February Megastar Of The Month: We're Serious About This One

February 8, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

For as long as this veteran wrestler has been in action, he's been more than a tad peculiar. Some say he's off-his-rocker. Some say he's “touched.” All say he's Justin Sane!

A “resident” of Smith's Grove Sanitarium in Haddonfield, Illinois, Sane has long been a familiar face (albeit sometimes covered by a flaky mask) in the KSWA. A five-time Golden Triangle Champion, (one reign in 2000 lasted less than one day and another lasted two weeks), Sane recently had a chance to challenge for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship, but he turned it down.

“Tag Team, Tag Team,” is a familiar refrain from this talented high-flyer and it's the opportunity he cherishes following his Top 4 finish in the Battle Bowl. Each of the last four Megastars left in the ring at the end of Battle Bowl gets a shot at a title in 2011. Sane earned a shot at the Heavyweight Championship (a title he has never held) but—after arguing with “my people” who weren't seen—Sane jumped at the Tag Team shot. That choice was made despite the fact that he doesn't have a regular tag team partner and he really doesn't travel with any of the other Megastars anymore.

It should be noted that recent findings have shown that Justin Sane is actually a British immigrant, born to sophisticates in Buckinghamshire, England. During a recent taping of the NBC television program “Who Do You Think You Are,” it was revealed that Sane is the descendant of oil barons. However, Justin's grandfather (who was famous for taking his children out to dinner then deducting their tabs from their already miserly allowances), relegated Justin and his family to America. While records are sketchy, Justin was separated from his family and ultimately raised by a hoarder.

[Unfortunately, NBC will not air Justin's segment, as for three weeks, TV executives got the wrestler confused with his distant cousin, music sensation Justin Bieber. A possible lawsuit is pending. Also from the zany file: Bieber was in fact named after his cousin.]

Justin hasn't made his intentions known about when he will take his shot at the Tag Team Championship, or with whom. More may be known when the KSWA returns to action on Saturday, February 19 at the home of professional wrestling in Pittsburgh, the Lawrenceville Moose.

Congratulations to Justin Sane, February's “Megastar of the Month.”