Keystone State Wrestling Alliance at the Arsenal Park (Lawrenceville) Fireworks Celebration

June 29, 2010
by Willi Plett, K.S.W.A. Media Relations

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance returns as part of the 2010 Arsenal Park Ė Lawrenceville Fireworks Celebration on Saturday, July 3, 2010 in the upper field at Arsenal Park, 40th Street Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Bell time is scheduled for 4:00PM.

As the summer heats up so does the competition and fierce rivalries in the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance.

A huge KSWA Megastar Battle Royal with KSWA Heavyweight title implications highlights a great wrestling card.

The over the top rope Battle Royal includes such KSWA Megastars as Anthony Alexander, current KSWA Golden Triangle Champion The King Del Douglas, Ali Kaida, Mike Malachi, Vinnie Stone Biker Al, Bob Atlas, The Great Toyota and more. The winner of the Battle Royal will face new KSWA Heavyweight Champion the Latin Assassin in the Main Event.

Since winning the title in May, the Latin Assassin has had a huge bullís-eye on his back as everybody on the KSWA roster wants to be the next KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Latin has repeatedly stated that he will not back down to anyone and the winner of the battle royal will be no exception.

Newly crowned KSWA Tag Team Champions, Kris Kash and Shane Starr will face one of their main adversaries in The VIPís, Lou Martin & Shawn Blanchard for the titles.

This feud has been at a fever pitch since The VIPís kicked Shane Starr out of the group in early 2010. Since then Starr has reunited with former friend and tag team partner Kris Kash and they reached the top of the KSWA Tag Team division by defeating Vinnie Stone and Ric Rumskey in June. The VIPís will stop at nothing and use whatever tactics to take those titles away from Kash & Starr while the young upstart champions will go the extra mile to make sure The VIPís are put in their place. The outcome of this match should be interesting.

Hostilities have been rising as to whom is the best big man in the KSWA recently. Both Anthony Alexander and Mike Malachi have staked claim to this title and both men are not backing down. Alexander said that on July 3rd he will prove that he is the best big man in the KSWA and show Malachi how inferior he is. Double A did not elaborate as to what his plans were but he said he is a man of his word so we will see what transpires. Mike Malachi not taking kindly to Alexanderís comments said if Anthony is looking for me I am not hard to find but he is in for the battle of a lifetime. When these two do collide expect the earth to shift off it axis.

The King Del Douglas will once again put up his KSWA Golden Triangle title as well as his ďKingís RansomĒ when he faces Joey Quervo. Douglas would like nothing more than to humiliate Quervo and show the crowd at Arsenal Park how superior he is to all of them. Quervo on the other hand would love to take not only the Golden Triangle Championship but a briefcase of money to the nearest cantina and live it up.

Also in action is the Bloodbeast v. Vinnie Stone, J Flash & Tony Johnson v. Alex Arcadian & Mitch Napier as well as a 4th of July Flag Match between Canadaís Drew Belanger and the USAís Justin Sane.

This is a free event to all in attendance. For more information call 412-726-1762 or log on to Card subject to change.