The Latin Assassin Wins KSWA Gold, Lawrenceville Becomes “Larryland” For A Night

May 10, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In a career that spanned nearly a decade, The Latin Assassin had never been to the top of the KSWA mountain. A few years ago he sustained a spinal injury and doctors said he'd be lucky to walk again, it would be nothing short of miraculous to wrestle. But on May 1, 2010, The Latin Assassin succeeded in making Shawn Blanchard say “I Quit” and a new KSWA World Heavyweight Champion was crowned. In the moments after the thrilling victory, fellow Mega stars hoisted the New York City resident onto their shoulders in the middle of the squared circle, his children jumping up and down on the mat. A teary-eyed Latin Assassin thanked everyone for their support. History was made.

Bonus match: Sizzlin' Keith Hott v. Drew Belanger

Two developmental rookies with a lot of potential--”Sizzlin'” Keith Hott and the “Thunder Bay Bomber” Drew Belanger—were featured in a pre-Mayhem bonus match. Both men were able to get offensive momentum going their way throughout the match, but in the end, Belanger defeated Hott in a interesting technical matchup.

Handicapped Match: J-Flash & Tony Johnson v. Ali Kaida

J-Flash and “The Ice Man” Tony Johnson, two more promising rookies, entered the ring against a more surly than-usual Ali Kaida. The young duo worked intelligently (together) as they battled the Afghani Assault Weapon, but his strength and brutal instincts were just too much. Kaida laid both opponents out with an impressive double clothesline.

After a few moments, both opponents worked together to suplex Ali Kaida in the center of the ring but they could not score a pinfall. Kaida regrouped and attacked the rookies. In an impressive display, Kaida pressed J-Flash over his head and dropped him with force onto the mat.

In the end, Ali Kaida choke slammed J-Flash and executed an Afghani Power Bomb on Johnson for the win.

After the match, Kaida stormed off, leaving J-Flash and Johnson to pick up the pieces.

Tag Team Championship: Great Toyota & Joey Quervo v. Violence, Inc.

It's not unusual for Joey Quervo to arrive ringside with a bottle of sweet barley in his grasp, but it was a little different watching the Great Toyota do the same thing. But there they were when the reigning KSWA Tag Team Champions, Ric Rumsky and Vinnie Stone were welcomed to the ring.

In a great show of sportsmanship before the match, Ric Rumsky and The Great Toyota shake hands before starting in a collar and elbow tie up. Ric Rumsky gets an arm bar out of the initial move, then moves onto other offense. Toyota recovers, gets Rumsky in a headlock and drags him to the mat.

Rumsky gets to the corner and tags in Vinnie Stone. Stone goes to work on Toyota's arm. He gets Toyota down for a two count. There's a momentary double-team on Toyota but the martial arts kingpin regroups and hits a DDT on Stone in the middle of the ring. Both men are exhausted and slow to get up as the count is administered. The count gets up to seven before Toyota drapes his arm over Stone for a two count.

Toyota gets to Quervo and the Drunken Luchadore misses a move. Rumsky enters the ring, superkicks Toyota, who stumbles right into Stone's spear. One, two, three and Violence, Inc. hold onto their belts. The champs celebrate, Quervo quickly runs to the back, only to re-emerge with enough cold brews for both teams. All four men celebrate in fine fashion.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shane Starr v. Del Douglas

After the introductions, both men slowly feet the other out. The fans were extraordinarily boisterous toward Douglas, who threatened to just walk out and quit if they didn't behave. Once informed that a walk-out would mean no payday, Douglas was “back in.”

Starr slapped an arm bar on Douglas, then kicked him a few times. This made the King scream. Douglas gets thrown to the mat and kicked in the hamstring in the left leg. Douglas crawls to the ropes, which forced Starr to give up the hold. Del goes outside the ring then is slow getting back in. Starr takes him down again. There's a leg drop and a two count. Starr follows that with a suplex. Douglas is in pain. Starr whips him into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline. Pin attempt and Douglas is up at two. Starr goes after the leg again. Douglas gets to the ropes. Starr bodyslams Douglas and tries for another pinfall but only got two.

Starr gets Douglas into the corner and onto the second turnbuckle. Douglas tosses him off and hits the fist off the corner post. The maneuver, which is reportedly “banned” in 49 out of the 50 states, rattles Starr. Douglas goes for the pin but only records two. Starr gets to his feet and Douglas grabs him in the crotch. As Starr screams in pain, Douglas clubs him with a chop.

Douglas whips him into the ropes and meets him in the gut with a knee. Another near pinfall.

Douglas punches and kicks Starr. He applies the Royal Sharpshooter, rocking in place for emphasis. Starr gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Douglas ties Starr to the Royal Tree of Woe. As usual, The King follows that up with a drop kick to the mush. Douglas gets into it with the fans at ring side. Starr gets behind Douglas and rolls him up for a pin attempt. No luck as Douglas gets out of it.

Douglas is frustrated but Starr rallies back with a punch that floors his opponent. Del is up at two. Starr follows with a drop kick. Douglas is up at two.

Starr goes for his own version of the sharpshooter, but Douglas grabs the referee's legs. The hold is broken.

Starr has the momentum when the VIP's Dr. Devastation Lou Martin comes out to distract his former tag team partner. On his way out, Douglas tosses his trademark baseball bat to Douglas. With the ref distracted by Martin, he misses Starr getting walloped with the bat. The ref turns around and makes the three count. Del Douglas wins and retains the Golden Triangle Championship.

Bodyslam Challenge Match: Big Mike Malachi v. Bulldozer

This is a classic battle of the Big Men in the KSWA. Bulldozer, who weighs in at 411 lbs, has never been bodyslammed in the promotion, and says that no one can slam him. Malachi, the hometown favorite and a premier Big Man in his own right at 295 lbs, says that he's the man to take Dozer off his feet.

Bulldozer enters the ring, screaming to the crowd that “he's the Man.” Big Mike Malachi gets a much warmer reception from the Krazies.

The two behemoths lock up and the masked Bulldozer claims that Malachi pulled his hair. Bulldozer uses that distraction just to grab a headlock on Malachi.

After a few moments the maneuver is released and the two trade shoulder blocks in the middle of the ring, but no one goes down. Bulldozer challenges Malachi to a test of strength, but ultimately that was just a ruse as Bulldozer poked him in the eye. Malachi recovered and hip tossed the gigantic Bulldozer. Bulldozer blocked another hip toss. Bulldozer hits Malachi with a spinning neck breaker and uses the opportunity to work on his back. Dozer lays in a series of powerful forearm shots onto the small of Malachi's back. Then Bulldozer attacks Malachi's fingers. The simple move is devastating when a super heavyweight applies pressure in that fashion. Bulldozer places his big boot on Malachi's throat.

Malachi, ever the fighter, tries to get up but he is met with Bulldozer's knees.

With Malachi prone on the mat, Bulldozer climbs the turnbuckle and prepares for a gigantic splash. From the middle rope Bulldozer leaps, but misses. The thunderous crash and aftershock sends both Malachi and referee Justin Smith out of the ring. The crowd is in amazement at the pure power.

It takes both men a few minutes to regroup. Once inside Malachi goes for a sunset flip and pin. However, this is a Slam Challenge match. Malachi starts to get some momentum. Malachi elbows Bulldozer on the apron. With each titanic, explosive move, the entire ring moves just a little bit.

Both men are on the outside. Dozer tries to slam Malachi on the outside but the attempt is blocked. Malachi smashes Bulldozer into the ring post. Bulldozer is rolled back in.

Malachi tries to stretch out his own back, perhaps as a way to loosen up. He hits a double sledge shot on Bulldozer. He misses a big boot and is hit by a Bulldozer clothesline. Again, Dozer climbs the turnbuckle. This time the big splash hits from the middle rope. Again referee Justin Smith is shot from the ring as a result of the impact. Both Megastars are down in the middle of the ring.

Amazingly, Bulldozer climbs the middle rope again. Malachi gets up and shoots him from that perch. They both hit the mat, slowly get up and trade blows.

Big Mike Malachi waits as the staggered Bulldozer gets into position and with terrific effort, Malachi picks up and bodyslams Bulldozer!

The winner of the Body Slam Challenge is Big Mike Malachi!

Number One Contenders Tag Team Match: Bad Blood v. Arcadian & Napier

The contrasting style of brawling bullies, “Bad Blood” (Bobby Badfingers and the Blood Beast) versus the more technical team of Alex Arcadian and Mitch Napier is on display in this match for the #1 Contenders position for the KSWA Tag Team Championship.

Napier and Badfingers are out first. Mitch applies an arm bar. Badfingers counters with a right fist. To his credit, Mitch goes right back after the technical move. Napier gets the upper hand and tags in Arcadian. Arcadian goes after the left arm. Napier is back in and again goes after the arm.

Badfingers gets out to the move and tags in Blood Beast, a former Tag Team Champion (with the Latin Assassin). Uncharacteristically, Blood Beast shouts insults at Napier. Traditionally, the Beast has kept his in-ring communication to grunts and screeches. Perhaps he is opening up some thanks to the tutelage of Gentleman Joe Perri? Blood Beast bodyslams Mitch, then chokes him. Blood Beast then follows with some of the most thunderous right hands in all of the KSWA. The onslaught slows Napier. Badfingers is in. Then is Arcadian, but he's met by referee Justin Smith. This gives Bad Blood the chance to double team Napier.

Napier gets free and drop kicks Beast. Arcadian is tagged in, as is Badfingers. Arcadian hits Badfingers with a flying body press. Badfingers hits Arcadian below the belt. Beast leg-drops a fallen Arcadian as Badfingers holds him down.

Once up, the Beast chops Arcadian. Alex recovers and chops the Beast.

Napier is back in but Badfingers cuts him off. Beast whips him into the corner and follows with a clothesline.

After a few minutes, Napier gets his wits about him and drop kicks the Beast and tags Arcadian. Arcadian goes for drop kick, misses the Beast and hits Napier instead. Blood Beast plants Arcadian in the center of the ring for the win.

The winners and new Number One Contenders for the KSWA Tag Team Championship: Bad Blood.

Six-Man Megastar Extravaganza: VIPs & Zoltan v. Sane, Kash & Zybszko

The fans chant for Zybszko as Pittsburgh's “Living Legend” returns to the city. It's Kris Kash v. Anthony Alexander to start. Alexander tosses the much smaller Kash across the ring, then follows that up with a boot and punches. Alexander picks up Kash and body slams him with one arm. Kash's head is bounced off the corner turnbuckle and Alexander puts his boot into Kash's throat. Alexander side slams Kash in the center of the ring. Lou Martin is tagged in.

VIP Advisor and KSWA Hall of Famer Frank Durso chokes Kash on the outside as referee Shawn Patrick is distracted. Martin suplexes Kash then quickly tags Alexander back in. Alexander tosses Kash over his head and onto the hard concrete below. That's where Lord Zoltan's manager, Mayor Mystery, awaits with the business end of his walking stick.

Kash is tossed back in and Alexander goes for a pin. Kash is up at two. Lord Zoltan is in and he kick and chokes Kash. Mayor Mystery chokes Kash after he's draped over the bottom rope. Another cane shot to the gut is also administered.

Miraculously, Kash gets to his corner and tags in Larry Zybszko. Zoltan rakes his eyes and chokes the veteran in the corner. Lord Zoltan uses his wrist tape to choke Zybszko. Larry is able to tag Justin Sane, but the referee doesn't see it. Alexander is tagged in and he goes right after Zybszko but placing his boot on Larry's throat. Zoltan is in and he chokes Zybszko in the corner. Larry gets out by using a wrist lock.

Justin Sane is tagged in and he too uses the wrist lock. Zoltan reverses the hold. Justin reverses the hold. Zoltan whips Justin into the ropes and clotheslines him. Alexander is tagged and he drops the leg onto Sane. He picks Sane up and tosses him into the ropes and bodyslams him. Martin is tagged in.

Martin drops a leg, gets up and distracts the referee. Frank Durso chokes Justin on the apron. Zoltan is tagged back in and he uses his wrist tape on Justin. Sane breaks out of it and goes for a clothesline. Both Megastars collide in the middle of the ring. Zoltan is the first one up but Justin monkey flips him and tags Kash.

All six men are in for the fray. In the confusion, Zybszko rolls Lord Zoltan up for the pin. The winners of the match: Justin Sane, Kris Kash and Larry Zybszko. The fans go crazy.

Main Event-KSWA Heavyweight Championship “I Quit” Match: Latin Assassin v. Shawn Blanchard

After the introductions are made, The Latin Assassin gets the Krazies, many of whom wear bandannas to support their hero, behind him by clapping and stomping.

Collar and elbow tie up. Blanchard tosses Assassin across the ring. Latin follows that up with a forearm to Blanchard's back. Latin bodyslams Blanchard and hits him with a quick knee drop. Blanchard bails to the outside. Latin follows him and is attacked from behind by Frank Durso.

Blanchard takes the distraction and puts his knee into Latin's thigh. He smashes Latin's head into the apron and gouges at his eyes and face. Blanchard tosses him back in and the momentum continues. Blanchard threatens to bring the Assassin's leg. In fact, Blanchard is loosening up his leg for the Figure Four. Blanchard goes after Latin's left knee with a vengeance.

Both men are on the outside. Blanchard hits him the leg with a chair. Referee Shawn Patrick asks if Latin wants to give him He says no.

The Krazies are loud in favor of Latin.

Blanchard goes for another chair and strikes Latin. Latin stumbles. Durso punches Latin as Blanchard holds him. It's a number's game and The Latin Assassin is behind. He can be heard exclaiming that “my knee's gone.”

Regardless, Latin battles back. Blanchard whips him into the ropes and plants a knee into his chest. There's an elbow drop on the knee, but Latin will not submit.

Latin gets up and grabs a chair. The fans chant “use the chair.” Latin wallops Blanchard in the back with the chair. Latin asks the fans if he should do it again. They emphatically say yes. He kiss the steel and hits Blanchard again. Then he drops Blanchard onto the chair via DDT.

Latin climbs to the middle rope and misses with an elbow. Blanchard rolls to the outside and grabs the ring bell. It's all legal in an “I Quit” match.

He swings the bell and clips Latin just enough to drop him. Latin recovers and punches Blanchard, who drops the bell. Latin picks it up and hits Blanchard squarely in the forehead.

Blanchard goes to the outside. Latin follows. Blanchard is busted open, bleeding. Latin goes right after the cut on Blanchard's forehead and rolls him back in.

A back elbow falls Blanchard. Blanchard gets up, then promptly falls flat on his face. Latin jumps to the outside and looks under the ring. There he finds a table.

Latin smacks Durso for good measure. In goes the table. Latin hits Blanchard with a chair three times. Latin sets up the table. He punches Blanchard and places him in the middle of the table. Latin points to a corner and hobbles on one bad knee to the turnbuckle. After a few seconds of preparation, Latin misses with a flying elbow from the middle rope. Blanchard rolled out of the way and Latin went straight through the table.

Blanchard went for a piece of the broken table but Latin blocks it. He kicks Blanchard in the head and the Enforcer drops to the mat. Latin Assassin picks up a section of the table's broken leg and digs it into Blanchard's forehead.

The referee asks and Blanchard shouts “yes” that we submits to the pain.

The winner and the New KSWA Heavyweight Champion is The Latin Assassin!

Post match: Blanchard bails and Latin celebrates with other Megastars, then his own kids in the squared circle.