Bad “Break” Mars Latin's Role In “Bruise,” Malachi Already Taken Out By VIPs

July 10, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In one of the most heinous acts in KSWA history, the VIPs demolished Big Mike Malachi at Arsenal Park on July 3. What is traditionally been a celebratory time for the KSWA, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, as well as the USA as a whole was shaken by Anthony Alexander, Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin when they brutally attacked Malachi, as well as a local man.

The VIPs are out of control, and there seems to be no stopping them.

Malachi was attacked less than a year after his triumphant return to the favorable graces of the KSWA Krazies. The VIPs also assaulted Eric Crouse, a local man and wrestling enthusiastic who is organizing the Paul J. Scuillo Memorial events in September. That fantastic array of events also includes the KSWA fundraiser in Scuillo's honor on September 4. Crouse, during an earlier opportunity to promote the event from inside the ring, called out VIP Advisor Frank Durso. Durso irate at the insults, turned his stable—former World Champions all—on Crouse. The VIPs left Crouse a dazed mess and Malachi with one good arm.

Crouse refused to press charges after the incident, saying that the talent he's assembled for the September 4 fundraiser—including KSWA Hall of Famers Dominic DeNucci and Demolition Ax, as well as Pittsburgh's own Franchise Shane Douglas—would seek revenge on the VIPs.

Malachi was supposed to be a part of the Ultimate Survivor at Summertime Bruise on July 24. He, The KSWA Heavyweight Champion The Latin Assassin and the KSWA Tag Team Champs—Kris Kash and Shane Starr—were to stand across the ring from the three members of the VIPs and their Afghani Assault Weapon of choice Ali Kaida. Malachi was dispatched on July 3.

Now comes cryptic word that The Latin Assassin might be sidelined by the VIPs. Little is known as of the time this is written, but early speculation is that his ankle has been broken. Malachi's oft-tender shoulder was targeted for further damage last weekend.

What does this do to the Ultimate Survivor Match on July 24? Do the VIPs and Ali Kaida go up against the Tag Champs alone? Much of the rest of the event has been publicized and many of the “go-to” guys are already preparing for their opponents. Vinnie Stone is set to take on Bobby Badfingers in a match that should be exciting for fans of brute force. Alex Arcadian (who is nursing an injury of his own) is set to take on the monstrous Blood Beast at less than full strength, and Ric Rumsky has a shot at Del Douglas' Golden Triangle Championship.

It's doubtful that KSWA Owner Bobby O can make some phone calls to bring some relief to the ring, as the match is only a few weeks away.

The attack on Latin also brings into focus a bigger problem: if The Assassin cannot defend the KSWA Championship, is he forced to relinquish the title? Just over four years ago, Latin was forced to give up the Tri-State Championship after only a three-month reign because of a broken back. Still hurting from that bad luck (the strap was later merged into the Golden Triangle title), Latin would not be keen about handing over the organization's most prestigious title.

The VIPs would love the opportunity to recapture the KSWA World Championship without The Latin Assassin in their way. “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin has been vocal about getting a meaningful shot at a second title run. The same can be said for “The Prime Time Player” Anthony Alexander. In fact, both men have never been in better shape than they are now. Then “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard would throw both of his VIP mates overboard in a heartbeat if it meant a record-extending sixth title run.

Not to mention the presence of Ali Kaida, arguably the most dangerous Megastar in the entire KSWA. It's amazing that the VIP's are partnering with Kaida to begin with. Alexander battled Kaida all throughout his title run. Both Blanchard and Martin have not had extensive run-ins with Kaida, but they have rarely tried “experiments” with uncontrollable forces. The VIPs have, to a limited extent, allowed the enigmatic Lord Zoltan into their ranks, but they are able to communicate with that veteran.

Could the VIP's be officially adding to their ranks? To successfully grab all of the KSWA Gold, a feat they've admitted to wanting, would best take four wrestlers. Zoltan and Ali Kaida (Frank Durso has publicly scouted the Afghani) could top the “short list.” Might they sway someone like Kris Kash (partner Shane Starr was in the group before losses started to pile up for “The Future.”) Even promising stars like Alex Arcadian (he and Double-A did tag impressively at least once) or a young Mitch Napier cannot be ignored as targets for luring.

More developments will assuredly come once The Latin Assassin's ankle is checked out by a physician. As of right now the Ultimate Survivor Match, and the fate of the KSWA World Championship, are in shambles.