Mayor Adds Mayhem, Durso, Badfingers Become GT Champs

May 17, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Mayor Mystery angered the massive crowd at the KSWA Arena by introducing his new team of game-changing monsters, while VIP member Double-A Anthony Alexander was forced to vacate the Golden Triangle Championship due to injury. That, of course, lead to the most unexpected of developments during Mayhem at the Moose.

Mike Buda v. Shawn Blanchard

Developmental talent Mike Buda returned to the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh before the official start of Mayhem. The former American military man waved old glory as he made his way to the ring to take on the 5-time former KSWA Heavyweight Champion “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard in a prelimary match. The emotion of the night, less than a week after U.S. Troops permanently compromised Osama bin Laden, lead Buda to a quick start against Blanchard. Buda bodyslammed Blanchard and traded arm bars with the former champion. Buda continued on the offense with chops and punches until Blanchard nullified the action with a low blow.

Blanchard pulled something out of his trunks and buried it into Buda's forehead, all without the attention of the referee. Then Blanchard went to work on Buda's leg. After a few moments of softening, Blanchard slapped on the Figure Four. Buda tried in vein to fight it off before ultimately submitting. Post match, Blanchard put the boots to Buda before leaving for the locker room. The Krazies in attention gave the budding Megastar Buda a warm welcome back nevertheless.

“Ice Man” Tony Johnson in the Center of the Ring

The Junior Heavyweight Champion, “The Ice Man” Tony Johnson, looking smooth and debonair in a suit, hits the ring and addresses the KSWA Krazies for the official start of the evening. He tells the bursting throng that he graduated from college earlier in the day and it's important to stay true to your dreams. He also says that his mother was a big inspiration for his college aspirations. With that, the KSWA announces that any mother in the audience would receive a free Mother's Day carnation. Many KSWA Megastars hit the floor and pass out flowers.

Johnson says that he is looking forward to his title defense against Alex Arcadian, a great wrestler and friend.

Del Douglas and The Jester v. Great Toyota and Joey Quervo

The “Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo showed up at ringside, less ready to wrestle than usual. In fact he kerplunked in the middle of the ring. The Jester started with a test-of-strength against The Great Toyota. The match up was interesting between the two. After a few moments Toyota got the better of the matchup and was able to tag in Quervo. Quervo, now ready to go, splashed and suplexed The Jester. Toyota was back in and got a quick two-count on The Jester. Quervo back in with a front face lock on The Jester. The Masked Marvels are in top form, tagging in-and-out quickly and conveniently. Toyota is tagged back in. He gets The Jester into their corner. Toyota goes for more offense but The Jester recovers and kicks the Japanese import.

After several minutes, the King Del Douglas is tagged in for the first time. He lands an elbow on the Great Toyota and goes to work the Naturalized Citizen. Douglas' patented “banned 49 out of 50 states” fist from the corner is next. With Toyota down, Jester is tagged back in and slams a prone Toyota twice. Jester tags Douglas back in and they hit a double suplex on Toyota. Douglas hits the Royal Crab sharpshooter.

Somehow, Toyota breaks the hold and tags in Quervo. Quervo attacks the Jester who is tagged back in. Jester tags Douglas back in. Douglas hits the “Drop It Like It's Hot” finisher on The Great Toyota. Jester follows up with a sit-down splash and lands the one, two, three. The winners celebrate and the Masked Marvels recover and head back to the locker room.

JP Goulet v. Shane Starr

This matchup had been awaited for several weeks. Leading up to the event, Shane Starr had an interview where he mentioned being a former tag team champion. J.P. Goulet was offended by the remark and that set the tone for this matchup.

Upon entering the ring, Goulet did his best to preen as “The Flawless One.” Starr, who has improved in the ring recently thanks to a new workout regime, showed off impressive biceps in return. That didn't stop Goulet, who hooked into a collar-and-elbow tie-up and forced Starr to the mat. He followed that up with a knee to Starr's gut. Goulet hits a belly to back suplex, then buries his knee into Shane's back. Goulet goes for a pin but it's too soon. Starr kicks up.

Goulet posts Starr in the corner then follows with a couple of chops. A third is blocked and Starr connects a few of his own. Goulet recovers for a moment but Starr whips him into the corner. Starr flips Goulet onto the mat and gets a two count.

Goulet regains some momentum and floors Starr. He gets a 2 ¾ count. Starr lifts Goulet at the waist and drops him over the top rope. Both are up and trade blows. Starr bodyslams Goulet and gets a two count. Then there's a leg drop and another two count. Starr suplexes Goulet. Two count. Both men are up and in the ropes. They both spill over the top rope. Starr is back in first. Goulet goes for a cross body block but is met in mid-air. Starr lands his “Shining Starr” finisher and gets the duke.

Golden Triangle Championship Update

KSWA Owner Bobby O enters the ring with the Golden Triangle Championship. It is announced that Double-A Anthony Alexander is injured (shoulder) and unable to defend his belt, so it is vacated. Bobby states the the formerly-announced 6-man tag match is now a single-fall match for the vacated Golden Triangle Championship. The field now consists of The VIP's Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin, as well as—in a surprise announcement—KSWA Hall of Famer Frank Durso against Jay Flash, Bobby Badfingers and Justin Sane. The Krazies were a buzz when it was announced that Durso would be a part of the match and not just at ringside as the VIP's advisor.

6-Man Mini Tourney For The Golden Triangle Championship

Justin Sane and Shawn Blanchard start out. Blanchard hooks up with Justin and tosses him across the ring. Blanchard then backs Justin into the corner before slamming him to the mat. Frank Durso is tagged in.With Justin down, Durso goes for the pin. Justin kicks out.

Lou Martin is tagged in and he peppers Justin Sane with punches then a clothesline. Justin is draped over the middle rope. Shawn Blanchard chokes him from the outside. Referee Jimmy James is distracted throughout the whole process. Blanchard is tagged back in and he hits an impressive standing suplex on Sane. He follows up by dropping two elbows. Lou Martin is tagged in and suplexes Justin. Sane rolls into the corner and Martin lets him up. Martin misses with a clothesline and Sane hits one of his own.

Justin is able to get to Jay Flash who immediately goes on the offense, by bodyslamming Martin. Flash hits a swon ton on Martin and goes for the pin but Blanchard breaks it up. Flash remains on the offense. Bobby Badfingers is tagged in and he hits heavy fists on Martin. Martin goes down and Badfingers attempts a pin but Martin kicks out at two.

Martin connects on a low blow and Badfingers goes down in a heap. Martin goes for the Figure Four but Badfingers rolls him up and nearly gets a three count. Martin recovers and chokes Badfingers with a tee-shirt. That distracts the referee. Frank Durso tosses Shawn Blanchard an infamous pair of brass knuckles. Blanchard lays out Badfingers with the weapon. Frank Durso is tagged in and he rolls up Bobby Badfingers for the one, two, three. The winner and new Golden Triangle Champion is Frank Durso!

KSWA Owner Bobby O who was at ringside almost immediately says, “no, no, no. This is not how this is going to end,” and he re-starts the match, nullifying Durso's victory. With that, the bell is rung again and Badfingers rolls up Blanchard in an old school boy maneuver. The winner and new Golden Triangle Champion is Bobby Badfingers! Badfingers bolts for the locker room, leaving the VIPs in disbelief.

Ric Rumsky v. Vinnie Stone

This grudge match has been months in the making. Last summer, Stone laid out Rumsky and set him on the shelf for months. There was even talk that Rumsky would never be back; however, he returned in shocking fashion and set his sites on his former friend and tag team partner.

At the onset of the match, Rumsky went right after Stone. They both soon found themselves on the outside. Rumsky has the early offense but Stone soon recovered. One the outside the Vicious One took over the momentum. Vinnie rammed Rumsky into the ring post. As referee Justin Smith counted both men outside the ring at an agonizingly slow pace, Stone would dart back in to break the count.

Stone plowed Rumsky into the table at ringside. Stone plants Rumsky into a chair and is about to whack him when Rumsky gets a boot up. The battle rages on the outside of the ring. Rumsky goes for a super kick but Stone ducks. Vinnie then hits Rumsky with a clothesline. They are back in the ring.

Stone speers Rumsky but amazingly, Ric kicks out of the pin fall. Vinnie can't believe it so he chases the ref out. After some more offense by both men, Rumsky hits Stone with a super kick. Amazingly, Stone kicks out of the near pin.

Both Megastars fall from the ring and battle back near the bar. After a long ten count, both men are counted out of the contest. Referee Justin Smith calls it a no contest.

It looks as if there is no conclusion to this ongoing rivalry.

Jr Heavyweight Championship: Arcadian v. Johnson (Champion)

Challenger Alex Arcadian had been working hard to get in under the 200 lb limit, and he did just barely. He weighed in at 198.5 lbs during the morning, while “Ice Man” Tony Johnson was a shade less, at 198. This contest promises to be a good one, what with both well schooled in technical wrestling and a fair attitude in and out of the squared circle.

The two combatants shake hands before starting a collar-and-elbow tie up. There's a clean break. They hook up again and Arcadian is able to secure an arm bar. There's a series of chain wrestling moves and an arm drag. Johnson recovers and the two continue to grapple and chop one another in the corner.

Johnson is whipped into a corner and Arcadian follows him in with a clothesline. Arcadian face plants Johnson and gets a two count. Alex then uses his significant power to drive Johnson into the corner post. Arcadian follows with a splash but Johnson hits his own cross body. Johnson rolls Arcadian up for a two count.

Now on the apron, the Megastars trade chops. Arcadian hits the Jr. Heavyweight Champ with a big boot. Johnson goes to the outside, Arcadian attempts to dive on him but Johnson spin kicks him. Arcadian is momentarily dazed but recovers and ties Johnson up in the ring ropes, where he proceeds to chop him in the chest.

Johnson breaks free and buries his shoulder into Alex's midsection. Arcadian recovers and lifts Johnson up into a modified chicken wing but Johnson will not submit. There are knees to Tony's midsection and a pin attempt but Johnson is up. Johnson tags Arcadian with a drop kick. Both men are down. Johnson rolls over and drapes his arm over Arcadian. The count is at two before Arcadian gets his shoulder up. Both men battle as they get to their feet.

Arcadian applies the Full Nelson on Johnson, then releases it to attempt his finisher. Johnson blocks it and quickly rolls Arcadian up for the win! Arcadian is astonished by the development but embraces the youngster Johnson after all.

Drew Belanger v. Kris Kash

The “Cold Blooded Canadian” Drew Belanger and Kris Kash hit the ring with less personal animosity than their tag team partners, J.P. Goulet and Shane Starr respectively.

The two young Megastars go back and fourth with offense for several minutes until Belanger gains momentum. He suplexes Kash and gets more offense in before the former Golden Triangle and Tag Team champion rallies. But just as soon as Kash rallies, Belanger regains momentum. He plants Kash and nearly gets a pinfall. Belanger peppers Kash with rights and lefts and remains on top of the offense. There's an elbow drop and another two count on Kash. Kash gets up and goes to the apron. Kash regains momentum and drop kicks Belanger to the delight of the crowd. He arm drags Belanger. Around this time, Goulet appears at ringside, lurking. Kash runs to the ropes and is tripped by Goulet. Kash goes to retaliate and that's when Belanger attacks from behind. He floors Kash and gets the one, two, three for the win.

Before the match is to get underway, Interim Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri hits the ring in a referee shirt and gives Jimmy James the rest of the night off.

The Mayor of Parts Unknown, Mayor Mystery, leads his army of goons, Ali Kaida (carrying his Afghanistan flag) and the Blood Beast, to the ring. Previously known as the Allied Forces of Evil, the trifecta prefers to be called the Legion of the Apocalypse. The group is not happy when it enters the squared circle. Mayor Mystery grabs the microphone and berates the crowd for celebrating the fall of Osama bin Laden. He calls the terrorists a “hero and mentor” to the Mad Man from the Mountains of Afghanistan, Ali Kaida. The Blood Beast is also incensed, albeit for other reasons. The Krazies go berserk at Mystery's statements. The Mayor says, in protest, he and his team will leave the ring. The ten count is started and the fans go nuts.

Finally, the team re-enters the ring and the match is officially underway. Ali Kaida starts out with The Latin Assassin and tosses him across the ring. He chokes Latin from behind. Blood Beast is tagged in and he too goes to work on the KSWA champion. Latin breaks free and regains his composure. Now the former Tag Team Champions measure each other out. They go back and fourth with offense before Latin tags in his partner, Napier. Beast short-arm clotheslines Napier and punches him down.

Referee Joe Perri is distracted as Ali Kaida chokes Mitch from the outside. With Mitch losing oxygen, Blood Beast goes for a quick pin but the Midwest Sensation kicks out at two. Blood Beast then sits on Napier, in direct defiance of the 5-count. Ali Kaida is tagged back in and both Megastars of the Legion punch Napier. Kaida follows that up with a boot. There's a double side slam on Napier. He's reeling.

Blood Beast snap mares Napier and then chokes him with the leather necklace the Camp Blood denizen had around his neck. Beast tags Kaida. Kaida forearms Napier. With Napier down in the corner, both Blood Beast and Mayor Mystery choke him with the middle rope. Perri is distracted by Ali Kaida.

The double team on Mitch continues. Blood Beast superplexes the 2011 Joe Abby Memorial Tournament winner. Beast follows that up with a punch to the stomach.

Latin Assassin punches Mayor Mystery on the outside. The Mayor had been waving the flag in protest of the Krazies. Latin then turns his attention on Kaida, while Blood Beast and Napier are the legal men in the middle of the ring.

Blood Beast gets a two count on Napier. Napier gets to his feet and rallies. There's a drop kick that sends Blood Beast sprawling. Beast tags Kaida. He suplexes Napier and pinches his head in a vice grip. Napier powers out of it and bulldogs Ali Kaida. Latin is tagged in. He lands a back elbow on Blood Beast. There's a two count. Latin hits Blood Beast with his flying lariat. There's bedlam in the ring. Napier is able to floor a still-woozy Blood Beast and record a pin.

After the match, Kaida and Blood Beast rally enough to beat Latin and Napier down. The interim Kommissioner, Perri, is also laid out by the team, and Mayor Mystery.

The Legion leaves, leaving Latin, Perri and Napier in their wake.

And that concludes Mayhem.