Megastars Banged Up And Bloodied Like Never Before At Autumn Annihilation

October 5, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Annually, Autumn Annihilation is the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance's gateway to the Halloween season with costumes a plenty and action galore. This year, the even added several crimson masks to color the season.

The evening started with “The King” Del Douglas interrupting the opening portion of the show to complain about not winning the KSWA Championship and the Tag Team gold at Millvale Days. He also lamented not winning the King of the Hill Battle Royal in Millvale. The Jester, along for the duration, also screamed at the Krazies and carried on. Douglas then called out The Drunken Luchadore Joey Quervo, who just a few months ago ran off with Douglas' “ransom” and replaced it with empty beer bottles. Quervo came to the ring and as soon as he entered, was attacked by the Jester. After several minutes of a double team beat down, referee Jimmy James hit the scene and called for an official match. Douglas was able to take instant control of the match, what with the blind-side on Quervo. Douglas went for his fist-of-the-top rope sooner than usual. He then landed a clothesline. It was all Douglas from the outset. Douglas grabbed Quervo by the crotch then landed a big chop. Quervo was hung from the Royal Tree of Woe and caught a drop kick in the mush. Douglas followed with a Regal Sharpshooter but he eventually let go when Quervo didn't tap. Douglas went for a pin by Jimmy James caught Douglas with his feet on the ropes. Douglas hoisted Quervo up onto the top rope and posed for the crowd. Douglas turned around and Quervo jumped off the top rope and landed a flying neck breaker from the top. Quervo made the quick pin and after the one, two, three, Joey Quervo is your winner.

The fans go crazy. Post match, Douglas blamed The Jester before the loss. After a heated moment, Douglas embraced his young ward and two dashed off.

Handicapped Match: Great Toyota and Mike Buda v. Vinnie Stone

Mike Buda and Great Toyota come out to ruckus aplomb. Vinnie Stone arrived with more a few sneers for his recent attitude adjustment. Many KSWA Krazies remain upset with Vinnie for taking out his former tag team partner Ric Rumsky. Stone's savage beating of Rumsky remains raw in many fans eyes, and the much-admired Rumsky is reportedly contemplating retirement as a result. The match begins with Buda and Rumsky going after Stone in the corner. The gang mentality worked at first with punches and kicks. However, the rage-driven Stone comes out of the corner and blasts Buda, then Toyota. Stone quickly goes for a pin on Toyota, but Buda breaks it up. Buda attempts some offense but his clothesline on Vinnie does nothing. Stone returns the shot with several of his own. Buda, at around 200 pounds, throws a shoulder block at Stone, who weighed in at the KSWA offices earlier in the day at 252 pounds, doesn't move. Stone knocks Buda down and goes for a pin but only gets a two count. Great Toyota continues to lay stunned in the corner. Stone goes for another pin on Buda but only gets two. Great Toyota finally gets up and rallies with a series of boots to Vinnie's head. The momentum quickly swung and Vinnie attacks. Stone slams the martial arts Megastar and follows up with a sleeper-type hold. Buda breaks it up and he and Toyota go for some dual offense. Stone spears Toyota and bodyslams Buda for the win. Afterwards, Toyota and Buda extend their hands to Stone in friendship. He answers with a brutal attack. The bell is rung repeatedly when music hits. A hand extends from the curtain and some fans go crazy. A familiar face steps from behind the curtain. Alex Arcadian, a former friend of Stone's (and Rumsky's) hits the ring. Stone doesn't want any of Arcadian and bails. Arcadian asks for the microphone and calls of Vinnie for his Vicious behavior. He rallies the fans and promises to settle the score on Stone for Rumsky.

Shane Starr v. Shawn Blanchard (w/VIP Advisor Frank Durso)

“The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard hits the ring with VIP's advisor Frank Durso. Shane Starr, who is currently one-half of the KSWA Tag Team Champions, follows. At one time Starr was under Blanchard's wing, but now the two are sworn enemies. Blanchard starts the match by tossing Starr to the mat. Starr gets up and shoulder blocks Blanchard, knocking him to the mat, and then outside onto the floor. After a few moments, Blanchard gets back in. Frank Durso distracts referee Shawn Patrick and Blanchard low blows Starr, flips him over, then lands a boot between the legs. A back elbow falls Starr to the mat. Blanchard goes for a cover with his feet on the ropes and the ref breaks it up. Blanchard follows up with a side suplex and a near fall on Starr. Incredibly, Starr gets up and gets some momentum of his own. Blanchard ends that with another back elbow. Blanchard goes for a knee drop and misses. Starr gets up and goes after the knee that Blanchard hit first on the mat. Starr gets Blanchard into a submission move. Durso almost immediately finds his way into the ring and he kicks Starr, breaking up the hold. Shawn Patrick has a difficult time getting Frank out of the ring. Starr continues on and slaps Blanchard into the Figure Four leg lock, a move the former 5-time Champion uses himself. Starr gets a couple of near falls. After several grueling minutes, Frank Durso eventually helps Blanchard break the hold. Starr, smartly, continues to work on the knee. Durso attacks Starr from the outside. Blanchard distracts the ref and Durso goes a chokin'. Blanchard tries to bodyslam Starr, but that right knee in which Starr worked on dutifully, crumples and Starr is able to land Blanchard with the Shining Starr finishing move. Patrick counts and Shane Starr is your winner.

Post match, Blanchard still hobbles on that right knee. Starr celebrates with the Krazies.

Bobby Badfingers (with Gentleman Joe Perri) v. Lord Zoltan (with Mayor Mystery)

After what seemed like an eternity of parading, posturing, preening and prodding from all four men involved in this match, Lord Zoltan and Mayor Mystery double team Bobby Badfingers. Joe Perri tries to break it up and soon, all four combatants are on the floor with some menace in their eyes and weapons in their hands. Referee Shawn Patrick tries in vain to get the guys under control. Once back inside, Bobby Badfingers muscles Lord Zoltan into the corner where a cane-wielding Mayor Mystery attacks. Throughout the match, Mayor Mystery will choke Badfingers with the cane and Gentleman Joe will stand on the opposite end of the ring, seemingly oblivious to it all. It took a while for Perri to realize that Mayor Mystery was putting the hurt on Badfingers, Joe grabbed the hammer that's used to ring the bell and went after the Mayor. Meanwhile, Zoltan is able to put the boots to a weakened Badfingers. Remarkably, Badfingers gets up and goes after Zoltan, whips him into the corner and then hits the bulldog. There's a bodyslam and a leg drop. Badfingers goes for the pin but Zoltan, the veteran, is able to kick up. Badfingers administers a chin lock and follows with some forearm shots. Zoltan is able to get up and hit some moves of his own. First it's an elbow onto the top of Badfinger's head then an old fashioned eye gouge. At the referee's four-count, Zoltan breaks the hold. Zoltan and Mayor Mystery use the ring apron as a weapon Badfingers. Perri goes after the hammer once again and chases Mystery. Zoltan tosses Badfingers outside and rams his head into the apron. Once back inside, Badfingers is able to recoup and hits Lord Zoltan with a huge back body drop. Both men are down from exhaustion. Joe Perri tosses a pair of brass knuckles into Badfingers, but the Windy City Strongman fights the opportunity to cheat. Perri can't understand the move. In the confusion, Lord Zoltan creeps behind Badfingers and rolls him up for the quick win. Mayor Mystery and Lord Zoltan pick Badfingers up to administer more punishment and Joe Perri joins in! The trio kick and stomp Badfingers and then proudly shout to the fans. Referee Shawn Patrick then helps Badfingers back to the locker room.

After an intermission with prizes for the best costumes, the action swung into the six-man variety...

Jester & Canadian Perfection (Belanger & Goulet) v. Napier & Photo Op (Johnson & Flash)

The next generation of KSWA Megastars is an exciting crew, and this six-man showcase was great for the Krazies. “Ice Man” Tony Johnson (who along with Jay Flash call themselves “Photo Op” for their keen sense of style and good grooming) kept his cool and started out with Drew Belanger. Johnson, the physically biggest rookie in the KSWA, tossed Belanger into the corner. Belanger whined to the referee but then got involved with some offense of his own. Soon, Jay Flash and J.P. Goulet were in. Flash's offense was fast and furious. Goulet tagged in the nefarious Jester. Flash continued with the offense and King Del Douglas' right-hand-man bailed to the outside. Taking that cue, four of the other Megastars in the match followed Jester outside for a brawl, leaving only Flash in the ring. That wasn't for long as Flash hurled himself over the top rope and onto the gang below. The Krazies went insane for the move. Despite the aerobatics, Canadian Perfect were the first wrestlers back into the ring. Jay Flash followed and got hooked up in the ropes. They attacked Flash for his troubles. The Jester made his way back in and splashed Flash in the corner with a knee leading into the Miami resident's chin. Jester goes for a pinfall but Flash is up at two. “USA” chants flare up in the KSWA Arena as the fans don't take kindly to Canadian Perfection. Meanwhile, Flash was in the oppositions' corner and they lambasted the youngster. Flash battled back but to little avail. Flash was able to get to Mitch Napier, who hip-tossed everyone in sight. After some craziness that saw everyone get involved, Napier got Belanger up for the Souix Falls Slam and the win. After the match, the Jester and Canadian Perfection are ticked and Johnson, Flash and Napier celebrate with the fans.

Lou Martin (w/Durso) v. Kris Kash

In the second Single's match featuring Tag Team participants before FanFest, “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin is set to face ˝ of the Tag Team Champions, Kris Kash. As might be predicted, Lou Martin went after Kris Kash immediately when Kash turned his back the other way. After an onslaught of punches and kicks, Kash pretty much found himself defenseless and out on his feet. Quickly, VIP Advisor Frank Durso is up on the apron, baseball bat in hand, jabbing Kash in the ribs. Kash is dumped to the outside. Lou Martin distracts Referee Shawn Patrick and Frank Durso goes to work on Kash. On the outside, Martin suplexes Kash onto the unforgiving concrete floor. For the next several minutes, Martin lands one offensive move after another. He clotheslines the fan's favorite, punches him and drops a leg as his throat is perched on the apron. There's a side suplex in the center of the ring and a two count. The match is several minutes old at this point and Kash has not had a single offensive maneuver. Then...Kash rallies. A flying clothesline falls Martin to the mat. Martin attempts a comeback by tossing Kash into the corner, but he flips backwards onto the VIP. Kash follows with a drop kick. Both Megastars are outside on the floor. Kash pulls Martin's T-shirt off and yanks down his straps. Kash proceeds to unload on Martin with three monstrous chops that awe the crowd. Martin crumbles to the floor. Kash rolls Martin back in and into the corner. Kash runs in and lands his infamous tilt-a-whirl drop kick Martin falls into the middle of the ring. Kash climbs to the top rope, only to be pushed off from Shawn Blanchard who races in from the back. Blanchard, still limping from his match with Shane Starr, grabs a chair. Blanchard prepares to hit Kash and Starr hits the scene and makes the save. That save was short lived as Martin got to his feet. The VIPs clobbered the Tag Team Champs repeatedly with steel chairs. Frank Durso congratulated his men, Starr and Kash needed to be helped to the back.

Alexander (w/Durso) & Kaida v. Malachi and Latin

This match was not going to be a four-star clinic on technical wrestling. Ali Kaida shoved Referee Shawn Patrick during pre-match checks for illegal objects. It was going to be that type of match. Latin and the new Golden Triangle Champion Anthony Alexander started. Alexander, who nursed a slight cold before the match, tested the ropes. Kaida took a swing at Latin who circled in too close to his corner. Latin grabbed Alexander in a head lock. Latin Assassin's headband was tossed onto the floor outside where Frank Durso stepped on it. That incensed Latin and the crowd. After Alexander took shots at Latin, he tagged in the rugged and dangerous Ali Kaida. With gouges, punches and kicks, Kaida was in control. There was a pin attempt but Latin was up at two. Kaida got Latin in a sleeper hold that keeps the KSWA Champion down on the mat. Kaida tosses Latin outside. That brings in Big Mike Malachi. Soon there's a melee on the floor. Chairs are involved. Latin takes a crack to the back of the head that produces a stream of blood. The combatants make their way back into the squared circle. After some momentum by Anthony Alexander, Mike Malachi is tagged in and he has a clothesline for everyone. Action spills out again and Latin tosses Ali Kaida into the casket that's sitting at ringside for the Main Event. Latin, who is now nursing quite a bloody mess, wallops Kaida with a chair. In the ring, Alexander misses his famed Prime Time Cancellation and Malachi scoops him up for the Crunch. Malachi lands in, makes the pin for his team. The winners: Malachi and Latin. They celebrate as Ali Kaida and Anthony Alexander, who at one time comprised the most violent rivalry in recent KSWA history, simply leave together.

The Main Event: Casket Match Between The Blood Beast (w/Perri) and Justin Sane

The impressive red and black casket sat at ringside all night. It was built by the Blood Beast for this special occasion. When Justin Sane arrived on the scene, he checked to see if anyone was in the box. There wasn't anyone. The Blood Beast, inspired by the match, comes with vengeance. He goes right after Justin for minutes on end without any real offense. Brutal punches and kicks are The Beast's foray in this type of match. Blood Beast goes for a quick win by taking Justin outside and blasting his head into the casket. Justin is dumped in but his leg is outstretched. That didn't work. The crazy man from Haddonfield, Ill continued to fight on. Most of the match took place out of the ring and near the casket, out near the bar, out in the crowd. The fans loved every minute. Justin Sane gets some momentum and staggers Blood Beast to the point in which he might tumble into the casket but Gentleman Joe Perri races in and attacks Justin just enough. Beast and Perri team up and trip Justin into an outstretched folding chair. That musts Justin wide open. . Despite the beating, Justin grabs a chair and connects on to the top of Blood Beast's head, thus opening him up as well. Fans are berserk as they see both men bloodied in this groundbreaking match for the KSWA. Justin knocks Blood Beast onto the casket. Justin climbs to the top of the ring and dives onto the prone Blood Beast. The impact was amazing but Justin was hurt in the dive. There was no cover. The winner needs to dump the loser into the casket and shut the lid. The two battle until a time in which Blood Beast can manhandle Justin and choke slam him into the casket. The winner: Blood Beast. Post match, Blood Beast and Joe Perri celebrate before looking to get stitched up. Justin is later let out of the casket and given medical attention. .