Chaos Running Rampant in the KSWA as “When Worlds Collide” Nears

August 19, 2010
By Willi Plett

PITTSBURGH – This has been a summer of scorching heat and humidity and the mood inside the KSWA is no different as tempers have flared and boiled over the past few months.

“When Worlds Collide” is this Saturday, August 21, 2010 at the Lawrenceville Moose, 120 51st Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Bell time is 7:30PM.

Since winning the KSWA Heavyweight Title in May, the Latin Assassin has had a huge bulls-eye on his back. Former champion Shawn Blanchard, along with fellow VIP members Anthony Alexander, Lou Martin and Frank Durso have been after the Assassin ever since. In early July the VIP’s jumped Latin causing him to miss the KSWA July event due to injury.

Not only does the Latin Assassin have to worry about the VIP’s, Ali Kaida has also set his sights on the Latin Assassin and his championship belt as well. He was part of the beat down that left Latin injured in July. Kaida has been on a major tear of late and is looking to unleash some more pain on the champion.

Not only does the Latin Assassin have to keep looking over his shoulder but he will defend his KSWA Heavyweight Title vs. the dark and mysterious Lord Zoltan. Zoltan is a veteran of the ring and if Latin is not 100% concentrated on him he could find himself walking out of the Lawrenceville Moose without the KSWA Heavyweight Title around his waist.

In addition to making life miserable for the Latin Assassin, the VIP’s have taken out Mike Malachi, who was out of action for over a month and Paul J. Scuillo Street Hockey Tournament organizer Eric Crouse, who teamed with KSWA Owner Bobby O for the September 4th KSWA Wrestling Event honoring the life of Mr. Scuillo and his family.

As Eric has promoted the upcoming event he has found himself on the bad end of a VIP beat down twice since July. The latest was at the August 14th KSWA event at the Teamsters Temple where the VIP’s confronted Crouse and attacked him and KSWA Ring Announcer Trapper Tom. They left both lying in the ring without remorse. Prior to the attack Eric and Bobby O announced that to combat the VIP’s and their thugery Demolition Ax and Shane Douglas were coming to the KSWA to exact revenge.

The confident VIP’s will take on The Great Toyota, Joey Quervo and Mike Buda in a six man match. Will the VIP’s roll over their competitors or will their cockiness get the best of them and lead to a devastating defeat. Stay tuned.

The KSWA Tag Team Titles will be up for grabs as the Champions, Kris Kash and Shane Starr face Biker Al and The Bloodbeast. Kash and Starr have meshed well after a few years apart and are clicking on all cylinders but have a huge challenge ahead of them in the Beast, who sheer size alone could cause problems and the devious Biker Al, who will use any and all dirty tactics available to pull out a victory.

The King Del Douglas will defend his KSWA Golden Triangle Title against Bobby Badfingers. Badfingers won the right to face Douglas last week after he defeated the Jester. Douglas has said he is invincible and with the Jester watching his back, the Golden Triangle title and the newly replenished King’s Ransom will never leave his possession.

Vinnie Stone will take on Justin Sane. Stone has been well stone faced since taking out and injuring his former tag team partner Ric Rumskey. He has not spoken a word about what happened and has destroyed his opponents since. What is with the sudden attitude change? Sane was the first to help out a lifeless Ric Rumskey and will go full tilt to take down Stone.

In a two on one handicap match Big Mike Malachi will take on the Canadian duo of Drew Belanger and J.P. Goulet. Malachi fresh off returning from injury is out to prove that he is 100% recovered and to send a message to Anthony Alexander that he is not the only big man in the KSWA. Belanger and Goulet have been very impressive since their debuts and will pose an immense challenge to Malachi.

Tickets for the event are $10 for an adult and $8 for kids. For more information call 412-726-1762 or log on to Card subject to change.