flying Lariat. The one, two, three is counted and The Latin Assassin wins the Joe Abby Tournament in 2010. Latin celebrates and says that he is focused on Shawn Blanchard's KSWA Heavyweight Title. The fans are electric.

That ends the 3rd annual Joe Abby Tournament.