KSWA Returns To Independence Day Celebration With Flag Match, Justin Gets His Tag Shot

June 29, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance returns to Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville on Saturday, July 2nd for a free show with a controversial Flag Match and Justin Sane has found his partner for a tag team challenge.

The KSWA Heavyweight Champion The Latin Assassin will defend the gold around his waist against Ali Kaida. The Afghani Assault Weapon went so far as to challenge Latin to a Flag Match on Independence Day Weekend. Latin, always a proud champion, eagerly and immediately accepted the challenge. Ali Kaida has been on the roll of his impressive career, so this charge for the Red, White and Blue certainly comes with just a bit of hesitancy for the Krazies. Latin Assassin has been on the short end of some beatings from the Legion of the Apocalypse, but he is always resilient.

At Battle Bowl at the beginning of the year, Justin Sane earned a title shot for any championship he wished. It raised a lot of eyebrows when Sane chose a chance at the World Tag Team Championships. Justin has held the Tag Team belts once before, with La Lucha, some six years ago. He was in the match to crown the first-ever KSWA Tag Championship, but oddly enough lost to the VIPs—”The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard and “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin—in 2000. Fast forward 11 years and Justin is once again going for the Gold, this time with an unexpected partner: Lord Zoltan! Zoltan returned to the KSWA after a lengthy absence and promptly turned on Blanchard and Martin. Blanchard was Zoltan's first KSWA partner when Zoltan debuted in the organization in 2009. Meanwhile, the VIPs are furious that their former “honorary member” joined Justin's side, instead of choking him with wrist tape.

The KSWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship is on the line when the Champion “Ice Man” Tony Johnson defends against “The King” Del Douglas (with The Jester). Douglas gets a shot because Alex Arcadian could not make the match. Douglas said that he is stepping to the plate to make sure Johnson has an opponent. However, “The King” is quick to point out that he is doing the KSWA a favor and this is not his official challenge for the Jr. Heavyweight belt (in case he doesn't win on Saturday). Johnson recently missed a show, with permission from KSWA Owner Bobby O, to attend a high-profile charity function. Douglas says when he wins on Saturday, his Championship rally in Millvale will eclipse anything Steelers wideout Hines Ward draws Thursday for his Dancing with the Stars rally.

New Golden Triangle Champion Bobby Badfingers will team with his even newer Legion of the Apocalypse co-hort Blood Beast in a tag team matchup against Jay Flash and The Great Toyota. Badfingers created a near-riot at the KSWA Arena when he turned on Jay Flash after a grueling match. Flash earned a shot at Battle Bowl for the Golden Triangle Championship and he is now angling for that opportunity. Badfingers won't grant him such a duel, but did agree to a “Bad Blood” team against Flash and the over-matched Great Toyota. Toyota, inexplicably, has had his problems with The Blood Beast. Beast has gone out of his way to blind-side attack Toyota. Could this be a chance for a major upset?

Canadian Perfection, the team comprised of “The Cold Blooded Canadian” Drew Belanger and “The Flawless One” J.P. Goulet will face their nemesi Shane Starr and Kris Kash in singles competition. Belanger will go toe to toe with Starr while Goulet will face off against Kris Kash. The budding feud is between two of the best young tag teams currently in the KSWA. Belanger v. Starr will be a face-off between two similar-sized mat technicians. Goulet and Kash are quicker and more high-flying of their respective teams. Kash possesses the KSWA's most devastating open-handed chop, but all four Megastars have their own offensive advantages.

And lastly, Ric Rumsky goes up against The Jester in singles competition. Ric Rumsky is gearing up for a “Last Man Standing/Loser Leaves the KSWA” match with “Vicious” Vinnie Stone on July 9. Might this battle with “The Jester” leave Rumsky at a disadvantage going into that match, seeing that Stone isn't going to be there on Saturday? The Jester, while at times a humorous character, is one of the most effective brawlers in the promotion. His mat skills have long been unheralded, so this could end up being a far more challenging match than expected. Regardless of all of The Jester's skills, the match could end in a heart beat if Rumsky lands his infamous Super Kick.

The KSWA returns to Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville as part of the Independence Day Fireworks Celebration on Saturday, July 2 at 4 p.m. Arsenal Park is located on 40th Street, just a minute off of both Penn Ave and Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. For more information, go to www.kswa.net or call 412-726-1762. The event is free and family friendly!