New Challenger Comes To Latin's Fore Front, Martin Gets Flashy To Win Battle Bowl

January 20, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

January is the beginning of a new year. Most people tackle resolutions and promises of a new beginning. In the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance, there is no exception. Megastars position themselves in new ways, some hopes and dreams are met. Some are shattered. Thus is how the squared circle goes 'round.

Latin Addresses The Krazies

The Latin Assassin entered the ring in his dazzling street clothes, just about a month after vanquishing the challenge of Ali Kaida for the KSWA World Title. He welcomed the Krazies and thanked them for their support. He also talked about the opportunities that are abundant in the KSWA. He proceeded to do something that hasn't been seen often in the KSWA: he presented an open challenge to all Megastars in the back locker room. Later in the evening, the challenge would be met, said the Champ.

KSWA Tag Team Title Match: VIPs (w/Frank Durso) v. Buda and Great Toyota

The new KSWA World Tag Team Champions, “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard and “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin hit the ring full of confidence and egotism. They wrestled away the Tag Team Championships from Kris Kash and Shane Starr at FanFest, mainly because guest manager J.J. Dillon turned his back on his wards and tossed Blanchard a fist full of brass knuckles. Here the champs chose rookie Mike Buda and the martial arts master The Great Toyota as their hand-picked “Number One Contenders.”

Toyota and Blanchard started out with Blanchard tossing Toyota across the ring. Blanchard then shoulder-blocked Toyota to the mat. He continued his assault with double chops to Toyota's trapezius muscles. That knocks Toyota down and Blanchard goes to work on his arm. Lou Martin is tagged in and the Dr. of Devastation drops Toyota's trachea over the middle rope. Martin charges from behind and lands on Toyota, causing the English-language-challenged Megastar to blurt out “koo koo.”

Blanchard is back in and he bodyslams Toyota. For several minutes, Toyota cannot reach Buda in the corner. With referee Shawn Patrick distracted, Toyota is draped over the bottom rope and into the awaiting hands of the devious Frank Durso. Durso chokes away. Martin is “phantom tagged” back in and the choking continues. Buda distracts Patrick as he tries in vein to get to the languishing Toyota.

The beat down continues. Toyota kicks out at two. Martin tires of thrashing Toyota so he tosses the Japanese export into Buda's waiting tag. Buda is met with Martin's right fist. He's soon clotheslined and hit with a double back elbow from both of the VIPs. Buda is in the corner and Blanchard goes for a splash. He misses. Buda is able to get a little offense in before Blanchard goes for the knee. Martin gets some offense in before Buda gets a little bit of a charge. Toyota is back in. He drops Martin and gets a one-count. Toyota applies a sleeper-hold on Martin. Blanchard breaks it up. Martin slams Toyota. Blanchard pulls a couple of tricks out of his basket with a series of running clothes lines.

Martin goes to the turnbuckle and Blanchard holds Toyota out for a leg drop out of the corner. There's a pin and the VIPs retain the belts.

Post match: Frank Durso kicks the challengers out of the ring. Blanchard and Martin, on the outside, exchange words with the Krazies.

Jay Flash v. Del Douglas (w/The Jester)

The King and Jay Flash meet in what will be a doozy of a match. King's Jester lurks at ring side. Douglas tosses Flash outside at the first opportunity. After some give and go out there, they are both back in the ring. Flash gets Douglas down for a two count. Flash gets some offense in before Douglas rakes his eyes. Douglas bullies Flash and gets him to the mat. He goes to the turnbuckle and lands the vaunted fist, a move that Douglas reminds the fans, “Is banned in 49 out of the 50 states.” Flash kicks up at two from a pin attempt.

Douglas continues to wrap Flash about and follows with an elbow and a two count. Flash is stood up and Douglas grabs him in the crotch before clubbing him with a vicious chop. Douglas goes for a pin but Flash is in the ropes. The hold is broken. Del uses the ropes to choke Jay. Douglas gets up to distract the ref and the Jester uses the ropes to choke Flash.

Somehow, Flash regroups and mounts his own resistance. Flash chops Douglas down and suddenly, improbably gets a two-count. He kicks Douglas back down for another two count. Flash bodyslams Douglas and goes to the top turnbuckle. He dives and lands back-first on top of Douglas' sternum. Flash rolls off and referee Jimmy James peers in to see if Douglas is severely injured. With James' back turned, the Jester rushes in and T-bone suplexes Jay Flash. Del recovers just enough as the referee sees a fallen Flash. Douglas makes the cover and scores the pin. Jay Flash figures out what happened as Douglas and the Jester make their way back to the locker room.

Jr. Heavyweight Championship: Starr v. Johnson (Champ)

“Ice Man” Tony Johnson takes his cool swagger to the ring to defend the Jr. Heavyweight Championship against Shane Starr in a battle of two fan favorites.

The two shake hands in the center of the ring then meet with a collar and elbow tie up. It is quickly converted into an arm bar by Shane Starr. Tony Johnson reverses it. This leads to a series of technical maneuvers. After a hip toss by Johnson on Starr, both men stop and in a moment of respect, acknowledge each other's abilities. The move back into action and Starr suplexes Johnson. He gets a two count. There's another pin attempt but Johnson kicks out.

Starr follows up by going after Johnson's leg. Starr then punches Johnson in the head. He follows that up with a drop kick and two count on Johnson. Johnson launches Starr over the top rope but he lands on the apron and jumps back in the ring. The two continue to go at it. Starr clotheslines and punches Johnson. There's another two count then a bodyslam on Johnson. Another two count.

Johnson rallies and gets Starr in a submission move. He will not give up. Starr rolls Johnson into the ropes. The count breaks up the hold. Johnson gains more momentum and puts the boots and fists to Starr. Down on the mat, Johnson uses his knee to drive Starr's left elbow forward in a grisly second. Luckily, no long-term damage was done.

Johnson continues with the offense. He goes for a splash in the corner but misses. The two Megastars run the ropes and connect on a huge double clothesline. After a few moments the men get up and trade chops in the center of the ring. Both men fall to the center of the ring.

As Starr is about to pin Johnson, the 10 minute time limit bell is rung. No decision. Time has expired. Johnson keeps the belt. But the Krazies chant for “five more minutes.” KSWA Owner Bobby O hears the plea and makes his way ringside. He says that since the fans want it, there will be five more minutes.

Referee Shawn Patrick climbs back in to re-start the match. The extra period starts with some real action and then the VIPs, Blanchard and Martin charge the ring. Both Johnson and Starr are suplexed out, then Kris Kash and Jay Flash (Starr and Johnson's respective tag team partners) hit the ring and make the save. The VIPs leave and the four young Megastars raise each other's hands.

Owner Bobby O Interview

KSWA Owner Bobby O enters the ring to announce that in addition to the KSWA's Tag Team, Golden Triangle and Heavyweight Championship title shots going to the top three finishers, the new Jr. Heavyweight belt was also being included. The last four guys would win title shots for respective titles at a future time in 2011.

Suddenly, Justin Sane's music hits and he enters the ring. Bobby O goes to shake his hand but Sane kicks him in the stomach! Bobby O drops and the assault continues before the referees can make the save. Sane turns his attention to Ring Announcer Trapper Tom, chasing him around the ring. The refs try to control Justin as Trapper gets into the ring to attend to Bobby O. The refs come in and Justin spills them out. Justin then grabs Bobby O and starts crying. Bobby gets away from Justin as the insane one continues to mope. Ultimately he is lead out of the ring.

Golden Triangle Championship: Kash v. Alexander (champ) with Frank Durso

There's nothing quite like it when the KSWA Krazies show displeasure for a Megastar. When 50 bar-side fans turn their backs on Anthony Alexander during his entrance, it makes a statement.

Kris Kash made his way to the ring mere moments before the two-time champ

The two one-time friends lock up in the center of the ring and then trade a series of technical moves before Alexander just shoves Kash away. Alexander boots Kash and pushes the challenger into the corner. That's where Alexander puts his wrestling boot into Kash's throat. Alexander distracts referee Shawn Patrick and Frank Durso chokes Kash in the corner. Alexander's offense continues as he whips Kash into the corner, follows that up with a splash, and then a bulldog in the center of the ring.

Alexander puts the boots to Kash at that point. Then he chokes him with the ring ropes. There's a lot more offense on Kash before Durso can choke him again in the corner. The ref breaks that up and Kash gets a second wind. He goes up to the top rope for a splash but is caught on the way down. Alexander then launches him across the entire ring. Even after all of that, Alexander can only get a two count.

Kash rallies and gets Alexander into the corner. Kash lands his patented tilt-a-whirl drop kick. Alexander is down for a two count when he launches Kash off of him. Kash mounts more offense at the ten minute mark of this 15 minute time limit match.

Kash goes for his Twist of Fate move, Alexander reverses it and lands his own Prime Time Cancellation. Alexander gets the win. Alexander and Durso antagonize the crowd.

World Title Match: Open Challenger v. Latin Assassin (champion)

The Latin Assassin comes to the KSWA Arena with belt in hand after facing Ali Kaida at FanFest. Latin earlier opened up an opportunity for anyone in the back.

And then Mitch Napier's music hits. Napier is considered the best wrestler in the KSWA to have never held a title. This might be his night.

After some moments of jockeying with the crowd, the two Megastars meet in the middle of the ring and shake hands. The chess match starts early with Latin's shoulder block on Napier and Napier hip tosses the Assassin. The two wrestle until Mitch is in the ropes. Latin breaks the hold.

Mitch gets Latin in a head lock. Latin takes Mitch down. Both men trade near pins. The intensity of the match is fast and furious for both Megastars. Latin plants a back elbow on Napier. He puts Napier into a reverse chin lock before Mitch is pushed into the corner. Latin suplexes Mitch and gets a two count. Twice.

Mitch regroups and drop kicks Latin. Latin falls the outside and that's where Mitch follows for some more offense. Mitch is getting the better of the situation and rolls back into the ring for a split second, enough to break the count. Napier goes for Latin's knee. Napier uses the ring steps as a weapon as he picks up Latin and drops him, knee first, onto the ring steps. Back inside Napier goes for Latin's knee. With Latin face-first in the mat, Mitch pulls his arm back into a submission maneuver. The champ will not break.

Mitch pulls Latin into the ring post and slams his knee up against the steel beam. All of the moves are legal. Mitch is displaying a harder edge and a more aggressive attitude as he gets the shot. Mitch lands a cross-body block and gets only a two count. Latin battles back but Mitch holds on, getting him into a modified Sharpshooter. Mitch bends Latin's legs back, but he stays to the side of Latin, instead of bending over backwards. Latin gets a hand into the ropes, the hold is broken and Latin bails outside. Napier climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives onto the Assassin with a double-sledge.

Somehow, Latin rallies and punches Napier down. Latin takes control on the outside. The fans urge Latin to plaster Napier with a chair. He doesn't. Both are back in and continue to assault each other. Latin bodyslams Napier and goes to the turnbuckle for his flying elbow. He lands it but miraculously only scores a two-count. Napier recovers and suplexes Latin.

Both men are on the mat, spent at the 13 minute mark of the 20 minute title contest.

At seven on the double count out, Napier tries to roll over and pin Latin. He kicks out at two.

Out of nowhere, Mitch gets Latin up in his finishing move, the Souix Falls Drop, but Latin breaks out and gets Mitch into a reverse DDT. He scores the win.

Both sides are very slow in getting up. Latin calls for the microphone and declares respect for Napier. He says that he didn't know Napier was that good. “You're ready,” the champ said. “This will not be the last opportunity you get at this title.”

The two embrace and head back to the locker room together.

Main Event: Battle Bowl

The rules of the match are simple: Three Megastars start and then every minute another enters the fray. The combatants are tossed over the top rope and eliminated. The top four winners “J's” are wild to begin as Joey Quervo, The Jester and J.P. Goulet start out. The Jester and Goulet go after Quervo right away. They almost immediately dump The Drunken Luchadore over the top rope.

Goulet clotheslines Jester from behind. It's every man for himself.

Next out is the other half of Canadian Perfection, the Cold Blooded Canadian, Drew Bellanger. The Canadian Tag Team goes after The Jester.

Next out is Alex Arcadian, who charges the Canadians, who duck and pull the top rope down. Arcadian goes over the top rope and is eliminated, about three seconds after entering the match.

Mike Buda is next. The rookie goes after J.P. Goulet.

Next out is Shawn Blanchard who goes in after Buda and the others.

Next out is Shane Starr, who comes out like a house a fire.

Next out is Blood Beast.

Jay Flash is out after that.

Next out is Anthony Alexander.

Lou Martin, the remaining member of the VIPs, is out next.

The Great Toyota is next into the match

Next out is Tony Johnson.

Del Douglas is out next.

Kris Kash is out.

Next out is Mitch Napier.

And the final entrant is Justin Sane.

After Quervo and Arcadian, Mike Buda is eliminated. Drew Bellanger and J.P. Goulet are launched right after one another.

The Jester made a nice run of it before being eliminated.

Shane Starr surprisingly is bumped.

The Great Toyota is the next to go, then Mitch Napier, Anthony Alexander, Tony Johnson and Kris Kash.

That leaves the final five: Blood Beast, Jay Flash, Del Douglas, Lou Martin and Justin Sane. Blood Beast is eliminated after a concerted effort by all the others. Justin Sane and Del Douglas are then pitched. That leaves Jay Flash and Lou Martin.

After an exciting series of moves, Lou Martin dumps Jay Flash over the top rope and wins the Battle Bowl. Jay Flash, Del Douglas, Justin Sane and Lou Martin summarily win title shots at the KSWA championships later this year.

Thus ends New Year's Knockout with Battle Bowl!