Napier Wins Shot At KSWA Belt, Flash Puts Up A Plum Of A Fight Against Kaida

August 2, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance traveled on its "Krazy Tour" to Plum Borough for Community Days on Saturday, July 30 and found a very welcoming crowd. The highlight of the afternoon to early evening was Mitch Napier winning $1,000 and a shot at the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship, which is currently still held by Ali Kaida, despite a strong effort by Jay Flash.

The event started with Interim Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri welcoming the crowd underneath beautiful skies. He told the crowd about the Main Event and then the action began.

Blood Beast (w/Mayor Mystery) v. The Latin Assassin

Mayor Mystery led The Blood Beast to the ring and then The Latin Assassin came to the forefront and glad-handed with the Krazies, new and veteran alike. Mayor Mystery wouldn't get out of the ring so The Latin Assassin took referee Shawn Patrick's arm and they double clotheslined the manager and he spilled outside onto the grass. The Blood Beast challenged The Latin Assassin to a test of strength and gained early advantage. Latin powered out. Mayor Mystery got involved again. He was soon dispatched. For a while, the Blood Beast had an advantage on Latin. The Blood Beast is arguably the strongest member of the KSWA locker room and on this day had a distinct advantage over his former tag team partner. However, a true former-champion, the Latin Assassin continued to battle back and out. Blood Beast pushed Latin into a corner and bit him on the forehead. Latin soon found himself on the outside. The Krazies cheered The Assassin. He was back in but Blood Beast took control again. Blood Beast slammed Latin. Then again. There was a two count and more offense from the Beast. A second count was stopped at 2 3/4. Blood Beast went for another cover but this time used the ropes for leverage. Patrick saw him and stopped the attempt. Despite that warning, Blood Beast continued to choke Latin. Latin was able to get to his feet and charged Blood Beast. Beast caught him with a thunderous back elbow that dropped the Assassin. Blood Beast whipped Latin into the ropes and Latin flew off, landing the Flying Lariat out of nowhere. There's a quick 1, 2, 3 and the winner of the match is The Latin Assassin.

VIPs v. Kash and Starr

One of the longest and most storied rivalries in KSWA history is between the founding members of the VIP's (Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin) against Kris Kash and Shane Starr. After all four participants are introduced, it takes a long time for Advisor and KSWA Hall of Famer Frank Durso to leave the ring. Starr even offers to help usher him back to the dressing area, but Durso declines, some say with a not-too-kind retort. Blanchard starts out against Kash. Blanchard, as he often does, lands a back elbow and floors Kash. He is then able to start the technical, submission moves early. He has had particular success with this against high flyers such as Kash. Keeping the opponent grounded is something Blanchard excels like few others. Kash, as usual, refuses to give up from the submission moves. Lou Martin is tagged in as the VIPs keep their opponent on their side of the ring. After some of Dr. Devastation's offense, Blanchard is tagged back in. Blanchard punches Kash down. After some more offense, Kash is somehow able to break free and tag in Starr. Starr, who was once a member of the VIPs, is a house-a-fire against Blanchard, he corrals him in the corner for 10 or 11 strikes to the noggin. Blanchard is whipped in the far corner and is heaved for a fantastic back body drop. Starr then takes out Martin from the apron. At this time, referee Jimmy James is distracted by Kris Kash. Blanchard gets to the corner and tags Martin, who is incensed by Starr's actions. The doctor gets momentum on Starr by landing a clothesline and a leg drop. There's a two count. Martin then picks up Starr and hits a side suplex. Another two count. Starr is able to regroup and tags in Kash, who is all over both VIPs. Both VIPs are whipped in the corner. Martin is down on his back and Blanchard falls, face-first into Martin's most tender of regions. The Krazies enjoyed that move. Kash then gets Blanchard up for some vicious chops to the chest. All four Megastars are in. Martin is sent to the outside and Kash and Starr land a double drop kick on the legal man, Blanchard. The pin is made and Kash and Starr are your winners. Post match: the VIPs blame each other for the loss and push one another. Then they just as quickly make up and taunt the crowd.

Arcadian and Johnson v. Douglas and The Jester

Tony Johnson is the KSWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion. All three men in this contest have had recent shots at this belt and have come up on the short end. Del Douglas still holds onto a contract that gives him another opportunity before the end of 2011. Arcadian and Johnson have tagged together and do so successfully despite some mutual leeriness. All four Megastars enter the ring and face off. Douglas and The Jester are bad-mouthing their opponents. Arcadian and Johnson clean the ring with them. Once back inside, Johnson takes over on The Jester. Johnson chops The Jester in the corner. He tags in Arcadian who does some of the same. Arcadian lands a back elbow and European Uppercut on The Jester. Johnson is tagged back in and he knows The Jester down and gets a two count. Jester is able to recover enough to tag in Douglas. Douglas, a wily veteran, is able to get Johnson down. He goes to the top rope and lands the fist that is "banned in 49 out of 50 states." After more King offense, Jester is tagged back in for some more damage on Johnson. Johnson is able to regroup enough to get Jester down. Johnson goes to the top for a swonton type dive and he launches himself up into the blue sky. All the while, Arcadian is asking what Johnson is doing. Johnson misses with the move. Both men crawl to their respective corners and tag in their partners. Arcadian is all over Douglas. Arcadian goes for his finishing move on Douglas but Jester sweeps Arcadian's leg from behind. There's more subterfuge. The pin on Arcadian is made and Douglas and The Jester are victorious! Post match, The Jester carries a joyous King to the dressing area while Arcadian and Johnson depart.

KSWA Tag Team Match: Canadians 2.0 v. Sane and Zoltan

Early in the week it was determined that J.P. Goulet suffered an abdominal issue and that Drew Belanger reached out to an old nemesis of Lord Zoltan's: Nasty Nick Crane. So the "new" Canadian team challenged the popular duo of Justin Sane and Lord Zoltan. Zoltan got the "USA" chant started right away from the crowd at ringside. Justin started against Drew Belanger with a wrist lock. Sane quickly tagged in Zoltan and he went after Belanger's arm and shoulder. Zoltan twists the wrist and pulls Belanger down. The Cold Blooded Canadian said that Zoltan pulled his tights. Zoltan responded with "never!" Instant replay may have shown a tug. Sane is tagged in and he suplexes Belanger. Belanger is close to his side of the ring and tags in Crane. Crane goes right after Justin, his eyes in particular. With Justin staggered from the eye poke, Crane body slams him. There's a two count on Justin. The offense on Justin continues for a while, but he's ultimately able to tag in Zoltan. They double team the Canadians. Sane slaps Crane into a headlock but the veteran is able to counter it. Crane gets Justin down. Belanger is tagged back in. He snap mares Justin. In a seated position, Sane gets kicked in the back. After some more offense, Sane is able to break free and tag Zoltan. Nasty Nick enters from the far side. Zoltan gives them the double noggin knocker. All four men are in. Zoltan and Sane whip Crane and Belanger into each other in the center of the ring. Nick falls out. Justin climbs to the top rope and lands Shock Therapy on Belanger. Your winners and still KSWA Tag Champs: Justin Sane and Lord Zoltan. Belanger and Crane stagger off while Justin and Lord slap hands with the crowd.

Joey Quervo v. Mitch Napier

Mayor Mystery came out to the ring again, this time to run down the denizens of Plum Boro. Mayor also tried to get some kids thrown out of the park, but his efforts failed, thanks to KSWA Owner Bobby O. Mayor went on to explain that for one night only, he has secured the services of "The Drunken Luchadore" Joey Quervo into the Legion of the Apocalypse. Mitch Napier arrives and the Krazies are elated. The Megastars lock up. Mitch arm-drags Quervo. Mitch, as fair a competitor as there is in the KSWA, allows him to get up before once again being taken down to the mat. Quervo gets up and the two wrestlers start running the ropes. Mitch bails Quervo continues racing too and fro. Mayor Mystery jumps up and down to get Joey's attention. Joey stops running and looks confused. Mitch is back in and he goes right after Quervo. Napier is able to work some technical wrestling but Quervo did get a rallying point. After being rusty and pulled from a Plum Borough watering hole earlier in the day, you'd expect the Drunken Luchadore to be non-competitive. Quervo actually hit Mitch with a suplex and got a two count. But that was enough for the usually Mild-Manner Midwesterner. Napier bodyslammed Quervo, the climbed to the top rope for an impressive flying elbow. Incredibly, Quervo kicked out at two. Napier lifts Quervo then hits him with a standing drop kick. Napier goes for the pin but Quervo gets a hand on the ropes. Napier goes for the Sioux Falls Slam but Quervo evades it. He knees and staggers Napier. Quervo climbs the top rope for a flying body press. Mitch catches him and throws him over his shoulders. Napier executes a perfect Sioux Falls Slam and the match is over.

KSWA Title Match: Jay Flash v. Ali Kaida (w/Mayor Mystery)

Challenger Jay Flash is as pumped as ready as anyone going after the KSWA Championship. Ali Kaida enters the ring with unlimited confidence. Flash attacks Kaida from the opening bell. Kaida is surprised to be pushed into a corner, but he uses his massive strength to push Flash in the opposing corner. Flash hits a drop kick, which sends Ali Kaida sprawling to the outside. Flash follows, right into the Afghani Assault Weapon's clutches. Ali Kaida whips Flash into the railings at ringside with a thunderous thud. Then into the ring post. Then back into the squared circle. Kaida stomps Flash then twists his neck. Kaida throws him into the ropes where Mayor Mystery chokes him with great aplomb. Ali Kaida body slam him but it turns out to be a lazy count. Flash is up at two. Mayor Mystery uses Kaida's flag pole and buries it into Flash's midsection. Mayor chokes him some more. Then suddenly, Flash is up with a burst of energy and he's all over the KSWA Champion. A drop kick befalls Kaida. Flash kicks him. With Kaida down, Flash climbs to the tope and hits a reverse cannonball splash. Kaida is up at two. Ali rolls outside. Flash dives on top of him over the top rope and Kaida hits the railing. After a few minutes of composure, both men are back in the ring. Now it's Ali Kaida's turn for offense. Kaida lands a picture-perfect T-Bone suplex. There's a two count. Then another. A second T-bone suplex turned Flash inside out. There's another lazy count. And another two. Flash is tossed over the top rope and onto the grass below. Flash regroups and attacks Mayor Mystery. Kaida responds by clubbing Flash from behind. After a few more moments both Megastars are inside the ring. Flash gets to the corner post and dives onto Kaida. Kaida catches him and tosses him down. Two count. The two wrestlers then battle it out inside the ring. Kaida is down. Flash hits another cannonball. Flash is hurt as well but he makes the cover. Two. More offense. Kaida gets momentum and hammers Flash with a huge power bomb. Two count. Flash's resilience was incredible. Kaida locked in the dangerous Camel Clutch. Flash got to the ropes. Kaida hit him with another T-bone suplex. Two count. Flash was resilient well beyond his years. As Kaida pulled him up, Flash screamed that he wasn't going to give up. Kaida clamped on the Camel Clutch one more time. After a few moments, Flash, like The Latin Assassin a few weeks earlier, blacked out. Referee Shawn Patrick called for the bell and Ali Kaida retained the KSWA Championship. Ali would not let go as he roared, bending Flash's spine. The Krazies erupted as The Latin Assassin rushed to the ring. Ali Kaida and Mayor Mystery bailed. After Mystery and Kaida left, Latin and Jay joined hands and celebrated with the crowd.

Main Event: $1,000 And Championship Shot

KSWA Owner Bobby O called Mayor Mystery out to ringside. Bobby says that Mayor's deriding the Plum community was enough. Mayor Mystery is suspended for 30 days and will not be at the KSWA Arena on August 13 "When Worlds Collide." Mayor Mystery stormed off, unhappy with those developments. Nearly every Megastar who made the trip entered the Battle Royal. The first to be eliminated was Justin Sane. Shane Starr, perhaps surprisingly, was eliminated second. The Jester soon followed, as did Alex Arcadian. Nasty Nick Crane, who had hoped to make a splash in this event, was the next to be thrown over the top rope and onto the grass. Fellow Canadian Drew Belanger faired no better. He was next. Someone who had to be considered a favorite, The Blood Beast, was dumped over. "Ice Man" Tony Johnson was the next to be iced. Shockingly, The Latin Assassin was next to go. After Latin's elimination, that left Del Douglas, Lou Martin against Mitch Napier. While the Battle Royal was an "every man for himself" match, Douglas and Martin have worked well together in the past. After several moments of ganging up on Mitch, Douglas and Martin went for a double clothesline. Both competitors spilled over the top. The winner of the match is Mitch Napier. But wait a minute, "The Drunken Luchadore" Joey Quervo was a late entrant. He went after Mitch and Napier ducked. Quervo went over the top rope. And officially the winner of the match, $1,000 and a Shot at the KSWA Champion Ali Kaida is Mitch Napier. Bobby O and Joe Perri go into the ring to present a check to Napier. With that, Ali Kaida races out and attacks Mitch. He slams Napier in the middle of the ring and jams the winner's check down his throat. Soon after Kaida leaves and Mitch is slow to get to his feet.

And thus ends KSWA at Plum Community Day.