Kash/Starr To Meet Canadian Perfection In Single's Competition, Mayor Mystery Promises Mayhem

April 24, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Mayor Mystery has shocked the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance by assembling The Allied Forces of Evil—The Blood Beast and Ali Kaida—at they have their collective sights set on Mayhem at the Moose on May 7th.

At the conclusion of the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament, The Blood Beast assisted Ali Kaida in reaping a non-title victory over KSWA Heavyweight Champion The Latin Assassin. Mayor Mystery somehow orchestrated the attack and the teaming, as a way to assume significant leverage in the KSWA. Now the Allied Forces of Evil will take on Latin Assassin and Mitch Napier in a tag team Main Event on May 7. Mayor says that he has bested new interim KSWA Kommissioner Joe Perri and that lifting the KSWA title from The Latin Assassin is his new number one ambition.

In other action, both members of the Canadian Perfection tag team—J.P. Goulet and Drew Belanger—will take on Shane Starr and Kris Kash respectively in single's competition. The upstart Canadians have been pushing Starr and Kash in recent months and this is the first opportunity for all four Megastars to meet each other in single's competition. The matchups are unique in that the Starr/Goulet pairing has turned more personal than Kash and Belanger. Starr noted that he is more experienced in the ring than the younger Goulet. Goulet, in turn, turned the charge around and commented that he is more hungry than the former tag team champion. Belanger claims to be a better technical wrestler than Kash, a former KSWA Golden Triangle Champion. These matchups promise just to be the start of a long and storied feud between these two remarkable teams.

In a rare occurrence, all three members of the VIPs—Golden Triangle Champion Anthony Alexander, as well as the KSWA tag team champions, Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin (along with Advisor Frank Durso)—will meet Justin Sane, Jay Flash and Bobby Badfingers in a 6-Megastar match. This conglomerate promises to be unique as the VIPs have not worked in a 6-man team for some time, Sane has become more unhinged than ever and Jay Flash looks ready to move to the next level. However, there haven't been any reports on the condition of Bobby Badfingers after being jumped by Blanchard and Martin at the KSWA Arena following a work out. Sane looks poised (if he ever finds a tag team partner) to go after Blanchard and Martin while both Flash and Badfingers have their sights set on the Golden Triangle strap. Badfingers has come close to earning the title, while Flash continues to hold onto a contract opportunity for the gold.

In a match that has the possibility to steal the entire show, Alex Arcadian challenges “The Ice Man” Tony Johnson for the brand new KSWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Johnson has looked formidable since winning his first-ever KSWA title during a Gauntlet Match at FanFest last December. Now Johnson has his hardest defense against Arcadian, a friend and sometime traveling partner. Arcadian has worked hard to qualify for the 200-lb or less limit. Contrast that to The King Del Douglas, who sees his weight continue to hold north of the magic 200. Johnson and Arcadian know each other well and possess a genuine respect for one another. They are both great technical wrestlers. Arcadian has showcased more of a temper than Johnson, but we'll see how demeanors play out once inside the squared circle.

One of the most dramatic moments in recent KSWA history was the surprising return of Ric Rumsky at the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament. It was last year when Rumsky's former tag team partner, Vinnie Stone turned vicious on his long-time friend and and put him on the shelf. For a long time it appeared that Rumsky was through, that he wouldn't ever return to wrestling, or the KSWA. Instead, Rumsky super-kicked Stone to one of the loudest, longest ovations at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh the KSWA Arena. Now the two former co-horts go at it, one-on-one. Chants of “Rumsky's gonna kill you” will be heard all the way up to Butler Street.

The Masked Marvels will ride once again as The Great Toyota and The Drunken Luchadore Joey Quervo will suit up to battle The King Del Douglas and The Jester. At the Joe Abby Tournament, Quervo and Toyota battled in one-on-one competition, but still left friends after a Quervo victory. This time around they go head-to-head with Douglas and his crazed Jester. This may not be a clinic in technical wrestling, but this tag team competition will assuredly be entertaining. As it stands, Douglas will need any exercise he can get if he plans to make the less-than 200 lb weight limit for the Jr. Heavyweight Championship shot he's been pining to have.

Also in attendance will be KSWA Owner Bobby O and new KSWA interim commissioner Joe Perri. Mayhem is Saturday, May 7 at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena, 51st St., Pgh, PA 15201. Tickets $10 for adults, $8 for kids. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Card is subject to change. Call 412-726-1762 for more info or check out www.kswa.net, And as always, KSWA wrestling, as well as many KSWA Megastars and personalities are on Facebook & Twitter.