“Revenge” May Be Sweet For Megastars On February 19

February 11, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance landscape continues to buzz with anticipation following Battle Bowl and the subsequent drawings to determine who receives opportunities of the year. Battle Bowl winner “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin got what he wanted—a shot at the KSWA Heavyweight Title currently held by The Latin Assassin, but only because Justin Sane (who won the first pick for a shot of his choice) chose a Tag Team opportunity. Martin had the second choice and he went for the gold. Battle Bowl runner up Jay Flash registered for a shot at the Golden Triangle Championship and 'The King” Del Douglas chose last and was left with a shot at the new Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

And to some's amazement, Douglas immediately challenged new Jr. Heavyweight Champ “The Ice Man” Tony Johnson for his gold on Saturday, February 19. Douglas, who routinely weighs in at 211 lbs for KSWA events, will need to shed around a dozen pounds to make the 200 limit. (Johnson ins the largest wrestler in that division at 198 lbs.) Douglas has told KSWA executives that his regiment to lose the needed weight is going well. His official weigh in comes Thursday before “Revenge.”

At “New Year's Knockout” in January, KSWA Champion The Latin Assassin allowed for an open contract to be signed, thus kicking off a new year. Surprising to some, the Midwest Sensation, Mitch Napier stepped to the plate and ultimately gave Latin a run for his money. At the end of a hard-fought battle, Latin congratulated Mitch and promised that the best Megastar to never hold a title would be in line for a shot some other time.

Since that time, “Gentleman” Joe Perri has badgered the KSWA home offices to get his ward, The Blood Beast, a chance to demolish The Latin Assassin and Mitch Napier. It was soon arraigned that Beast and The Jester would take on Latin and Mitch in the Main Event at Revenge.

In January it was hinted that Double-A Anthony Alexander would defend the Golden Triangle Championship against a “mystery opponent.” It can now be announced that the Windy City henchman Bobby Badfingers will challenge for the gold. This match between two veterans known for ham-fisted attacks cold be one of the most entertaining and interesting bouts of the evening. Alexander has really taken a laid-back approach to his in-ring abilities now that he's aligned with Frank Durso and the VIPs. Meanwhile, Badfingers is still convincing the general populace that his days of bullying are behind him and this opportunity for the Golden Triangle Championship would be a gigantic coup.

Speaking of bullies, Wheeling, West Virginia native “Vicious” Vinnie Stone is demanding that he get a Return Match with Alex Arcadian. Arcadian made Stone submit at FanFest, now Stone says that he did not give up and e wants Arcadian inside the squared circle. Arcadian, who returned to the KSWA in a bid to defend the honor of his friend (and former tag team partner) Ric Rumsky against the brutal Vinnie Stone.

In recent weeks, Ali Kaida has disappeared from public view. He's done that before. In fact, his match against Biker Al was originally scheduled for January; however, neither Megastar was in attendance at the Lawrenceville Moose. Al re-injured a knee and Kaida was off the grid. Now both have resurfaced and this match has been set. Biker Al has been besieged with injuries and he's taken a decided “back seat” to many of the younger, hungry Megastars. That being noted, Biker Al believes that he could return to a seat of prestige with a decisive victory over the Afghani Assault Weapon. It will be interesting to see what mood Ali Kaida is in once he returns from his mysterious missions.

A showdown between the Masked Marvels—The Great Toyota and Joey Quervo—is just over the horizon. While the tag team remains friendly, they have entered into a competition to see who is the better solo Megastar. Joey Quervo has held some success as a tag team wrestler—most notably a Tag Team Championship run—with La Lucha in parts of 1997 and 1998. Toyota, meanwhile, hasn't had that success despite holding most martial arts titles at one time or another in his storied career. Both are convinced that he is the best individual wrestler. This showdown at Revenge could but that answer to rest.

In other developments, the former KSWA Tag Team Championship Kris Kash and Shane Starr have asked for time to address the Krazies and the locker room. The one-time Lost Boys had found their dreams come true with a tag team title reign, only to be duped by the leader of the famed Four Horsemen, one James J. Dillon. Kash and Starr intend to make their desires known.

The current and new KSWA Tag Team champions—Lou Martin and “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard—will be in action on Saturday, as will “The Flawless One” J.P. Goulet and “The Cold Blooded Canadian” Drew Belanger (collectively known as Canadian Perfection), Jay Flash and Justin Sane.

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KSWA “Revenge” is Saturday, February 19th, 2011 at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh the Lawrenceville Moose, 120 51st St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Bell time is at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids. Card is subject to change.