Megastars At The Top Of Their Careers: The Latin Assassin Defends KSWA Title Against Ali Kaida

November 30, 2010
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In Pittsburgh, championships mean something. The Steelers, the Pirates, the Penguins have all been heralded at one time or another as the best in their respective sports. All have been champions.

In Pittsburgh, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance and the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship is recognized as the top in professional wrestling. The title is defended in Pittsburgh and the KSWA has been acknowledged for excellence at the city and levels. And as the years go by the KSWA brand is expanding throughout Western Pennsylvania, and beyond.

Simply put: it's gigantic news when the KSWA title is defended. And at FanFest, its profile and importance is never bigger.

The current world heavyweight champion, The Latin Assassin is training hard to defend the most prestigious title in the state against Ali Kaida, an opponent who may not be training as much as punching and gouging tractors in a field somewhere.

A year ago, the Latin Assassin was on his ascent upward, but unfortunately he did not pry the KSWA title from “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard. That had more to do with Double-A Anthony Alexander attacking his “friend” Latin in a screw-job heard 'round the world.

A year ago, Ali Kaida was brawling to a no-contest against his former tag team partner, Big Mike Malachi. Oddly, Malachi and Alexander face each other at this year's FanFest.

Since that time 12 months ago, Latin continued to charge after Blanchard, finally winning the vaunted title on May 1 at Mayhem at the Moose. Meanwhile, Kaida has been stomping opponents, sometimes two at a time.

Latin has defended the KSWA gold against Ali Kaida this year, most notably at the Independence Day Celebration at Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville. Had Kaida won the belt on the 4th of July weekend, that may have made international headlines. Latin also successful defended against Kaida and the legendary Lord Zoltan in a Triple Threat Match at “When Worlds Collide” in August. The Assassin has also defended against Blanchard, the Blood Beast and practically every other Megastar who has earned a shot, some times while nursing a horrendous ankle injury.

The ankle injury had some whispering about Latin relinquishing the strap, much like he had with the former Tri-State Championship in June, 2006. Latin had suffered a career-threatening back injury and battled his way back to top shape. Ali Kaida has also been away from the KSWA Arena, because of mysterious means. He too has suffered injuries, most notably a knee tweak at the Paul Scuillo Wrestling event in September. That injury was sustained mere weeks after winning the King of Millvale Battle Royal, where the winner received a title shot at FanFest.

Ali Kaida was in the challenger's corner for the KSWA title at the first FanFest in 2005. On that same card, Latin Assassin tried unsuccessfully to grasp the Tri-State title.

In 2008 in arguably the most vicious feud of his career, Ali Kaida nearly defeated Anthony Alexander for the strap at FanFest. Latin Assassin and Blood Beast won the tag team belts.

Both men have been integral parts of the KSWA for a decade. Latin made his debut with the organization in 2000, Ali Kaida has been stomping on heads since early 2003. With the exception of last year's Grudge Match with Mike Malachi, Ali Kaida has been involved in a Championship Match for each of the previous FanFest events. This will be his third shot at the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship at FanFest.

Latin was the Special Outside Enforcer in the Shawn Blanchard/La Lucha title match in 2006. In many minds that match was the biggest FanFest contest in the KSWA history and Latin had an important role as Interim Commissioner and Watchdog over Frank Durso. A year later he was victorious in a Handicapped Match against Biker Al and the Blood Beast.

Both combatants bring vast experience to the ring, and unparalleled presence on the KSWA's biggest stage. Saturday's chapter will be another spell-binding tale. The Latin Assassin defends the KSWA World Heavyweight Title against Ali Kaida at FanFest, this Saturday, December 4 at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the Lawrenceville Moose, 120 51st St in the Lawrenceville neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh. All tickets are $5. Fans are encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy for needy children in Allegheny County. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Card is subject to change.