Mysteries Unfold Into Major Surprises At KSWA's Heatwave Havoc

June 16, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

A Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) event is never easy to predict. There always seems to be something bubbling just below the surface, regardless of the situation. Sometimes that means unpredictability, and never moreso than at Heatwave Havoc 2011!

The event started routinely enough with welcomes and introductions. But as soon as the Great Toyota was introduced before a large, wonderful crowd on June 11 it was certain that things were going to energized.

Great Toyota v. The Jester (w/”The King” Del Douglas)

The Great Toyota, who soon celebrates one year of Naturalized Citizenry, slapped his gloved hands with plenty of fans, young and old alike, to a ruckus ovation. Moments later, The Jester arrived, cackling like the young mad man he is. In tow was “The King” Del Douglas, looking a little more trim in his effort to challenge for the Jr. Heavyweight Title.

Referee Jimmy James called for the bell and the two up-and-coming Megastars hooked up in a series of technical moves that quickly evolved into a quick-moving exchange. There were two quick pin attempts as both men tried for a fast finish. The Great Toyota snapped his opponent with a flying head scissors that sent The Jester sprawling. He followed that up with a drop kick and a near fall. Jester retreated to a corner for a breather. Toyota followed and whipped him into a corner. The Jester soon rallied with a choke.

Jester flung Toyota into the corner and followed with a splash. Toyota is down for a two count. Jester chokes him again. That leads to Jester suplexing Toyota. The KSWA Krazies chant for The Great Toyota in mass.

Toyota takes the inspiration to rally. They trade kicks in the middle of the ring. Jester blasts Toyota with the Polish Hammer. Jester puts a knee in Toyota's back. Toyota rallies, drop kicks Jester again and goes for the pin. Two count.

Toyota goes for a kick but it's blocked. Jester grabs Toyota and gives him an impressive T Bone suplex. There's a two count. The fans roar with approval as Toyota kicks up. Jester pulls Toyota in the corner so he can land a splash from the middle rope. As he's about ready to land the move, Toyota gets his knees up and buries them into The Jester's midsection. Toyota gets up, rolls up The Jester and gets the three count. The Krazies approve.

Post match, Del Douglas consoles the Jester as Toyota celebrates on his way back to the locker room.

Mitch Napier v. Blood Beast (w/Mayor Mystery)

Joe Abby 2011 Tournament winner Mitch Napier hits the ring to great applause before Blood Beast creeps to the ring with the manager of the Legion of the Apocalypse, Mayor Mystery. The Mayor grabs the microphone and insults the KSWA Krazies, especially the women, who he compares to Moose. He calls the female Krazies “fat, smelly animals.” That goes over like a lead balloon.

Once action begins, Blood Beast pushes Napier into the corner. Blood Beast continues to flatten the Midwestern Megastar before suplexing him with a thud. Then he knees him into the corner, where Mayor Mystery meets him with abuse from the outside. Referee Justin Smith is distracted as Mayor goes to town on Napier. Blood Beast nearly puts Mitch through the ring with a bodyslam. Napier kicks out at two.

Blood Beast clotheslines Mitch next. There's another two count. Mitch gets up and Blood Beast charges him but Mitch moves. Beast gets tangled in the ropes. Mitch is still reeling as Blood Beast goes for the move again. This time, Mitch ducks and lowers the ropes. Blood Beast topples over top onto the concrete below. In an astonishing move, Mitch propels himself over the top rope, nearly graves the ceiling of the Moose and lands squarely on Blood Beast and Mayor Mystery. The Krazies go berserk with a loud “That was awesome” chant.

Mitch is up in the ring. The Blood Beast slowly follows. Mayor Mystery gets up and stalks from ringside. The trade blows and moves into Blood Beast rallies and floors Mitch. He gets Napier into a crab maneuver but Mitch gets into the ropes. The hold is broken. Beast puts his knee into Napier's throat. He picks up Napier and rakes his head over the top rope. Beast drops Napier and gets a two count. At this point Mitch is able to rally. A flying leg scissors move floors Beast. Napier follows with a cross body block from the middle rope. Mayor Mystery pulls Mitch out as he's going for a pinfall. Napier is in hot pursuit of The Mayor on the outside. Mystery crawls back in. Napier follows into the clutches of The Blood Beast. Beast lands a loud choke slam and gets the win. Mayor provokes Beast into applying the claw on Napier before the two depart.

Alex Arcadian v. “The King” Del Douglas (w/The Jester)

Both of these Megastars have let their intensions known that they'd like to be the next to wear the KSWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship (current Champion “Ice Man” Tony Johnson was excused from the event by KSWA Owner Bobby O so he could attend a charity event on behalf of the KSWA) and have indicated they want their shots as soon as possible.

Del Douglas grabbed Alex into a headlock and then whipped him into the ropes. Douglas, who is slightly larger at 206 lbs, tried to drive Arcadian with a shoulder block. That didn't work. In fact it had no effect on the more muscular, 198.5 lb Alex. The fans were firmly behind Arcadian. Twice more Douglas attempts to knock Arcadian down with shoulder blocks. Three times in all Arcadian doesn't budge. The two exchange moves for several moments before Arcadian gets the upper hand and bodyslams his opponent. Douglas gets to the corner and Arcadian meets him with three chops that intensify with each slap. Douglas' chest is beet red as a result.

Douglas, screaming in pain, jams his fingers into Alex's eyes. Douglas buries his knees into Alex's midsection and runs him from rope to rope, doing it again. With Arcadian down, The Jester slaps him from the outside. Douglas bodyslams Arcadian. Douglas climbs the ropes for his “banned in 49 out of the 50 states” fist from the top rope. He follows that up by standing Arcadian up and grabbing him in the crotch. Douglas returns the chops. With Arcadian down, Douglas slaps on the Royal Sharpshooter. Arcadian is able to power out of it.

There's more action from both competitors before Del goes for his Drop It Like It's Hot move. Surprisingly, Arcadian blocks it and lands his own inverted suplex. Arcadian gets the win!

Ali Kaida v. Mystery Opponent Chosen By The Latin Assassin

A major portion of the Night of Mystery was the matches in which KSWA Champion The Latin Assassin chose an opponent for Ali Kaida and visa versa. First up was Ali Kaida, the Number One Contender for the KSWA belt. Kaida hit the ring with Manager of the Legion of the Apocalypse, Mayor Mystery. After his introduction it was announced that Kaida would take on: Ric Rumsky!

At the outset the matchup may not look ominous but Rumsky bolted into the ring and went right after Ali Kaida by kicking him in the legs until the behemoth hit the mat. But keeping the angry Afghani down was not an easy task. Kaida rose to his feet and blasted Rumsky down. The Afghani Assault weapon did what he does best, went after Rumsky effectively and deliberately with gouges and grabs. He nearly put a nerve hold to such good use that he got a near fall out of it.

The Krazies chanted for Rumsky. Ali Kaida suplexed Rumsky with great force. Kaida buried his knee into Rumsky's neck. Then with referee Jimmy James distracted, Mayor Mystery attacked Rumsky from the outside.

Rumsky was able to get away from Mystery long enough to kick Kaida down. Both men laid on the mat. Mayor Mystery encouraged Ali Kaida. The Number One Contender grabbed Rumsky and planted him with an outrageously powerful T Bone suplex. He hit another suplex that crumpled Rumsky on the mat.

At this time, “Vicious” Vinnie Stone emerged from the locker room and prowled at ringside. Stone got up onto the apron and that distracted everyone enough that Kaida was able to suplex Rumsky again. He hit him with the Camel Clutch until Rumsky blacked out. Jimmy James called for the bell.

With that, Stone jumped into the ring, pushed James out

of the way and joined Ali Kaida for a double team beat down on Rumsky. After several moments of punishment was doled out, The Latin Assassin rushed the ring. Kaida and Stone bailed, leaving Latin to tend with Rumsky.

Golden Triangle Championship: Bobby Badfingers v. Jay Flash

The two combatants shake hands to start the matchup. Bobby Badfingers recently won the title which was vacated due to an injury to Double-A Anthony Alexander's shoulder. Jay Flash was part of the match to determine the new champ and also received the first shot at the new titleholder.

The Megastars hook up with a collar and elbow. Badfingers pushes Flash into the corner. Clean break. They hook up again. Flash pushes Badfingers into another corner. Clean break.

Flash rushes into the ropes, bounces off and the two look at each other. Flash grasps Badfingers into a headlock. Flash tries his own shoulder block. Flash gets the momentum on the larger Badfingers and tosses him throw the ropes to the outside. Flash jumps over the top ropes onto Badfingers. Like they did for Mitch Napier's dive, the Krazies chant “That was awesome!” The two battle on the outside for quite some time before Bobby heaves Jay into the wall of the KSWA Arena. The fans are in a tizzy.

Soon both men are back in the ring. Badfingers goes for a pin but Flash kicks out at two. There's great action between the two for several minutes and a couple of near falls but they continue on. They then find themselves on the outside of the ring.

Badfingers drops Flash on the ring steps outside and Flash appears hurt. He's tossed but Flash is also resilient as he battles back. Badfingers, a Chicago street brawler, uses the ropes as a short cut. Referee Jimmy James sees it. Flash recovers and tosses Badfingers out onto the floor again. Flash goes after him and they battle. Both men clobber one another and they are down on the outside. Flash is rammed into the ring post. Flash pulls himself back in. There's a sunset flip on Badfingers and a two count. Badfingers clubs Flash. The two battle on. Flash flips onto Badfingers, then drop kicks him. Both are in the corner as Flash drops Badfingers for the pin, 1, 2...the 20 minute time limit elapsed! There's an uproar for the crowd for five more minutes. Flash implores for more time. Badfingers waves it off and shakes his head no.

After a few moments, the two embrace. Bobby Badfingers grabs the Golden Triangle Belt and is about to share the trophy with Flash when all of a sudden, Badfingers clotheslines Flash! Badfingers continues to beat on Flash as Mayor Mystery rushes to the ring.

Mystery grabs the microphone and says that Bobby Badfingers is the newest member of the Legion of the Apocalypse! The fans are outraged to say the least.

Non-Title Matchup: The Latin Assassin v. Mystery Opponent Chosen By Ali Kaida

The KSWA Champion The Latin Assassin hits the ring. Soon the music of his opponent hits. Vicious Vinnie Stone makes his way to the ring. These two have hooked up before, with Vinnie giving Latin a run for his money.

After a moment or two in which the Megastars feel each other out, they connect. Vinnie takes Latin down. The Assassin backs away, composes himself, and gets the fans into the match. There's a front face lock and Latin takes Stone to the mat. A quick two count. Latin breaks the hold and shows his fingers in close proximity. “It was that close” he mouths to his opponent.

Stone gets up and forces Latin into the corner. Stone punches Latin but the Champ reverses the offense. Stone clotheslines Latin to the outside. The two battle outside with Stone getting the upper hand. As referee Jimmy James administers the count, Stone rolls back in to break the count. The evenly-matched Megastars trade blows and moves for several minutes. Stone rams Latin's head into the apron. They are back into the ring.

Stone successfully uses his elbow to drop Latin into the ropes. He continues his assault and gets Latin on his back for a pin attempt. Two count. Latin gets up. Vinnie knocks him down. Two count. Stone pushes Latin into the corner.

The ever-ready Latin tosses Vinnie into the opposite ring post. Stone is down. Two count. Latin once again waves for the crowd to get into the match.

Latin goes for an elbow from the middle rope. He dives and misses as Stone rolls away. Vinnie goes for the spear but misses. Latin rolls with the Flying Lariat and gets the win!

Post match: Vinnie rolls out of the ring as Latin celebrates with the jubilant crowd.

Ultimate Survivor Match

The rules to the match are simple: the first two Megastars battle for five minutes. Then every two minutes a new wrestler emerges. Once all eight are in the ring there's a over-the-top-rope battle royale. The last man standing from his team is the Ultimate Survivor.

“The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard and Justin Sane are the first two to hit the ring. These two combatants are well-used to one another. In the early going, Justin Sane is all over Shawn Blanchard. A series of hip tosses and punches sends the former 5-time KSWA Champion to the floor. After a moment to regain his wits, Blanchard climbs back in and takes the offense to Sane, whipping him into the corner post. A back elbow floors Sane. He follows that with a devastating spinebuster. When down, Sane gets a knee to the crotch and hamstrings. Blanchard dominates. There's a knee drop and an impressive running sit-down power bomb. Blanchard taunts the crowd.

The next opponent is “The Cold Blooded Canadian” Drew Belanger. Blanchard and Belanger go to work on Sane. The duo take their time keeping Justin down. Blanchard hits a flying headbut.

After the two-minute mark, Kris Kash races to the ring and evens things up. Kash attacks Belanger, Sane recovers and goes after Blanchard. The rally is short-lived as Belanger and Blanchard regain momentum. Justin Sane is in forced into the corner and into the clutches of Frank Durso. Belanger knees Kash and Blanchard punches him.

The next opponent is “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin. It's 3-on-2 as the VIPs and Belanger lay waste to Justin and Kris. Somehow the two recover and go onto the offense. Blanchard misses a splash. Kash is on the offensive when...

Shane Starr is introduced. Starr is all over Lou Martin. Sane and Kash suplex Blanchard. Kash hits his infamous tilt-a-whirl drop kick on Martin. Blanchard recovers and chops Starr.

J.P. Goulet is in. “The Flawless One” saunters his way to the ring. It's eventually 4 on 3 as the Canadian team and the VIPs have an advantage over Justin Sane, Kris Kash and Shane Starr.

The mystery opponent is soon to be unveiled. There is a buzz in the air as the Krazies have heard rumors and guessed. Who might it be?

The music hits and the Krazies respond as only they do for:

Lord Zoltan returns!

After a long absence, the mysterious brawler emerges from the tent. The VIPs cheer wildly as their rouse comes to fruition. Soon the VIP's team will include a legendary Megastar who has become an honorary member of sorts. Zoltan climbs into the ring and meets the VIPs as they extend their hands in welcome. Zoltan shake their hands.

The VIPs turn their backs to taunt the crowd when Lord Zoltan gives them the double noggin knocker! The Krazies explode as Zoltan turns on the VIPs.

Zoltan loosens his wrist tape and the response only turns louder as he chokes Lou Martin with it. Zoltan then chokes Shawn Blanchard.

Kash leg drops Goulet.

Shane Starr is the first to be eliminated.

Blanchard recovers and attacks Zoltan.

Frank Durso gets onto the apron.

Zoltan breaks away from Blanchard and chokes Goulet.

Durso chokes Justin Sane in the corner.

Durso goes to punch Justin Sane but he ducks. Instead the Advisor to the VIPs clocks Shawn Blanchard!

Zoltan goes under the top rope and onto the floor.

Kris Kash is eliminated.

One-by-one the opponents are eliminated.

Justin Sane drop kicks Lou Martin.

Martin goes to clothesline Sane but hits Blanchard by accident.

Durso chokes Zoltan.

Zoltan turns and chokes Durso with the wrist tape. Zoltan, on the mat, reaches for a ringside wrench and pokes Durso with it.

With only the VIPs and Lord Zoltan remaining, Blanchard and Martin whip the legend into the ropes. Zoltan hits both with a double clothesline.

The action is fast and furious as Martin is dumped over the top rope. Blanchard and Zoltan battle until Blanchard is launched over the top.

The winner and the Ultimate Survivor is Lord Zoltan! The Krazies roar in approval!

Justin Sane races back into the ring and shakes hands with Zoltan. It looks as if Justin has finally found a tag team partner!

That is the end of Heatwave Havoc.