Trapper's Den: St. John Neumann's Fundraiser Edition

May 14, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Latin Assassin' brand new term as KSWA Heavyweight Champion has gotten off to a rousing start. The KSWA Arena was electrified by one of the most exciting wins in the 10-year history of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance on May 1. Already juiced by the appearance of Pittsburgh wrestling legend Larry Zybszko, the KSWA Krazies were on top of their bandanna'd world when Latin defeated “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard in an “I Quit” Match.

Latin's title reign will be challenged right away this Saturday as long-time top gun Ali Kaida gets a shot during the KSWA Krazy Tour. The Afghani Assault Weapon used his significant pull to get a shot at the gold when the KSWA stops at the St. John Neumann's School this Saturday. Ali Kaida has been hurting people in record number, but his rate of competition steps up significantly when he steps in against The Latin Assassin.

The St John Neumann fundraiser will fund a celebration for students, faculty and staff who are eagerly looking forward to their next station in education. The KSWA is honored to be a part of the legacy of this fine institution, and anything that signifies the return of “Mr. Puniverse” Bob Atlas can't be all that bad.

Speaking of Larry Zybszko, the “Living Legend” was a true gentleman with the KSWA Krazies during his recent visit. The Pittsburgh native looked like a million bucks in the ring and was a significant force in his team's win (he tagged with Kris Kash and Justin Sane) against Lou Martin, Anthony Alexander and Lord Zoltan. In fact, Zybszko faired well when he rolled Zoltan up for the pin.

The Latin Assassin, Kris Kash and Justin Sane were also victorious in the Main Event at Deaf Wrestlefest on May 2. The trio bested the VIPs—Anthony Alexander, Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin, along with Advisor Frank Durso—in front of a packed audience at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. Organizer Ken Jugan showcased 13 terrific matches in toot-sweet fashion that rainy Sunday night. KSWA mainstay Mayor Mystery was also in attendance, as was KSWA Hall of Famer Dominic DeNucci, Mick Foley and Shane Douglas (who is inked to be in the KSWA ring this September). All proceeds of that wonderful event benefit the School for the Deaf.

Details continue to finalize for KSWA's Pucks, Sticks and Slams event, a part of the Paul J. Scuillo II Memorial Night on Saturday, September 4. As mentioned, Shane Douglas will be in action. KSWA Hall of Famer Dominic DeNucci will be on hand, and another KSWA Hall Member, Demolition Ax, is scheduled to make his triumphant return to Pittsburgh. All tickets for this remarkable event are $10.

A trim, fit and absolutely “Prime Time” Double-A Anthony Alexander will be appearing at the Kumite Classic (Pittsburgh Sports & Fitness Festival) on Saturday, May 29 at the Monroeville Convention. Whether you're a fan of the newest member of the VIPs or not, even the most casual observer can notice that Alexander is in the best shape of his wrestling career. We'll try to get more details from the Prime Time Player when he's available (which isn't much anymore).

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