After Impressive Win, Mitch Napier Saves Latin, May Be Blinded By Kaida's "Revenge"

February 21, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

In one of the most devious and evil actions ever perpetrated on a KSWA Megastar, Ali Kaida may have blinded Mitch Napier with a fireball.

The cowardly attack took place following the KSWA Champion Latin Assassin and Mitch Napier's pinfall win over The Jester and The Blood Beast. While the duo was celebrating, the Afghani Assault Weapon charged the ring and tried to ignite one of his patented fireballs. The Magnanimous Midwesterner pushed Latin aside and took the brunt of the burst in his own face. Latin immediately came to the Sioux Falls, Iowa native's aid and Ali Kaida showed something we hadn't seen from him before: a smile.

The evening began with KSWA Owner hitting the ring to talk about “King” Del Douglas not making weight for his shot at the Jr. Heavyweight Champion. Bobby said that instead of not having a match, Douglas was going to be able to pick two partners and Johnson was going to be able to pick partners for a 6-man match later in the evening. He also announced that Lou Martin, Shawn Blanchard, Justin Sane and Mitch Napier would be competing for the Joe Abby Memorial tournament honors in March. The owner also made mention that the late Ron Romano and Bobby “Hurricane” Hunt would be inducted into the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance Hall of Fame, Class of 2011 next month.

Just as he was wrapping up, Kris Kash and Shane Starr approached the ring. The duo said that they were frustrated with the VIPs for not giving them a re-match for the KSWA Tag Team Championship. With that, J.P. Goulet and Drew Belanger—collectively known as Canadian Perfection—stormed the ring. Goulet took the mic and called Kash and Starr derogatory names. The Canadians implied that they—and not the former champions—could get a shot at the KSWT Tag Team belts. The KSWA Krazies did not like that at all and let the Canucks know it. The two teams jawed at each other for a short while before it looked like it was going to break apart. Bobby O got between the teams and announced that they would face each other in a tag match later in the evening. Kash and Starr liked that idea while Canadian Perfection seemed a little surprised by Bobby O's quick match making. In any event, the match is on.

The Great Toyota v. Joey Quervo

This matchup between frequent tag team partners and long-time friends promised to be interesting. Here, the Masked Marvels were ready to see who was better this Saturday night. The two bowed to one another before the bell was rung. They initiated a series of chain wrestling moves to feel each other out, being friends and all. Both Masked Megastars get momentum on one another, and then fall behind. With Toyota down, Quervo goes to the top rope and lands on him. There's a count but Toyota is up at two. Again there's a two-count. Toyota rallies and gets Quervo in an arm bar. Toyota twists him to the mat. Then Toyota hits him with a boot. Another near fall. Quervo rallied and face plants Toyota into the canvas. Quervo goes to the middle rope and jumps onto the fallen Toyota. Quervo gets the one, two, three and the win. Toyota pops up and runs behind the curtain. Quervo is taken aback as he expected to celebrate with Toyota. Seconds later, Toyota returns with two bottles of beer. He takes them into the ring and duo clink bottles and drink as a team before the Krazies.

“Revenge” is well under way.

Biker Al v. Ali Kaida

Biker Al hits the ring with Gentleman Joe Perri at his side. Ali Kaida, perhaps more peeved than ever in the KSWA, hits the ring in a violent manner.

Kaida won't let referee Jimmy James check for weapons. More than a little threatened by the monstrous Kaida, Jimmy just calls for the bell and the match to start. The bell rings and Ali Kaida is all over Biker Al. Kaida lands with huge punches and European upper cuts. James has to work hard to get Kaida to get off of Al's eyes. Al is shoved in the corner and Ali Kaida lands into him with a series of shoulders into the back.

There's a foot in Al's face. It doesn't look good for Al. At one point during the match the Krazies start chanting for Biker Al, a side-winder from way back. Kaida administers a suplex and nearly gets a pin. Kaida lands Al in a submission move and after several minutes, Biker Al, the hardened Biker from Sturgus, South Dakota, taps out. Kaida will not immediately let go. He eventually does let go of Al, but then stomps and kicks him. Al falls outside and Kaida rams him into the ring post on the outside.

It takes a while but the scene is eventually cleared.

Tony Johnson & 2 Partners v. Del Douglas & 2 Partners

It's now time for the special 6-Megastar match declared by KSWA Owner Bobby O. The new Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tony Johnson arrives and takes the microphone to say that “The King” Del Douglas didn't make weight for his opportunity. It's then announced that Jay Flash is one of Johnson's partners. The large crowd is abuzz when it's announced that Justin Sane is the third member of the team. Justin, in goggles and a straight jacket, zooms around the Arena. The fans are electric.

Then “The King,” along with The Jester, are introduced. Douglas takes a long time getting around the ring and the fans are charged up. It's then announced that Douglas' tag team partners are the KSWA Tag Team Champions, the VIPs—Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin (along with their Advisor, Frank Durso).

After a long time of introductions and preening, Justin Sane wants to lock up with Shawn Blanchard. Blanchard, a former 5-time KSWA Champion, retreats into the ropes. Sane bails to the outside, grabs the ring bell and says that the inanimate object is his tag team partners. It is not.

Once inside, Blanchard corrals Sane in a headlock and then whips him into the ropes and connects on a shoulder block. Both Megastars run the ropes in opposite directions and Justin powders to the outside, leaving Blanchard running by himself. After a few seconds he realizes his mistake.

Sane re-enters and knees Blanchard in the chest. Martin dashes in and is met with a drop kick. Fans chant for Sane. Frank Durso is up on the apron.

Blanchard rallies and plows Justin's head into the turnbuckle. Justin counters by ramming his own head into the turnbuckle. This stuns Blanchard, but he quickly recovers and grabs Justin, then tags in Martin. They pull Justin toward their corner and that forces the other team into the ring. All six wrestlers are battling it out at this point. Ref Shawn Patrick pushes Johnson and Flash back. The VIPs take further advantage of Sane. Lou Martin drops a leg on Sane then throws him into the ropes, and the waiting hands of choke-artist Durso. Martin distracts the ref, Douglas is in.

The King hangs Sane into the Royal Tree of Woe and then drop kicks him. Sane recovers and they trade punches in the center of the ring. After more than 6:30 of action, Sane finally gets to his corner and tags Jay Flash. Martin is in and he floors Flash. There's a pin attempt but he only gets two. Martin lands an elbow on Flash. He tags in Blanchard. Flash gets Blanchard into the corner and lands ten punches to the head. Blanchard goes down. The count is broken up when Martin makes the save of his partner.

Flash misses a clothesline on Blanchard and he's clobbered with a flying drop kick.

At 8:48 in the match, Tony Johnson is finally tagged in.

Johnson goes to work on Blanchard, goes for a pin but the Enforcer kicks out. Johnson drop kicks Blanchard. Johnson chops Blanchard in the corner and then Justin Sane is tagged back in. Sane lands a leg drop on his frequent foe. Sane follows up with the Shock Therapy from the top rope but Blanchard gets his knees up just in time! Blanchard follows that up with a kick to the nether regions. Blanchard hits Justin with the Spinebuster. Martin is tagged in and he goes to work on Justin.

It's classic VIP tag team wrestling.

Martin bodyslams Justin twice. Blanchard is tagged back in. Blanchard lands an impressive sit down power bomb on Justin. Johnson makes the save after a two-count.

Justin rallies enough for he and Blanchard to land double clotheslines on one another. With the crowd in a tizzy, both men reach their corners. The King and Tony Johnson are both tagged in, with an opportunity to meet. It's bedlam. Flash and Martin meet. Douglas and Sane meet. Blanchard and Johnson trade chops. Blanchard lands a low blow. The VIPs set Johnson up for their Very Important Doomsday leg drop and Douglas races in to record the pin.

The winners are the VIPs. They celebrate as Durso comes in and kicks the fallen Flash and Johnson. Sane is on the outside.

Vinnie Stone v. Alex Arcadian

This is a return match from FanFest. Anger still burns between these two, and Stone was very insistent with the KSWA offices to get a rematch, even though he lost very distinctly in December.

Stone promised a different outcome this time around. The Krazies shouted, “Alex is going to kill you” before they tied up. Arcadian backs Vinnie into a corner, and instead of letting him have it with a closed fist, Alex simply, lightly slaps Stone in the mush. Arcadian goes to the center of the ring and they tie up again. Alex grabs Vinnie in an arm bar but Stone reverses it. Arcadian reverses it. He pump-handles Stone's arm but Vinnie gains leverage and tosses him into the corner. Vinnie goes back to work on Arcadian's left arm. The pace is slow and methodical, just the way Stone likes it. The technical wrestling goes back and forth. This is a far cry from the frantic pace of the match that preceded this one.

Vinnie delivers fists in the corner, then whips Arcadian across the ring. He misses a splash, then Arcadian misses a move. These combatants have known each other well. Stone knocks Arcadian down for a two-count. Alex is up, then down again following a European upper cut. While down, Arcadian is choked. Referee Jimmy James warns him to no avail. Stone is in a grumpy mood.

Arcadian is able to get to his feet and force Stone into a corner, where he's met with a splash. Stone crumbles to the outside. Alex follows him, but Stone grabs Arcadian's arm and wraps it around the ring post. Both men are outside of a long time. There's an eight-count before they get back in. Vinnie is tangled in the ropes and Arcadian is able to use his good hand to strike Stone. There's a collision and both Megastars are down. Vinnie instinctively puts his arm over Arcadian for a two-count. Both get up and trade punches. There's a stand off as Arcadian is getting angry.

Vinnie knocks Alex down with a clothesline but Arcadian pops back up. There's another clothesline. Arcadian pops back up again. Arcadian whips Vinnie into the ropes and then knocks him to the mat.

The two go at it for several more minutes before Stone finds an opening. He is able to grab Arcadian, suddenly, into a submission move and the Yuma, Arizona resident is forced to tap out. The crowd is stunned with the quick development. Stone grabs the microphone and tells Arcadian that “you tapped out.”

Stone then leaves and Arcadian recovers.

Canadian Perfection v. Kash & Starr

After intermission, referee Shawn Patrick hits the ring for this much-anticipated show down between the KSWA's two most dynamic, young teams.

J.P. Goulet and Drew Belanger, the Flawless One and the Cold-Blooded Canadian respectively, have no love lost for the former Lost Boys. They think it's time for a new team on the block, and with belts. The KSWA Krazies overwhelmingly support Kash and Starr and voice themselves with a loud “USA, USA” chant.

Kash and Belanger start out. Kash hip-tosses Belanger. Starr is tagged in and he gets a quick two-count on Belanger. It could end that quickly.

Starr suplexes Drew and gets another two count. There's a leg drop.

In the early going, the team of Kash and Starr are in control, with Starr seeing most of the high-impact success. He perfect-plexes Belanger and nearly gets a pinfall. is tagged in and is almost immediately met with a cheap shot.

That's enough of a window of opportunity to get Goulet in the ring. The Flawless One lays chops into Kash, but Kris battles out.

Over the years Kash has exhibited a bit of a temper. He uses it to his advantage here against the Canadians. But then Goulet gains and upper hand, whips him into the corner and follows with a splash and forearm. Goulet follows that up with boots and knees. Kash rallies for a Sunset Flip and a near fall. Belanger is tagged in and he punches Kash, and whips him into the corner, but Kash flips out back onto the Cold Blooded Canadian.

Both Goulet and Starr are tagged back in, and Starr cleans house against both of his opponents with clotheslines. There's another near pinfall, this time on Goulet. Then another after a suplex.

Starr gets more offense before Goulet hits him with a low blow. There's a kick to Shane Starr's head. Starr is thrown into a corner and he's pummeled by both Canadians.

There's another “USA” chant. Goulet gets a near pinfall on Starr. Starr tags Kash in, but the ref doesn't see it and pushes Kris back. This allows more double teaming.

Belanger attacks Starr and goes for a pin. Kash makes the save. After more action, Goulet and Kash are both tagged in. Kash gets a 2 ¾ count on Goulet. The fans are in an uproar. Kash gets Goulet in the corner for his trademarked tilt-a-whirl drop kick. Goulet recovers and power bombs Kash. Starr makes the save.

Soon all four are in the ring. There's mass craziness as Kash is able to roll Goulet up for the pin. The winners: Kash and Starr. They celebrate while the Canadians angrily grumble.

Golden Triangle Championship: Bobby Badfingers v. Anthony Alexander (w/Durso)

The VIP's third member, Double-A Anthony Alexander is the reigning Golden Triangle Champion. Last month it was deemed that his opponent in February would be a surprise. It turned out to be the Windy City's Bobby Badfingers. In what had been a showcase for rapid action and technical wrestling, now was able to become a pier six knock-down, drag out fight. These are two of the biggest, strongest battlers in the KSWA locker room and it was about to go down. It took a long while to get things started. As usual, Double-A taunted the crowd. Alexander treats Badfingers with disdain. The fans respond with a “Bobby” chant. It's nearly two minutes after the bell rings before the Megastar make any kind of contact. Alexander's should block floors Badfingers. A big knee floors him again. It's all Alexander in the opening minutes with fists, boots and clotheslines. Alexander posts his boot on Badfingers' neck. Frank Durso then follows up with choking as Shawn Patrick is distracted by AA. For several minutes it's all Double-A power moves and Durso choking Badfingers whenever possible.

After more Alexander offense, Badfingers ducks a clothesline and lands one of his own flying clothesline. This falls Alexander for the first time in the evening. Badfingers stops an elbow drop and instead hits him with a closed fist. Badfingers gains momentum with a fall away slam. He covers and gets a two count. Alexander is in the corner and Badfingers buries his shoulder into Alexander's midsection. Durso is in and that distracts the ref. Alexander chokes Badfingers and bodyslams him. There's a leg drop and a two count. But Badfingers recovers and gets some of his own offense in. There are two near falls on Alexander. They both go outside. Durso distracts Badfingers and Alexander clubs him in the back of the head. Alexander repeatedly drives Badfingers' head into the apron. Alexander momentarily rolls back in to break the ref's count. Alexander beats on Badfingers some more before they both get back into the ring. With Badfingers down, Alexander jaws with the fans. Badfingers rallies for some offense but out of nowhere, Badfingers misses a clothesline and is met with a Prime Time Cancellation for the win. Badfingers rolls out and Alexander crows with Durso toward the fans.

Main Event: Blood Beast and The Jester v. Latin Assassin & Mitch Napier

The Blood Beast approached the ring with his manager Gentleman Joe Perri. The Jester came to the ring with Mayor Mystery. It's been no secret that Mayor Mystery is looking to pick up members of his own stable, now that Lord Zoltan has mysteriously disappeared from the KSWA locker room. The Mayor says that he was looking at The Jester as a possible recruit. Anyone else he was spying, he decried, wasn't “anyone's business.”

Mitch Napier was announced, as was The Latin Assassin. There was a surreal moment in the ring as all four were prepared to go at it, with the crowd cheering and jeering at a deafening level.

Mitch and Latin go to receive their fans and are attacked from behind. It breaks down immediately. Napier and Assassin force Beast and Jester to the outside. Latin proceeds to launch Mitch onto all four men on the outside. The Krazies scream “That was awesome!”

After a few moments, the Megastars are back in the ring and on the apron. The Jester starts flipping around in the ring and the Latin Assassin can only look on, puzzled by his antics. The Jester gets Latin in an arm bar, but he reverses it.

There's a fireman's takedown on the Jester. Mitch is tagged in. He knocks Jester down and nearly gets a pinfall. Mitch continues with a wrist lock until Latin is tagged back in. He slams the Jester and goes for another pin but the Blood Beast makes the save. A back elbow falls The Jester. Another close pinfall. Latin slaps the sleeper on The Jester. Mitch is tagged back in.

The fast friends of Latin Assassin and Mitch Napier work well together despite never really working together before.

Somehow the Blood Beast is tagged in and he goes on the assault, smashing Napier with big fists and forearms. He bodyslams Napier and tosses him out. Joe Perri and Mayor Mystery attack Mitch on the outside.

Perri picks up Napier and Mystery goes to strike him with his cane. Mitch ducks and Mystery stops short before hitting Perri. Then in shocking fashion, Mystery purposely guts Perri with the cane. Their short-lived partnership comes to an end. For the rest of the match, the managers distance themselves from one another.

Latin and Blood Beast find themselves on the outside with Mitch and the Jester inside. Jester chokes Napier in the corner. Blood Beast gets back in and kicks Mitch. Blood Beast, the legal man, bodyslams Napier and gets a near pinfall.

Napier rallies and drop kicks the Beast. Latin is tagged in but Jimmy James is distracted and doesn't see it. He won't allow the KSWA Champ in the ring. The Jester and Blood Beast double team Napier. The crowd chants loudly for Mitch.

Mitch breaks free from their clutches and gets another tag. The ref again doesn't see it. The double team continues.

Blood Beast and Jester continue their coordinated assault. Just as their opponents, the two face-painted Megastars work well as a team, despite never working together. This is the first showcase for The Jester, who usually trolls ringside for The King.

Blood Beast bodyslams Mitch then tags in the Jester who belly-to-belly suplexes the Souix Falls Crusader. Mitch is able to reverse the momentum and he tags in Latin. The place explodes as the Assassin makes his presence felt. The referee again doesn't see it, and forces Latin back.

Beast clubs Mitch. There's a two count. Latin breaks up the pin. Joe Perri punches Napier, who has been draped over the bottom rope.

Mayor Mystery moves in and chokes Mitch. Blood Beast side slams Napier and goes for the pin. Jester and Blood Beast take turns beating on Mitch, then they whip him into the ropes for a double back body drop. Instead Mitch stops and double DDT's them. The Latin Assassin is tagged in right in front of Jimmy James.

The KSWA Arena explodes as Latin clotheslines both opponents. He cleans house, and gets the Jester on his feet for a Flying Clothesline. Latin covers the Jester for the pin!

Latin and Napier celebrate as The Jester and Blood Beast collect themselves. Perri and Mystery bicker as they go to the back. As fans begin to leave, Ali Kaida rushes the ring and goes to hit Latin with the fire ball. That's when Mitch pushes him aside. Kaida rushes Mitch and tosses the fireball in his face. Mitch screams as Latin comes to his aid.

The referees take him to the back as an EMT is awaiting. Before that, however, Ali Kaida smiled and left.

That was the end of KSWA Revenge.