Blanchard Has Shot At KSWA Gold, VIPs Go For Tag Belts, Kash Readies For Summertime Bruise

by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer
July 7, 2009

Keystone State Wrestling Alliance's Shawn Blanchard, the Number One Contender for the promotion's World Heavyweight Title, gets his official shot at the belt this Saturday. In addition, KSWA Kommissioner Biker Al's authority is on the line during Summertime Bruise at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena!

Shawn Blanchard and Anthony Alexander have waged one of the most prominent feuds in the history of the KSWA. When Blanchard was the 4-time and reigning champ and Alexander was the challenger, the battle was never more intense, or personal.

Since capturing the strap, Alexander spent most of 2008 battling the Afghani Assault Weapon, Ali Kaida. Meanwhile, Blanchard has been involved in other battles, most notably with KSWA Hall of Famer Demolition Ax. Blanchard has also reunited with one-time rival, once-again friend Lou Martin. Now the feud culminates with Blachard's official shot at the title. If he wins, Blanchard becomes the only five-time champ in the organization's history. If he doesn't, Blanchard falls to the rest of the pack, and tries to impress the championship committee and KSWA Owner Bobby O with each and every outing.

Also of consequence is Biker Al's Kommissionership. It's on the line in a Biker Hardcore Match with his one-time tag team championship partner Vinnie Stone. Al turned his back on yet another tag team partner, this one he duped into thinking was his “cousin,” but Bobby O turned the tables on the Kommish, and put his authority to make matches up for grabs.

Kris Kash, the new and two-time Golden Triangle Champion, has the toughest challenge of his fresh title reign. Not only will be face veteran Justin Sane, but also Big Mike Malachi in a three-way dance. Both challengers have recently held the Golden Triangle Championship and would like to have a taste of the gold again. Kash won the prestigious title at Heatwave Havoc, lost it as part of the Krazy Tour at the Obey House, then regained it at Arsenal Park during the Independence Day celebration in Lawrenceville. The youngster is eager to take on all challengers, but we'll see what his opponents have in store for him this weekend.

Members of the VIPs--”Dr. Devastation” Lou Martin and “The Future” Shane Starr, along with Frank Durso, get their opportunity the KSWA Tag Team Titles, currently held by The Latin Assassin and Blood Beast. The unlikely champs continue to look impressive, but the ever-devious Durso has Martin and Starr destined for success. If Blanchard and the rest of the VIPs win, Summertime Bruise could be a historic night for the faction.

Gentleman Joe Perri continues to make waves with a renaissance of sorts, since the implosion of the International Thugs. Perri announced recently that he has control of the Great Toyota's work Visa. He has entered into an association with Biker Al. In addition, he has introduced two difference-makers into the fold: the mysterious and some say diabolical Chicago henchman Bobby Badfingers, and the 373-lb, titanic strongman Bulldozer. Great Toyota, Badfingers and “King” Del Douglas team up against La Lucha, rookie sensation Mitch Napier and hyper Ric Rumsky in six-man tag team action. Also, the masked Bulldozer hopes to get his hands on another masked Megastar, the “Drunken Luchadore” Joey Quervo. Quervo just hopes to survive, as he will be outweighed by more than 200 lbs compared to Bulldozer.

Summertime Bruise is scheduled for this Saturday, July 11 at the KSWA Arena, 51st Street, just off of Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood within the city of Pittsburgh. Bell time is 7:30. There's a special ticket price of $5 for each KSWA Krazy. Card is subject to change. For more information, go to or call 412-726-1762.