Napier, Flash, Latin Hope To Derail The Legion As KSWA Presents: Clash Against Cancer, A Night For Gilda's Club

September 4, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

Gilda's Club of Western Pennsylvania was designed after the passing of extraordinary comedian Gilda Radner "to create welcoming communities of support for everyone living with cancer men, women, teens and children along with their families and friends. Our innovative program is an essential complement to medical care, providing networking and support groups, workshops, education and social activities."

This is a group that the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance can wholeheartedly support, and will when the Megastars lace up the boots for "Clash Against Cancer, A Night For Gilda's Club" on Saturday, September 10. Bell time is 7 p.m.

KSWA Hall of Famer and Studio Wrestling stalwart Dominic DeNucci is also scheduled to make an appearance.

The Legion of the Apocalypse, along with their manager Mayor Mystery, have been rolling over the competition in recent months. No one has been more successful than the current KSWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ali Kaida. The Afghani Assault Weapon will team with Golden Triangle Champion Bobby Badfingers and The Blood Beast as they take on 2011 Joe Abby Tournament winner Mitch Napier, former KSWA Champion The Latin Assassin and Number One Contender for the Golden Triangle Championship, Jay Flash.

Napier literally threw in the towel, costing The Latin Assassin his KSWA World title reign, in Kaida's last shot. That has obviously caused a riff between the Napier and Latin, while Jay Flash recently battled Kaida in a tough match. Latin has been in the center of if it all when it comes to the KSWA World title. Can the three Megastars co-exist while Mayor Mystery has his trio running on all cylinders?

The Legendary Lord Zoltan (who is one half of the KSWA World Tag Team Champions) will take on "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin in one-on-one action. Zoltan and Justin Sane defeated Martin and "The Enforcer" Shawn Blanchard for the tag belts in July and KSWA Owner Bobby O decided that now would be a good time for a single's match.

Meanwhile, Blanchard is set to face Sane (who is one half of the KSWA World Tag Team Champions), a long-time adversary. Sane, like Zoltan, have been on a tear since winning the KSWA gold. They've held-off various Canadian factions but now it's time for Sane to wrestle Blanchard. These two athletes have battled each other countless times over the KSWA's 11-year history, and this matchup is as important as any previous encounter.

In a tag team challenge that is bound to raise the bar in that division, Kris Kash and Shane Starr compete against "The King" Del Douglas and The Jester. Both teams feature Megastars who have worked well together. Douglas is the veteran of these wars. Kash and Starr are as good as any team in the KSWA and The Jester is one of the most under-appreciated young talents on the roster. Despite his zaniness in and out of the ring, The Jester has the athletic ability to prove a decision-maker in the years to come. Add that to Douglas' cheating tactics and this team could have success few other teams have experienced. Kash and Starr, meanwhile, look forward to regaining tag team gold and they won't stop at anything in their quest.

In the "coolest" match of the event, "The Ice Man" Tony Johnson looks to hold off "The Cold Blooded Canadian" Drew Belanger for the KSWA Jr. Heavyweight title. This is Belanger's first shot at the still-new title and Johnson has looked impressive in his title defenses. Belanger has been focusing on the tag team division, while Johnson has held off the charges of friend and foe alike. Might Belanger be in over his head against Johnson or will he be able to pose problems Johnson hasn't yet faced?

Belanger's "Canadian Perfection" partner, J.P. Goulet, is set to go one-on-one with Alex Arcadian. Goulet has embarked on a workout regimen that could take him to the next level of KSWA competition, an area in which Alex Arcadian has been perched for a few years. This battle could showcase a couple of Megastars who will soon be primed for Main Event status in the KSWA. Both have excelled in tag team competition, but Arcadian has more single's competition, most notably runs at the Jr. Heavyweight title.

Ric Rumsky, who with Arcadian form the "Greatest Tag Team Evaaa," is set to take on the debuting Diamond Dave Diamond. Long-time KSWA Krazies know Dave as a former referee, but after serving the past few years as a Locker Room Agent, Diamond Dave spent this summer traveling with a Rock n' Roll Tour. Something changed with the Rock n' Roll lifestyle and he's re-imagined himself as a pro wrestler. His first taste of in-ring action faces him with Ric Rumsky, who recently reformed his tag team association with Arcadian. Both young Megastars are similar in size and have been friends. Diamond Dave could be biting off a little bit more than he's ready for if Rumsky gets a chance to super kick him in the mush.

In addition, Jonny Axx is scheduled to battle "The Drunken Luchadore" Joey Quervo in one-on-one competition. Axx made his return to the squared circle last month against the 7-footer Jack Massacre. Now Axx takes on an athlete on the other end of the physical scale. At 155-lb, Quervo has always been one of the smaller Megastars on the KSWA roster. However with his vinese and in-ring experience, Quervo might just be a serious threat to Axx.

"Clash Against Cancer: A Night For Gilda's Club" is this Saturday, September 10 at the Home of Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh, the KSWA Arena. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids. For more information go to or call 412-726-1762. Card is subject to change.