Battle Of The Big Men Features Golden Triangle Title Versus KSWA Career

November 30, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

For years, Double-A Anthony Alexander has battled Double-M Mike Malachi. Often foes on different sides of “the fence” at different times in their storied careers, the giants of the squared circle have battled in singles competition (they are at one-win each for the two singles meetings in 2010 alone), in tag matches, as well as every other imaginable scenario.

Except for one.

Anthony Alexander defeated another long-time KSWA veteran, Justin Sane, in Millvale for the Golden Triangle Championship. It's the second time that The Prime Time Player has won the title. The first time, Alexander had it five days short of two years.

Big Mike Malachi was the second man to hold the prestigious belt (back in 2000). He held it for 10 days short of a month. To be fair, Malachi was really just a placeholder. Justin Sane held the title with the conviction of a crazy man back then. Malachi has always been a tough customer. When Alexander lost his initial Golden Triangle Championship, it was in a 4-Way Match that included Malachi.

Alexander, when he previously held the Golden Triangle Championship, was known as someone who would take on all comers. He was a hungry competitor who say the GT belt as more than a stepping stone to the KSWA World Title. That maybe why some observers call him the greatest Golden Triangle Champion of all time. This time around; however, Alexander has already started to duck opponents.

Alex Arcadian, who won a shot at the belt, tried to cash in during the Krazy Tour to Sharpsburg. Alexander bailed out. The “real” Prime Time Player would never have done such a thing. The “VIP” Alexander, though, did at the first opportunity.

Big Mike Malachi knew that Alexander would rather powder his biceps at FanFest, but he made a unique challenge nevertheless: the former Iron Side Crew leader would put his KSWA career on the line.

Such a notion has had serious reverberations around the KSWA Arena and beyond. When Malachi made the challenge the KSWA offices fielded phone calls from around the globe. When he was an International Thug, Malachi did make friends in Ireland. U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, Dan Rooney had a call into KSWA Owner Bobby O over the matter. It's also believed that Malachi is in President Barack Obama's Blackberry.

Malachi's decision is not a light one to be sure.

However, the 6'3”, 295 lb resident of the North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA is that confident in his abilities. Despite nagging knee and back injuries, Malachi can still hit an opponent with a standing drop kick that Luchadores admire. One of the strongest Megastars, Malachi earlier this year won a hard-fought “body slam challenge” match with the 411-lb Bulldozer.

Malachi has also held off the charge of Ali Kaida. The two were the most dominate tag team in the history of the KSWA—the International Thugs—when Malachi was more ruthless and Kaida was less. Now those roles have reversed, what with Ali Kaida nearly serving as a cartoon super-villain. He is more brutal and remorse-less than ever. Yet, Malachi—who a year ago has a career-changing night during the Drop-Kick Diabetes fundraiser near his home town—has been able to hold the Afghani Assault Weapon at bay.

Malachi and The Latin Assassin defeated Alexander and Ali Kaida at Autumn Annihilation in October. Both men were in top condition then and this Saturday should be no exception.

Alexander had his plate decidedly full before winning the Golden Triangle Championship again. At the Paul Scuillo Wrestling Event in September, Alexander had a “Match of the Year” quality show-down with Pittsburgh native and international superstar Shane Douglas. Douglas got the better of Alexander that night, but the two tore up the KSWA Arena like never before. Likewise, Alexander has been celebrating the VIP spoils with Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin. The trio (along with Advisor Frank Durso) have been riding high ever since Alexander turned on the Latin Assassin and joined the scourge of the KSWA just last December.

This year, Alexander has—despite living it up with the VIPs—re-energized his work-out regiment. At 6'4”, the muscular Alexander has become a much leaner 240-lb'er. The routine has paid dividends in the ring as his stamina has increased. This was never better showcased than in the Pier six-brawl with “The Franchise.”

Alexander says that he will break his own longevity record with the GT belt. In fact, he says he may just retire with the strap in several years. Malachi says it's time to chop the big man down to size.

Double-A Anthony Alexander defends the Golden Triangle Championship against Big Mike Malachi at FanFest this Saturday night. If Malachi fails to capture the Golden Triangle Championship, he will leave the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance.

The stakes have never been higher for both men.

KSWA FanFest is December 4, bell time 7:30 p.m. The event will be held at the KSWA Arena at the Lawrenceville Moose, 120 51st Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Tickets are only $5, fans are encouraged to bring a new toy for a needy kid. Card is subject to change.