Napier And Badfingers Roll The Dice Against Blood Beast And Lord Zoltan

November 30, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

At this time last year it would have hard to believe that Bobby Badfingers would be on the other side of the aisle from Gentleman Joe Perri and his stable of thugs. It would have been even more difficult to predict that the Windy City Brawler would be teaming up with Mitch Napier.

Bobby Badfingers was solidly in the clutches of the Gentleman and even preparing for a shot at the KSWA World Tag Team Championship, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Mitch Napier was coming off of a strong rookie season in the KSWA. Last year he impressed with his first victory at an Obey House event. The fans were really getting behind the young upstart from Souix Falls, Iowa. Mitch had routinely made fast friends within the KSWA and was quickly becoming the best Megastar to never hold a title.

All year long, Gentleman Joe Perri has been cultivating the Blood Beast as a true monster, an uncontrollable beast, the strongest KSWA Megastar. The Blood Beast, who had held tag team belts with The Latin Assassin, has teamed with Bulldozer and Bobby Badfingers among others. Badfingers and Blood Beast were to form “Bad Blood,” and have their sites set on KSWA immortality. Then Bobby Badfingers realized that he was starting to make waves with the wrong people. In July, Badfingers drew the ire of “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard on the KSWA Krazy Tour. Badfingers (who was nursing a badly damaged finger) won a match that had to be considered an upset against the 5-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion. At that same time, Joe Perri started to realize that Badfingers was receiving more cheers than jeers from the Krazies, and that didn't sit well with the self-proclaimed Manager of Megastars.

The year 2010 has also been one of tremendous success for the veteran Lord Zoltan. Ever since Lord Zoltan joined the KSWA locker room he has been invigorated. Like Blood Beast, Lord Zoltan has tagged successfully with Bulldozer, but unlike the Beast, the New Orleans native has grappled alongside the VIPs. Lord Zoltan also won the $1,000 St. John Neumann Battle Royal earlier this year, and refused to donate any of his winnings to the fundraising cause. Zoltan and the debuting J-Ru tore the house down in Monongahela during the Krazy Tour and he helped as the VIPs ran rough shod over the rest of the roster during the Teamsters fundraiser in August. In addition to that, Zoltan tagged with his long-time partner “Nasty” Nick Crane for the Paul J. Scuillo Memorial Wrestling Event in September. During that match, Zoltan and Crane did battle with Doink the Clown and KSWA Hall of Famer, the legendary Dominic DeNucci. Most recently, Zoltan defeated Bobby Badfingers in one-on-one competition. It's clear, although Lord Zoltan has wrestled countless matches in his stellar career, he shows no signs of slowing down. Especially with Mayor Mystery at his side, Lord Zoltan is one tough customer to beat.

Now the foursome is set. The battling Bobby Badfingers and the KSWA's most technical wrestler Mitch Napier are ready to take on th strongest Megastar the Blood Beast and the veteran Lord Zoltan. Napier is the lynch pin to this entire matchup. He should be able to hold his own with leverage against Blood Beast and go to-to-arm bar with Lord Zoltan (who remains one of the best ground technicians the industry has ever seen). Bobby Badfingers should be able to watch Napier's back with two of the most lethal ham-hocks ever in the squared circle.

Zoltan and Blood Beast should be considered favorites in this contest because of power and experience, but also due to the presence of Gentleman Joe Perri an—if he's not scouting new talent overseas—Mayor Mystery. Mystery is a world-class distraction for referees and wrestlers alike. In addition, Perri is bound to just slug someone in the face with a pair of brass knuckles, or toss the weapon to a wrestler who will.

There's also the school of thought that Napier and Badfingers are just the combination of Ying and Yang to make the tag team work. Finesse and brute force v. brute force and crafty experience. Either way, this is a FanFest match true fans will be dying to see.