“Mr Puniverse” Bob Atlas Returns To The KSWA

May 18, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance is proud to announce the signing of “Mr. Puniverse” Bob Atlas to the active roster.

Atlas, a former KSWA International, Pittsburgh and two-time Tri-State Champion, returns to the Pittsburgh wrestling scene after some time off from the squared-circle.

“We are always ecstatic to have an athlete like Mr. Puniverse return to the organization,” says KSWA owner Bobby O. “Bob Atlas has always been a terrific Megastar.”

Atlas recently returned to the fold as part of the St. John Neumann's fundraiser. He almost upset the entire field when he seemingly won the $1,000 Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal, only to be blindsided by the nefarious Lord Zoltan. Atlas said he had some “gasoline in the tank.”

Atlas was a stalwart in the early years of the KSWA, only to retire pre-maturely, due to injuries. Now healed and stronger than ever, the 358-lb, Megastar from “Every Girl's Dream,” Bob Atlas is ready to once again shake his booty in his opponent's face.

Bob Atlas will be in action when the KSWA returns to the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the Lawrenceville Moose, on Saturday, June 12 at 7:30 p.m. for "Heatwave Havoc."