Kaida Gets One Last Shot At Latin, Stone/Rumsky Sign “Last Man Standing/Loser Leaves” KSWA & New #1 Tag Team Contenders At Summertime Bruise

July 7, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

For more than a year, Ali Kaida has been on the heels of The Latin Assassin, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion. First it was manager Gentleman Joe Perri who got KSWA Owner Bobby O's ear, pushing the Afghani Assault Weapon. Once that teaming imploded, Ali was on his own. Now that he's teamed with the Mayor of Parks Unknown, Mayor Mystery, and with the formation of the Legion of the Apocalypse, Kaida remains in the hunt. Owner Bobby O and Interim Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri have, for the fate of international relations, have agreed that Ali Kaida will get one last shot at the KSWA World Title.

The Latin Assassin, who survived a brawl with Ali Kaida in an Independence Day weekend Flag Match, says he is unafraid of Kaida and is eager to give him another shot.

Mayor Mystery has been hard at work angling for an Ali Kaida title shot, and is now pushing for Blood Beast and the new Golden Triangle Champion, Bobby Badfingers.

In addition to that, “Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin is still sitting on his title shot for 2011, and Mitch Napier is in-line for another go-'round.

For his part, Latin says he'd be willing to take on all comers.

Next up is the drama that is “Vicious” Vinnie Stone and Ric Rumsky. The former Tag Team Champions, and former friends will close their feud in the most direct of manners: one man stands...the other leaves KSWA. Around this time last year Vinnie Stone was revealing in the fact that he had dispatched the extremely-popular Rumsky. Then months later, Rumsky returned and put a boot in Vinnie's mush. They've battled tooth-and-nail since and it's come to this...a Last Man Standing match, with the loser hanging up his boots, perhaps permanently. Stone includes to spike in talent and Rumsky remains one of the most tough-as-nails Megastars in the KSWA. This one will be for the ages.

Golden Triangle Champion Bobby Badfingers defends his newly-won belt against the 2011 winner of the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament, Mitch Napier. Badfingers surprised many in the Krazi-verse when he recently became the Golden Triangle Champion. They became more bewildered when Badfingers turned on then-friend Jay Flash. However, Napier has been on a hot street and bookies in Vegas are thinking that Napier will soon latch onto a belt.

New KSWA Tag Team Champion Lord Zoltan will battle “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard (along with Advisor Frank Durso) in single's competition. In his long and storied wrestling career, Lord Zoltan has won many regional titles. The Tag Team Championship might just be the first belt the legendary wrestler has earned for a promotion inside the city of Pittsburgh. That makes his accomplishment with partner Justin Sane all that much more magical. Meanwhile, Blanchard is the most decorated champion in the history of the KSWA, and he's angry his strap has gone away. Who knows what kind of impact Durso will have in this whole situation.

The new Number One contenders for the KSWA Tag Team Championship will be on the line with Kris Kash and Shane Starr take on “Canadian Perfection,” J.B. Goulet and Drew Belanger. Earlier this year the Canadians thrust themselves into Kash and Starr's face, claiming that the former “Lost Boys” were already washed-up. Of course, Kash and Starr took notice. Since that time the teams have battled in various configurations. Now they will officially battle it out for a shot at the KSWA Tag Team Championships currently held by Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane. Kash and Starr say they want back to the top of the mountain while the Canadians say the shot, and the championships, should be theres.

In another Tag Team matchup, the Jr. Heavyweight Champion “Ice Man” Tony Johnson teams up with sometimes friend, sometimes foe Alex Arcadian to challenge “The King” Del Douglas and The Jester. Alex Arcadian has made it clear that he's in the hunt for the Jr. Heavyweight Championship, but on Saturday he teams with the title-holder Johnson. “King” Douglas says he's now physically perform under the 200 limit to perhaps earn the Jr Heavyweight Championship. The Jester continues to improve and settle at Douglas' side. This could be a great match.

“Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin takes on the South Beach Megastar, Jay Flash. While there hasn't been any particular incident that triggered Martin's ire for Flash, Martin asked for this match. It's possible that Martin wants to take Flash out for his friend, “King” Douglas. Flash continues to get better with each and every outing and Martin is ready for anything.

Speaking of ire, the Great Toyota has been on the business end of The Blood Beast's unending assault. Could the martial art's master compete against the pure brute force of The Blood Beast? Mayor Mystery hasn't addressed Blood Beast's frequent beat-downs of Toyota but he does admit to not caring for masked wrestling professionals.

The KSWA returns to the Home of Professional Wrestling in KSWA Arena on Saturday, July 9. Bell time is 7:30 Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids. As part of a Super Summer Giveaway, one adult will walk away with a $50 gas gift card and a youngster will walk away with a Summer Gift Basket. “Summertime Bruise” will be held at the KSWA Arena 51st Street, just off Butler in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Call 412-726-1762 for more information. The card is subject to change.