KSWA Presents Monongahela Wildcats Youth Football & Cheerleading Fundraiser

July 30, 2010

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance and the Monongahela Wildcats Youth Football & Cheerleading Organization team up for a wrestling fundraiser event this Saturday, July 31, 2010 at the Monongahela Municipal (The Mounds) Field, corner of Mound and Park Streets, Monongahela 15063. Bell time is 4PM.

The VIP’s have been running rough shot on some of the KSWA’s fan favorites over the past month until Bobby O turned the tables last week at Summertime Bruise. The VIP’s recently took out Mike Malachi by injuring his shoulder and KSWA Heavyweight Champion the Latin Assassin by breaking his ankle. Malachi is still out due to the beating and the Latin Assassin is scheduled to appear in Monongahela but who know what condition he will be in.

Bobby O got a measure of retribution on the VIP’s last week by bringing in former champion and VIP Tommy Faime to team up with Kris Kash, Shane Starr and Justin Sane in the Ultimate Survivor Match. The KSWA owner was cautious as Faime has turned on him in the past but said “sometimes you have to make a deal with the devil”. The decision paid off as Faime and Kash eliminated Anthony Alexander and Lou Martin to win the match.

Now that the dust has settled, how will the VIP’s respond? Who is next on their list? What do we make of the relationship between Bobby O and Tommy Faime? What will Latin Assassin have to say about being jumped by the VIP’s?

Chicago bad boy Bobby Badfingers who is legally prohibited from wrestling due to a back alley meeting gone wrong has vowed to address the crowd in Monongahela.

Independent Wrestling Legend Lord Zoltan will face J Ru one on one. J Ru is making his KSWA debut against the dark and mysterious Zoltan who will use every trick in the book, good or bad, to get a victory.

In addition to KSWA Heavyweight Champion The Latin Assassin the following KSWA Megastars will also be present: Justin Sane, Mitch Napier, The Great Toyota, Iceman Tony Johnson, Joey Quervo, Anthony Alexander, Lou Martin, Shawn Blanchard, KSWA Golden Triangle Champion Del Douglas, The Jester, The Bloodbeast, Ali Kaida, Drew Belanger, JP Goulet, Vinnie Stone and Mike Buda.

For more information please call 412-726-1762. Tickets are $10. Card Subject to change.