KSWA Megastar of the Month Returns! The First Is A First For Sure!

January 4, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

When KSWA Owner Bobby O announced the formation of a new division—and a new championship—many in attendance (as well as the locker room) were elated! Bobby O shocked the FanFest crowd (and locker room) with a Gauntlet Match featuring six Megastars, most of whom were rookies in 2010. The winner of the Gauntlet Match would become the first-ever KSWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion!

The Great Toyota (the only veteran among the crop of participants) and The Jester started the fray. The Jester pinned Toyota. That brought in “The Ice Man” Tony Johnson. Johnson, the largest participant at 198 lbs, came in and pinned The Jester.

Jay Flash then came in to take on his frequent tag team partner and long-time friend. The matchup was a great one between two wrestlers who know each other inside and out. After a grueling bout, Johnson pinned Flash.

“The Flawless One” J.P. Goulet rushed the ring and attacked a weary Johnson. The Canadian punished the St. Louis native initially, but Johnson was able to prevail.

That left “The Thunder Bay Bomber” and Goulet's “Canadian Perfection” tag team partner Drew Belanger to lay waste to Johnson. However, the resilient Johnson pressed on and caught a second wind. With fans chanting “USA, USA,” Johnson was able to pin Belanger after several frantic minutes.

Jay Flash returned to the ring to help raise the hand of his friend. The fans went wild.

The winner and the first-ever KSWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion is “The Ice Man” Tony Johnson!

“The Ice Man” Tony Johnson is the first KSWA Megastar of the Month for 2011!