Zoltan Upsets Big Donation & Returning Atlas, Latin, VIPs Score Big Wins At St. John Neumann's

May 22, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance traveled to St. John Neumann's Catholic School as part of the Krazy Tour 2010 on May 15 for a fundraiser. The event was designed as a way to raise money for a party to celebrate the legacy of St. John Neumann's and the support was through the roof. KSWA Owner Bobby O once walked the halls as a youngster and was proud to be back to celebrate all the school has meant for the community. In addition, former KSWA Megastar “Mr. Puniverse” Bob Atlas returned to mark this magnificent occasion. And it true Bob Atlas form, the multi-time champion announced that if he were to win the $1,000 Over The Top Battle Royal, he would donate his winnings back to the school.

Golden Triangle Championship: Justin Sane v. Del Douglas

In this edition of the “King's Challenge,” Justin Sane came to the ring in an attempt to win the Golden Triangle Championship. The King was in fine form, yelling and screaming at the packed hall. The match started with a collar and elbow tie up. Justin was able to push Del into the corner but the King got out. Justin met him with a spear, then a suplex and a drop kick. Justin chopped Douglas in the chest, whipped him into the corner and met him there with a splash. Del looked down and out but after receiving a kick from Justin, he retaliated with a cheap shot.

Douglas was able to take advantage of the situation by whipping Justin into the ropes and meeting him with a knee to the gut. Then a second one. Douglas tied Justin to the infamous Royal Tree of Woe. He followed that with a drop kick to the mush. Douglas bodyslammed Justin in the center of the ring and then climbed to the second turn buckle. That's where he dropped his fist, as always declaring “This move is banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Justin was reeling. He went for a pin but Justin kicked out.

Douglas suplexed Justin, followed with a head butt. Justin got up, Del grabbed him in the privates and chopped him in the chest. Justin hits the mat. Douglas slapped on the Royal Sharpshooter but Justin was able to get to the ropes. Once up, Justin was able to muster some much-needed offense. They met in the middle of the ring with a double clothesline and it took a while for both men to get up. Justin was the first one up, he went for his patented frog splash from the top rope, but Douglas met him with knees into the sternum. A quick roll up later and Douglas retains the Golden Triangle Championship.

Alex Arcadian v. Lord Zoltan

Lord Zoltan starts the contest with his trademark intimidation and head games. Arcadian answers by grabbing Zoltan around the waist from behind. Zoltan breaks the hold and bails to the outside to regroup.

Once back in, Zoltan finds himself in a wrist lock. Arcadian twists him around until Zoltan breaks the hold. Arcadian forces Zoltan into the corner and hits him with a barrage of chops and punches. Zoltan makes his way out and drapes Arcadian's neck over the top rope. It's that keen awareness of his surroundings that makes Zoltan so formidable inside the squared circle.

Zoltan follows up with some more offense and tosses Arcadian outside. Alex gets onto the apron and Zoltan assaults him with wrist tape around the throat. Arcadian has enough wits about him to go for the monkey flip. Zoltan goes down for a two count.

Lord Zoltan immediately gets up and goes to work on Arcadian with a choke hold and nerve hold on Arcadian's shoulder. Arcadian won't submit. Zoltan kicks him in the head with his knee and goes for a pin attempt. Only a two count. Arcadian tries to battle back but Zoltan cuts him off. Back to the nerve hold. Arcadian battles back. Zoltan tries to go for a move from the top rope but Arcadian shakes the ropes until Zoltan falls on the top rope, straddling them. The Krazies groan as Zoltan is bounced up and down repeatedly. Zoltan collapses on the mat.

There's a pin attempt but Zoltan is up at two. Arcadian boots him in the gut and raps Zoltan's head into all four turnbuckles. After a few moments, Zoltan gets his wits back and whips Arcadian into the corner. He goes for a spear, Arcadian ducks and tries to sunset flip Zoltan, but the nefarious one is holding onto the top rope. Referee Jimmy James kicks his hands off, Zoltan is flipped over and Arcadian records the three-count victory.

Violence Inc v. Bad Blood

Vinnie Stone and Bobby Badfingers started the match out. Badfingers hits with a headbutt, Vinnie follows with a side suplex and a near-three count. Stone is in charge during the early going.

Vinnie tags Ric Rumsky but before leaving the ring, Vinnie whips Badfingers into a clothesline. Rumsky kicks Badfingers. Rumsky is on top of the larger Badfingers.

Badfingers finds himself seated on the mat and Rumsky hits him with a spinning elbow. Badfingers shakes off the cobwebs and plasters Rumsky with a low blow. Badfingers tags in Blood Beast. The Camp Blood denizen bodyslams Rumsky with tremendous force. He clotheslines Rumsky then lands a leg drop. The referee gets a 2 ½ count. Another kick falls Rumsky. Bad Blood then distracts the ref and assaults Rumsky in double-team fashion. Badfingers goes for another pin but gets a two count. There's a suplex and more double team action on Rumsky. After more offense on Rumsky, he's able to muster a clothesline of his own to fall Badfingers.

A few moments later, Rumsky is able to tag Vinnie Stone. James doesn't see it and orders Vinnie back.

Before you know it, all four Megastars are battling in the ring and Jimmy James is pushed a couple more times. That's it, James calls for the bell and a double disqualification. Violence, Inc retains the titles in this No Contest.

Anthony Alexander v. Big Mike Malachi

Battles between big men are always highlights within the world of professional wrestling and the KSWA is certainly no exception. The Krazies were really riled up for the clash between the newest VIP—Anthony Alexander—and a former International Thug/turned hometown hero, Big Mike Malachi.

As might be expected, Alexander attacked Malachi from behind and knocked him into the ropes where VIP advisor Frank Durso dutifully began to choke him. Dizzied, Malachi stood up and was met by a Double-A back elbow. A near-fall later and Malachi was on the mat, gasping for air.

One up, Malachi was forced into the corner, blasted, then sent into the middle of the ring, via bulldog. Another two-count. Double-A then reverts to choking Malachi.

Malachi makes his way to his feet, ducks a clothesline and clobbers Alexander with his own. The Krazies are rallied. Malachi drops a leg on the fallen Double-A.

Now it's Malachi with the momentum, he elbows and chops Alexander in the corner. He follows that up by whipping Alexander into the corner. The two behemoths meet in the center of the ring and Malachi applies the belly-to-belly suplex. Durso is enraged and he gets up onto the apron.

Both Megastars are up. Malachi hits Alexander with a big boot. Alexander is down for the count. He's up at two. Durso distracts Malachi while Alexander distracts referee Justin Smith.

Alexander puts a boot into Malachi's midsection and he follows that up with a DDT. There's a two count. More offense from Alexander, including a back elbow and clothesline. Alexander falls Malachi and goes for the splash from the second rope. There's a two count on Big Mike. He won't give in. Malachi gets stretched out with a reverse chin lock.

Alexander goes for the pin but Malachi's feet are on the ropes. Alexander tests referee Justin Smith's patience with distractions and cheating. Durso chokes Big Mike but Malachi fights back. Malachi battles but misses a big boot. Malachi rallies, lands a side suplex on Alexander and before he can go for the pin, Shawn Blanchard rushes from the dressing room and pokes Malachi in the eye. Malachi stumbles into Alexander's Prime Time Cancellation and it's all over: one, two, three.

Battle Royal

Almost the entire KSWA locker room arrived for a chance at the $1,000 grand prize. Thirteen Megastars arrived, but only one was going to walk out with the price money, unless it was Mr. Puniverse, Bob Atlas. The returning Megastar promised he'd donate the money back to St. John Neumann's.

The first Megastar tossed over the top rope and eliminated was “The King” Del Douglas. His Majesty was incensed. Mayor Mystery, who is usually a manager for Lord Zoltan, entered the contest and was almost immediately dumped. The Great Toyota next fell victim to the field, then Bobby Badfingers. The action was fast and furious but KSWA rookies “Ice Man” Tony Johnson, Mike Buda, Jay Flash, “Sizzlin'” Keith Hott and Drew Belanger were among the next to get tossed.

Alex Arcadian had a good run, but he was the next to be eliminated. That left Joey Quervo and Mr. Puniverse as the finalists. Atlas was able to rustle Quervo up and over the top rope, to the ecstasy of the crowd.

Then, Lord Zoltan, who was introduced, but was never eliminated, rushed back into the ring, and bum-rushed Atlas over the top rope for the victory. The Krazies in attendance shouted “Cheater” but Zoltan didn't care. He was $1,000 richer.

KSWA Heavyweight Title: Ali Kaida v. The Latin Assassin

This was destined to be an interesting battle between Megastars who have battled against each other in tag team competition but not often in singles matches. Plus, this comes as the first KSWA Heavyweight Championship title defense for The Latin Assassin.

Ali Kaida immediately attacked Latin in the corner, then on the outside. Ali Kaida hoisted and slammed Latin on the concrete floor outside.

Once back in the ring, Ali Kaida gouged and dug at Latin. Latin punched Kaida but to little avail. Kaida floored Latin and went for a pin but only got two. Ali Kaida whips Latin into the corner and follows with a big splash. With Latin down, Kaida puts his knee into his back and applies a reverse chin lock. Latin breaks the hold with an eye gouge. But it's not enough as Kaida clubs Latin in the back with forearms.

Latin rallies and clotheslines Ali Kaida. Latin returns with some clubbing forearm smashes of his own. There's more offense from both men and they both fall to the mat. They both make their way up and then onto the concrete below. They battle for a few minutes out there before rolling back in.

Latin attempts to monkey flip Ali Kaida but the Afghani Assault Weapon goes for a big butt drop. Latin rolls away and Kaida comes up empty.

Latin rallies and falls Kaida. Latin connects with a big elbow off the top rope. Kaida is up at two. Both men are spent but the Champ gets up. Ali Kaida goes for the eyes. Then he hammers Latin with more heavy fists and forearms. Ali Kaida goes for a pin but Latin kicks up. Latin rallies, lands a back elbow then his infamous Flying Lariat and gets the one, two, three for the win.

Main Event: VIPs v. Starr and Kash (Special Guest Ref: Bobby O)

The VIPs—”The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard and “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin—make their way to the ring, and continually insult the fans every step of the way. Then “The Future” Shane Starr and Kris Kash hit the ring and clear it out. Frank Durso, somehow still in the ring, has his goatee grabbed by Kris Kash. Kash hops up and down, all to Durso's pain. After that, Kash leaps over the top ropes, onto Blanchard and Martin. After a few moments of madness, a sense of order is restored and the bell rung.

Durso slowly descends to the floor.

Blanchard starts out by attacking Kash and pushing him into the corner. Then Lou Martin attacks. Martin whips Kash into the ropes and lands a clothesline. Bobby O is distracted by Martin, Durso chokes Kash from the outside. The VIPs double team Kash and Blanchard chops Kash in the neck.

Blanchard continues with the onslaught by hitting the spinebuster and kicking Kash in the forehead with his knee.

Blanchard gets Kash into a submission move but he is able to get out of it. Sensing a rally, Durso climbs the apron.

Martin is tagged in and he goes to work on Kash with a leg drop off the middle rope and he gets a two count.

Martin also digs his knee into Kash's back. Kash it able to get out of the move and Martin misses with a clothesline. Kash hits him and flies out of the corner, onto Martin. Martin is able to get away and he tags Blanchard. Kash tags Starr for the first time in the match. Starr is all over Blanchard in the corner. Blanchard falls on his face. There's a quick pin attempt but Blanchard kicks out. Starr hits a leg drop for another two count. Blanchard is whipped into the corner where he flies over top and onto the apron. He's met there by Starr's clothesline. Once up, Blanchard is brought in the “hard way” over the top rope. A two count is broken up by Lou Martin. That's enough for the veteran Blanchard to get some momentum. Then Martin is tagged back in. Martin is all over Starr. There's a pin attempt broken up by Kash. Blanchard is in and he punches and chops Starr. Blanchard bodyslams him and tags Martin for the pin attempt.

Kicks and punches continue. Blanchard slaps the sleeper on Starr. He battles out and tags Kash. Kash chops and splashes Blanchard. Kash follows that up with his patented tilt-a-whirl drop kick in the corner. Kash goes for the pin attempt but Martin pulls him out. Once back in, Kash is hit by Blanchard and he goes for the Figure Four leglock, but Kash rolls him up for a near pin. Lou Martin is in. He chops Kash in the corner but Kash roars out and hits Martin with a series of serious chops. The chops land with ferocious force and the sound was impressive. Martin, chest a crimson, hand-shaped red, emitted a guttural scream before falling to his knees then to his back. Kash also hits and drops Blanchard with one. Blanchard falls face-first into Martin's privates. The place goes crazy.

Starr is tagged in and he suplexes Martin from the top turnbuckle. Bobby O goes for the two count and Frank Durso breaks it up. That's enough for the VIPs to get Starr into the Doomsday Devise for a the win.

Kash and Starr compose themselves and the VIPs mouth off to the crowd as the evening comes to an end.