Megastar of the Month For March Marches To His Own Drum

March 8, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

One of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance's most devious Megastars is “Vicious” Vinnie Stone, a world-class brawler who will just as soon turn on a tag-team partner than look at him.

Originally brought into the KSWA as Kommissioner Biker Al's thugish cousin, Stone and his “blood” held the KSWA Tag Team championship for a short time in 2008. It was later determined that Al had tricked Stone and the two weren't really related.

Stone started to tag with Ric Rumsky, a talented and frantic Megastar who, along with Alex Arcdadian, derailed Al and Vinnie's tag team run. In fact for a while, Stone, Rumsky and Arcadian were running mates, hard-driving, fun-loving friends who were always up for a good time.

When Arcadian was injured and left the KSWA for a while, Rumsky and Stone created a formidable team and won the tag team titles almost one-year after Stone and Al won their straps. As luck would have it, the team lost the belts the very next day at Millvale Days. Stone and Rumsky would win the tag team championships again and retain them for a few months.

After losting the belts, Vinnie brutally attacked Rumsky and the Little Megastar that Could has not been heard from since.

Arcadian returned after another injury and has attempted to avenge Rumsky's injury, to mixed results. In February, Stone made Arcadian tap out, mere months after Arcadian forced Stone to give up.

Stone says he will brutally vanquish Arcadian—just like he did Rumsky—and move his sites toward KSWA gold once again.