New KSWA Champion Kaida To Defend, Canadians Get Their Shot At Gold In Sharpsburg

July 14, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

One week after shocking the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance and the Krazies with a controversial win, Ali Kaida is proving himself to be a fighting champion. Mayor Mystery, the Manager of the Legion of the Apocalypse, has pulled all the strings at his disposal, cashed in all his favors and secured a top-notch challenger for the new champion. Mayor Mystery has found "The Drunken Luchadore" Joey Quervo at the end of a Tijuana bar stool. KSWA Owner Bobby O isn't too keen on the idea that Kaida is going to defend against a Megastar who has been on vacation all summer, but he also realizes that Mayor Mystery is protecting his "new champion" as only he can.

The Junior Heavyweight Champion, "Ice Man" Tony Johnson puts his strap on the line against The Jester. This time, "King" Del Douglas is hoping that his workhorse, The Jester, can soften Johnson up, or possibly even take the gold home to the bedroom palatial estate high above Millvale. Johnson has had his hands full with Douglas, as well as friend and occasional tag team partner, Alex Arcadian. Just last week, Johnson and Arcadian faced Douglas and The Jester in tag team competition. Johnson and Arcadian ended up trying to impress each other with spectacular moves. While Johnson and Arcadian did get the victory, they continue to keep an eye on one another when it comes to the Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Meanwhile, The Jester continues to improve from week to week and month to month. Might Douglas have something up his royal sleeve?

Mayor Mystery has also successfully swayed Owner Bobby O to postpone Golden Triangle Champion Bobby Badfinger's rematch against Mitch Napier. Mystery says that Badfingers is not legally bound to defend twice in a calendar week, so he isn't go to put the Golden Triangle Championship on the line. It seems that Badfingers does have a clause in his contract, but that doesn't mean he won't compete. Bobby O and Interim Kommissioner Joe Perri have agreed that Badfingers will wrestle with Legion of the Apocalypse teammate The Blood Beast against Mitch Napier and Jay Flash. Badfingers caused Flash to lose a one-on-one matchup with "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin last week, and Flash still has his title shot for the Golden Triangle Championship primed and ready to go. Might Mitch still be distracted over his involvement in the World Title Matchup fiasco from Saturday? There's only one way to find out.

A Klassic KSWA matchup will take place on Saturday when Kris Kash takes on long-time nemesis "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin. These two Megastars know each other quite well. In fact, both wrestlers are still reeling from recently losing tag team title reigns. Martin is one of the KSWA's premier technicians and Kash's quickness and high-flying skills make him a serious challenger in any match. Kash is also underlooked as one of the KSWA's hardest hitters. In fact, he may possess one of the hardest chops in the promotion's history. Add to that Martin's resurgence as a hard-charging veteran and this could be the best matchup of the night.

As previously reported, the KSWA tag team championships are on the line as new champs Justin Sane and Lord Zoltan defend for the first time again "Canadian Perfection" Drew Belanger and J.P. Goulet. This is a perfect example of young-and-hungry taking on the established and confident. Belanger and Goulet think that they can walk over the veterans because they are zany. Lord Zoltan has proved over and over again that he still has a variety of tricks up his sleeve (or down his tights) while Justin Sane is more unpredictable than ever.

And Shane Starr takes on Shawn Blanchard is a one-on-one showdown that might simply tear the roof off of the Linden Gymnasium at the Sharpsburg Recreation Center. At one time, Blanchard took Starr under his wing, then turned on his protege. Since that time, Starr has matured and grown in experience. Starr has crafted himself into the one of the most durable Megastars in the KSWA locker room. As for Blanchard, he is a 5-time former KSWA Champion and is the only wrestler to hold the title more than once. He is a three-time tag team champion (Starr has held half of the straps twice, once with fellow VIP member Lou Martin) and one of the most accomplished staples in Pittsburgh. These wrestlers know each other inside and out. That will make this showdown one to remember.

"The King" Del Douglas will also be in action.

The KSWA presents the Guyasuta Youth Football and Cheerleader Association fundraiser this Saturday night, July 16 at Linden Gymnasium at the Sharpsburg Recreation Center, 205 North Canal Street and 11th in Sharpsburg, PA. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids. Card subject to change. For more information go to or call 412-726-1762.