"IT" Implodes, Megastar Bulldozed, Champs Make Waves During Heatwave Havoc

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer
June 8, 2009

What looks like the final chapter of the International Thugs was written, KSWA Champion Anthony Alexander made his presence felt and the Tag Champions held on after a grueling challenge from former champions all took place in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the home of professional wrestling in Pittsburgh, the Lawrenceville Moose!

Joey Quervo v. Del Douglas

Joey Quervo comes out to a ruckus crowd, and then is followed by the King Del Douglas. Douglas is persnickety about giving his robe to the referee, then to ringside attendant. King immediately gets a start on the Drunken Luchadore. He goes for a quick pin, but Joey isn’t that much out of it. King follows up with a slam then a fist from the top rope. Joey rolls on the mat in pain. The King ties Joey to the "Tree of Woe," and then baseball slides into Quervo’s face. A two-count quickly follows. The King continues with the offense and leaves Joey in a heap. Quervo reverses a whip into the corner, and then follows through with a couple of chops then a quick suplex. Quervo slaps him in the back. Joey attempts a quick pin, but Douglas kicks out. Quervo kicks him to the outside. Douglas slowly gets up as referee Jimmy James administers a 10 count. Joey chase him back in and gets a boot to the mush for his trouble. Douglas hits an elbow. Joey recovers and attacks with a series of chops. Joey DDT’s his opponent. Quervo goes for a splash, misses and Douglas easily sets him up for a “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” He gets the pin for the win. After the match, Douglas taunts the crowd while Jimmy James helps Quervo back to the locker room.

KSWA Owner Bobby O Introduces New Megastar

KSWA Owner Bobby O comes out to introduce the newest member of the KSWA Locker Room, Mitch Napier. Napier is a collegiate standout from Iowa. Napier gets into the ring and talks about being excited to be in the KSWA, and is ready for all comers. That brings out VIP leader and 4-time former KSWA Champ Shawn Blanchard. Blanchard verbally challenges Napier before blind-siding him with a kick to the gut. Blanchard gets in more offense before Napier reverses a whip into the corner. Napier even bodyslams the veteran. Blanchard bails, gets a chair and is about to waffle Napier when Bobby O tells him to stop the assault. Anthony Alexander and Ric Rumsky make the save and Blanchard bails until later in the evening.

Triple Threat Match for the Golden Triangle Championship: Kash, Toyota, Starr

The Triple Threat match for the Golden Triangle Championship is next. Great Toyota, Shane Starr and new champ Kris Kash makes his way to the ring. The three take turns with offense. Kash and Toyota have a degree of respect, but old rival Shane Starr will have none of it. Starr, the youngest member of the VIPs, is involved as the action is fast and furious. All three gets offensive maneuvers in on their opponents. At one point, Kash even helps Toyota administer more productive chops. The Kash uses that knowledge on Toyota. As the action in and out of the ring is quick, Kash is able to hit and pin Starr for the victory.

After the match the remaining International Thugs--Joe Perri and Mike Malachi--make their way to the ring and attack Great Toyota. The assault shocks the Krazies. Perri grabs the microphone and says that Toyota's Work Visa had not expired as thought. Perri said he is in control of Great Toyota's Work Visa, contract...and future.

Trapper's Den with Gentleman Joe Perri

Next up is Trapper’s Den and special guest Gentleman Joe Perri. Perri says that Great Toyota will be doing his bidding. He also says that Ali Kaida will be “dealt with” upon his return. Perri says that Big Mike Malachi is still in the stable. Perri then introduces the monster Bulldozer. Bulldozer, at well over 300-lbs immediately becomes the biggest man in the KSWA locker room. Bulldozer comes out to much excitement and trepidation. Perri lays down a challenge and out comes La Lucha. Dozer gets some early offense, then the veteran La Lucha comes back with some moves of his own. La Lucha fails with a bodyslam attempt. La Lucha gets to the top rope and goes for a dive and is met with Bulldozer’s boot. Bulldozer’s power comes into play as he whips La Lucha into the corner and levels him with a killer clothesline. Dozer goes for a pin but La Lucha kicks out at two. Dozer gives some boots, then misses with a big elbow. La Lucha goes for a flip but Bulldozer reverses it. A belly to back suplex follows. Bulldozer climbs to the middle rope of the corner and misses with a big splash. La Lucha recovers and goes for his patented trio of splashes from the corner. After the third splash, Bulldozer simply tosses him out of the ring. La Lucha returns and gets some offense before Bulldozer reverses the momentum. Some fists and slaps follow. Bulldozer goes for a couple of pins after high power moves but La Lucha kicks out. Bulldozer throws La Lucha into the corner and bulldozes him into the corner. Bulldozer gets the one, two, three for a victory in his debut. Afterwards, Bulldozer taunts the crowd as Jimmy James helps La Lucha back to the locker room.

Tag Team Championship: Biker Al and Vinnie Stone Challenge Blood Beast and Latin Assassin

After intermission, KSWA Kommissioner Biker Al and his cousin, Vicious Vinnie Stone get their tag team championship rematch against the title holders, Blood Beast and Latin Assassin. After the introductions are made and rules explained by referee Justin Smith, the match begins. Latin Assassin hooks up with Biker Al and slips him into an arm bar move. Al gets him into the ropes and makes Latin break the hold. Latin goes for a technical move again but is met with an elbow to the head. Latin responds with some offense before tagging in the formidable Blood Beast. Beast has Biker Al in an arm bar then a submission move. Blood Beast follows through with some power moves. Then again cranks up an arm bar that surprises the Kommissioner. Meanwhile, Vinnie Stone has not been tagged in. Latin and Blood Beast double team Al before Latin goes for a pin. Al kicks out. Latin continues with the submission assault. Latin uses the ropes across Al’s face. A fist to the forehead punctuates Latin’s offense. After approximately eight minutes, Al successfully tags in Vinnie Stone who applies an arm bar and submission move on Latin. He will not submit. Vinnie waits for Latin and slaps on the Cobra Clutch. Latin will not submit. Vinnie goes for a clothesline but misses. Latin then whips off the rope and clubs him with the clothesline. Latin makes his way to the Blood Beast and tags him in. Blood Beast clobbers Al from behind. Blood Beast pins Vinnie. After the match, Al verbally assaults Stone, says they aren’t really “cousins,” and then FIRES Stone. KSWA Owner Bobby O comes out and says Al isn’t as powerful as he is. Bobby re-hires Vinnie Stone on the spot. Bobby then says next month, Biker Al will take on Vinnie Stone in a Hardcore Biker match.

Number One Golden Triangle Contender Match: Justin Sane v. Mike Malachi

Next up is the Number One contender match for the Golden Triangle Championship. Justin Sane comes to the ring, followed by Big Mike Malachi. Justin immediately goes for Malachi’s surgically-repaired left knee. Sane kicks and stomps and perhaps even bites the knee. Sane continues to focus on the knee as Malachi is grounded. Several minutes in and it’s all Sane v. Malachi’s knee. Malachi breaks the hold by going after Sane’s eyes. Malachi brutally kicks Sane in the sternum. That allows him to pick Sane up and suplex him into the mat. Sane cries in agony as Malachi hits him with a brutal move. Malachi follows through with a slam. A boot to the eyes is next. Malachi walks on Sane’s stomach. Malachi heart punches Sane. Malachi pulls Sane up on successive pin attempts. Malachi continually goes after Sane’s face mask. He throws Sane to the outside. That’s where Gentleman Joe Perri punches and slaps the veteran Sane. Malachi suplexes Justin back in. Malachi stands on Sane, in direct defiance of referee Jimmy James. Malachi hits Sane with a double sledge hammer to the chest. Sane will not submit. Malachi kicks Justin. A low-blow kick is next. Sane rolls to the outside. Referee James continues to argue with Malachi as Perri stalks Justin. Malachi rolls out as the roles with him and Perri are reversed. Justin meets the corner-post head-on. Malachi blasts Justin into a chair head-first. Malachi’s outside offense continues. The Irish Bear gives the ref lip. Justin remains practically motionless on the outside. Referee Jimmy James is not enjoying his best officiated contest. Malachi goes out again and throws Sane into a wall. Malachi throws Sane back into the ring. Ref Jimmy James has completely lost control. Justin slowly gets up. Malachi chokes Sane in the ropes. So does Perri when James is distracted by Malachi. Malachi swings Justin into James, who goes down. Sane recovers to give Malachi a legdrop from the corner. He climbs the ropes for Shock Therapy then lands it. With the ref out, he cannot make the count on Malachi. Justin motions to go upstairs one more time. Malachi starts to get up. Malachi catches Justin and lands the Malachi Crunch for the win. After the match, Malachi goes wild, attacking the ref, and Joe Perri. Jimmy James reverses the decision, making Sane the winner. Malachi drops Sane on two folding chairs and leaves him motionless for several minutes. Newcomer Mitch Napier comes to assist Justin.

Tag Team Main Event: VIPs Shawn Blanchard & Lou Martin v. Ric Rumsky & Anthony Alexander

Next up is the Main Event with the VIPs, Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin facing Ric Rumsky and the KSWA Champion, Double-A Anthony Alexander. After a series of long introductions, the match is set to begin. Ric Rumsky starts against Shawn Blanchard, who along with Martin, claim to be from Hockeytown, USA for the evening. Rumsky gets some early offense in against the VIPs, capped off when Shawn falls crotch-first into Lou, who is face-first in the match, with hind-end angled upward. Rumsky tags in the KSWA Champion, who goes one-on-one with Martin. Alexander back-elbows Martin in the middle of the ring, then follows up with a toss over his head. Martin rolls to the outside and into the crowd. Blanchard attacks Alexander from behind but the Champ retaliates. Alexander whips Martin into the ropes. Alexander tags in Rumsky who goes to work on Martin. Rumsky drop kicks Martin and gets a two-count. Martin tags in Blanchard who goes to town on the youngster Rumsky. Blanchard hits a ring-shaking spinebuster but Rumsky kicks out at two. Durso chokes Rumsky in the corner when referee Justin Smith tries to gain some control. Martin goes for a pin but Rumsky kicks out. The VIPs flap-jack Rumsky but he kicks out at two. Blanchard puts a knee into Rumsky’s privates. Martin is tagged in and he rains blows on Rumsky. Rumsky is hurting as Martin lands a clothesline. Martin goes to the middle rope. He goes for a leg drop but misses as Rumsky rolls out of the way. Rumsky crawls to the corner and tags in the fresh champion. He lands power moves on both VIPs, lands a leg drop on Blanchard. Blanchard kicks out of a pin attempt. Alexander flips Martin in the hard way. Alexander tosses Rumsky into Martin. With most groggy, Alexander hits Blanchard with the Prime Time Cancellation and records the win. After the match, Rumsky and Alexander celebrate with the Krazies as Martin and Blanchard make their way to the locker room.