Megastars Return To Millvale Days, “King” Has Shot At Ultimate Gold

September 16, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance is proud to once again announce they the Megastars will be hitting the road once again, a short jaunt over the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh into Millvale for Millvale Days. KSWA at Millvale Days Celebration is sponsored by Sapp Roofing and Senate Engineering.

KSWA Owner Bobby O has heard the constant bombardment of demands and has relented. Millvale's own “King” Del Douglas will get his shot at the KSWA Heavyweight Championship this Friday. In addition, Douglas and his Jester will team for a chance at the KSWA Tag Team Championship on Saturday. Add to that the fact that Douglas has to be considered the favorite to win the “King of the Hill” Battle Royal on Saturday and Del Douglas could leave his hometown the most decorated Megastar in the 10-year history of the organization.

At the just-completed Paul J. Scuillo Wrestling Event, Douglas lost the coveted Golden Triangle Championship to Justin Sane. Had he still held that title, there would be a distinct possibility that Douglas could hold every meaningful honor in the KSWA simultaneously, but alas.

Douglas will take on the KSWA Champions The Latin Assassin, who along with Demolition Ax, recently got the better of the VIP's. Latin is still nursing an injured ankle that was injured at the hands of Shawn Blanchard, Lou Martin, Anthony Alexander and oddly enough, Ali Kaida. But Latin is getting better by the day.

While we're on the VIPs, the trio, along with their advisor Frank Durso, will take on the KSWA Tag Team Championships—Kris Kash and Shane Starr—along with Big Mike Malachi in six-man action. The VIPs are still reeling from their battles at the Scuillo event and Kash and Starr are recovering from a classic matchup with Canadian Perfection, a team that came up flawed in their attempt to become the youngest KSWA Tag Team Champs of all time. In addition, Malachi still has unfinished business with another big man, Alexander. This should be a classic battle of the big men in Millvale.

Speaking of Canadian Perfection—“The Thunder Bay Bomber” Drew Belanger and “The Flawless One” J.P. Goulet will enter into tag team competition with another promising duo, Jay Flash and “The Ice Man” Tony Johnson. All four participants in this match come in with unlimited potential inside the KSWA squared circle. While Belanger and Goulet have teamed together more recently, Flash and Ice Man—who wrestled against one another as a Bonus Match at the Scuillo event—know each other inside and out. For fans of athleticism and youthful exuberance, this will certain be a treat.

The Blood Beast is in single's competition with another gritty rookie, Mike Buda. Buda, a hard-knocks, blue-collar guy, is improving with each and every outing, but this time he draws the short straw, against the ravaging Beast. Gentleman Joe Perri has his ward, The Blood Beast, chomping at the bit at all times, and even a little more in Millvale.

Mitch Napier will have his hands full with the unpredictable Jester. Ever since he just appeared on the scene, the Jester has caused havoc wherever and whenever he's gone. Might the technical juggernaut Mitch Napier be able to contain the frantic fury that is the jovial Jester? Don't let The Jester's antics fool the casual fan, he knows what he's doing inside the ring. That being noted, Mitch Napier is arguably the most technically-sound Megastar on the roster. What might the outcome of this match be like?

And in a match that should not be overlooked, the Afghani Assault Weapon Ali Kaida faces off against Bobby Badfingers. These two brutes are well-matched in size and strength, although a knee injury at the Scuillo event might slow Ali Kaida just a bit. Bobby Badfingers has been favoring a hand injury so neither wrestler is at full-tilt. A lynch pin could be Gentleman Joe Perri, who served as Ali Kaida's long-time manager before splitting with his ward and assembling a new team that's anchored in part by Badfingers.

Then on Saturday, the KSWA highlights an afternoon of unparalleled action with its annual “King of the Hill” Over The Top Rope Battle Royal. Last year, Kris Kash stunned the Millvale denizens by tossing defending champion Del Douglas over the top rope for the victory. Could a similar storyline unfold Saturday or does the returning Royal Rulebreaker have an upper hand in securing that victory?

The lineup is a who's who of KSWA Megastars...The VIP's Shawn Blanchard, Lou Martin and Anthony Alexander, The Jester, King Del Douglas, Mike Buda, Ali Kaida, Mitch Napier, The Great Toyota, Jay Flash, J.P. Goulet, The Blood Beast, and Tony Johnson.

The winner of Friday's KSWA World Heavyweight Championship match between The Latin Assassin and “King” Del Douglas will turn around and defend against impressive newcomer Drew Belanger. KSWA Owner Bobby O was forced to put Belanger into this opportunity by a representative of the Canadian Consulate, who threatened Belanger's participation in Millvale. Word is, if Belanger were to upset the KSWA Heavyweight Champion, a parade through several Canadian cities is in the works. Belanger could also be the youngest KSWA Champion. But don't think that either The Latin Assassin or even Del Douglas would allow the prestigious KSWA belt to leave the country anytime soon.

There's always a reason why professional wrestling cards are “subject to change.” If Del Douglas wins the KSWA gold on Friday and gets by Drew Belanger, he and The Jester still have shots at the KSWA Tag Team Championship on Saturday! There is a chance that Douglas might beg off that challenge, and let's be honest, who would blame him. Nevertheless, on Saturday, Douglas and The Jester are penned in to challenge Shane Starr and Kris Kash for the KSWA tag belts. Might Douglas walk off with more gold than one might imagine?

The Golden Triangle Championship is on the line Saturday afternoon as new title holder Justin Sane defends against the rip-snortin' Double-A Anthony Alexander. It's been five years since Alexander first won that belt and subsequently held it for two years and five days. Alexander has something to prove after taking a hardcore beating at the hands of Pittsburgh's own Shane Douglas on September 4. Alexander started strong in that match and held his own against the icon until the very end of that match. Might Justin's reign be short lived, or is this just the beginning of a benchmark championship?

“The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard will take on Pittsburgh's own Mike Buda in one-on-one action. Buda will have already faced The Blood Beast on Friday, then he'll take on the 5-time, former KSWA champion, who is undeniably in a antsy mood.

In another match that's full of promise, the Souix Falls Sensation Mitch Napier will challenge Ali Kaida. This will be a classic match up of brute force versus technical savvy. Napier will be happy to feed off of the wildly-supportive Millvale Krazies against the Afghani Assault Weapon. Kaida will be in a nasty mood because Napier was the Megastar who eliminated the Afghani from the Paul J. Scuillo Memorial Battle Royal. Kaida had publicly stated that he wanted to win the event and take the opportunity to run down Pittsburgh Police Officers who were in attendance. Instead, he suffered a knee injury and was shuffled to the back.

“Ice Man” Tony Johnson will face the biggest challenge of his young KSWA career when he faces The Blood Beast in one-on-one competition. Johnson is the biggest wrestler in the new crop of rookies but he will has his hands full with the strongest member of the KSWA. Johnson has been practicing some “stick and move” techniques in hopes of grounding the menacing Blood Beast. The Beast just always charges ahead, beating Megastar after Megastar.

“Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin, who has quietly shed some 25 lbs in recent months and has turned up his cardiovascular regime up immensely, has become the Master of the Four Way Dances. He will once again get an opportunity to show the locker room how fast and effective he is by taking on The Great Toyota, Jay Flash and J.P. Goulet in this special match. Once the “Fightingest” KSWA Champion of all time, Martin has returned to his roots of quick strikes and “staying one step ahead of your opponent.” It's said that Martin is six steps ahead of his usual opponent. In a four-way he is nearly unbeatable. However, the vastly-improving Toyota (who himself has dropped a significant amount of weight under that T-shirt and baseball jersey), the incredibly potent Jay Flash and “Flawless” J.P. Goulet, Martin will assuredly be put to the test.

Sapp Roofing and Senate Engineering present KSWA at Millvale Days this Friday at 6:30 p.m. & Saturday at 3:00 p.m. along Grant street in downtown Millvale. Both events are free to Millvale Days patrons. The card is subject to change.

For more information, call 412- 726-1762.