FanFest Preview: Alex Arcadian v. Vinnie Stone

November 30, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The year 2010 has been important in the career of "Vicious" Vinnie Stone. Stone entered the year as part of the KSWA World Tag Team Champions for the third time, which puts him among the elite of the organization. Along with Ric Rumsky, Stone was a fan favorite to the highest degree. In June when Stone and Rumsky lost the straps to the current champs-Kris Kash and Shane Starr-the team did not seem to have any stress. They appeared poised for another run at the tag team division.

Then something turned in the mind of Vinnie Stone the very next month at Summertime Bruise. Rumsky had defeated "The King" Del Douglas in single's competition, while Stone lost to The Jester. Stone snapped and turned on his friend and former tag team partner. The beating was monumental. The attack angered the Krazies, some of whom travel from the duo's home area in and around Wheeling to root them on. For many, the shock of the assault reverberates to this very day.

Stone went on to say in the ring that he had tired of Rumsky and that it was his time to reign supreme. His matches intensified. Stone would use the speer (which had always lead to decisive wins) as a prelude to another hold. He would alternate between submission moves and other power demonstrations for the win, all with nothing but disdain for his former fans.

Vinnie cast away opponents like Mike Buda and "Ice Man" Tony Johnson. Justin Sane got the duke via disqualification in a match, but Vinnie was undeterred.

At Autumn Annihilation, Stone took on the team of Mike Buda and The Great Toyota in a handicap match. Vinnie's ire was too much for the upstart Buda and ever-improving Toyota. At the end of that stomping, Stone resumed punishing his opponents to make a statement. Then familiar music hit. Alex Arcadian's 2010 has been at both ends of the spectrum. Arcadian started the new year teaming with another bright young Megastar, Mitch Napier. However, the youngsters were out dueled by Bulldozer and Lord Zoltan. At the end of the evenings, Arcadian won a spot in the Battle Bowl to go for the Golden Triangle Championship. Arcadian could challenge for the belt at any time in the next calendar year. Things were looking up for the Yuma, Arizona warrior.

Arcadian could not advance in the Joe Abby tournament, and word surfaced that he got nicked up in his match with Kris Kash. In fact, Arcadian would miss some events and it's believe it was because of an injury. He'd resurface occasionally but it was clear something was amiss.

In fact, on June 12th Heatwave Havoc, Rumsky and Stone lost the tag belts and Arcadian fell to Double-A Anthony Alexander. There were high hopes for a Quad-A tag team at one time, but Alexander joined the VIP's. Heatwave Havoc was Alex Arcadian's last match in the KSWA for several months.

Alex wasn't around when Vinnie Stone destroyed Ric Rumsky. The three were traveling buddies and friends a long time. In fact, Arcadian and Rumsky formed "The Best Tag Team Evaa," a short-lived but highly successful team that had the Krazies on their feet. Rumsky and Arcadian even very briefly held the KSWA Tag Team gold. Arcadian has had injuries before and another one sunk the "Best" pairing.

But at Autumn Annihilation, Arcadian raised his hand through the curtain and fans responded. He chased Vinnie Stone from the ring and Stone could only look on in disbelief. Arcadian challenged Vinnie to a match at the KSWA's biggest event of the year-FanFest-and Stone begrudgingly accepted.

Arcadian tried to cash in his shot at the KSWA Golden Triangle Championship on November 6 in Sharpsburg. Now Double-A had that prestigious strap but obviously he felt threatened and didn't show.

"The Flawless One" J.P. Goulet burst onto the scene and challenged Arcadian for his shot at the GT belt. During that confrontation, Vinnie Stone distracted the ref enough for Goulet to get an underhanded duke and the shot at gold.

Now the former friends-Stone and Arcadian-are training hard to settle this grudge in the middle of the ring. The match won't be extraordinarily technical. Both men have unique talents inside the squared circle-Arcadian does have more technical skills, Stone is an all-out bruiser.

The KSWA has not heard from Ric Rumsky, other than the fact that he continues to mend from the enormous beating at the hands of Stone. There's no guarantee that Rumsky will ever wrestle again in the KSWA but the fans still recall him kindly.

Arcadian v. Stone will face each other at FanFest, Saturday, December 4 at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the Lawrenceville Moose, 120 51st Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Bell Time is at 7:30 p.m. All tickets are $5 each. All fans are asked to bring a new toy so it can be gifted to a needy child during the holidays. The card is subject to change.