Legion Allegedly Lays Out Latin, Strengthen Ranks As KSWA Aids Gilda's Club

September 12, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Legion of the Apocalypse, and their manager, Maayor Mystery, did their best to handicap their big six-man match up as the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance hosted a huge fundraiser for Gilda's Club of Western Pennsylvania.

Early on Interim Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri knew something was amiss with The Latin Assassin, yet he hoped that the former KSWA Heavyweight Champion would make his way to the KSWA Arena. Meanwhile, the Legion had its own ideas.

Pre-Show Match: Jonny Axx v. Joey Quervo

Referee Shawn Patrick makes his way to the ring, then does Cleveland's Jonny Axx. "The Drunken Luchadore" Joey Quervo makes his way to the ring and the match begins. Axx takes early control before the veteran Quervo snaps off a couple of hip tosses. Axx bails to the outside for a breather. Quervo waits in the corner. They tie up again as Ax lands a knee then a boot to Quervo's midsection. A hip toss and two count follow. Then it's a suplex and another two count. A leg drop on Joey and another two count. Then another. Joey is battling. Axx hits a face plant. A back kick falls Quervo in just under two minutes. The winner, Jonny Axx.

Gilda's Club announcement with Linda Duty. Ms. Duty comes to the ring and talks about what happens at Gilda's Club and how as a cancer survivor, the group has helped her. She says this is her way of giving back.

J.P. Goulet v. Alex Arcadian

J.P. Goulet, sporting a more athletic physique in recent months, berates the crowd as he enters the KSWA Arena. Alex Arcadian, who is always in great shape, gets a much warmer reception from the Pro-USA crowd. Goulet, the Canadian, covers his ears as the match begins. Goulet synchs in a headlock but Arcadian reverses it. Arcadian has it in tight. Arcadian runs the ropes and lands a series of shoulder blocks before Goulet catches him in the gut with a knee. There's an early two count. Arcadian is in a seated position and he pounds on Arcadian. Another two count. Alex is slow in getting up. Goulet gets more offense before latching on a submission move. The fans chant "USA" louder and louder. Arcadian is up and falls Goulet before missing a reverse splash. Goulet latches on a headlock. He won't let go. Arcadian reverses the move but Goulet lands a reverse mule kick. Two count. Goulet chops and kicks Arcadian. Goulet buries a knee. Another two count. Goulet snap mares Arcadian, kicks and covers him. Two count again. Alex pounds at the mat. He lands a move on Goulet. Both men are slow at the 7:00 mark. Goulet gets some offense then goes for a move. Arcadian lifts him and slams Goulet into a corner. Both men are down. Shawn Patrick begins the count. Arcadian with a splash in the corner. He then misses a bomb in the corner. Goulet drapes him over the middle rope. Arcadian recovers. Goulet is stuck in the ropes for a series of chops. Goulet uses Patrick as a shield. Arcadian stops is offense and Goulet hits offense. Alex recovers and lands his finishing move on Goulet. The winner: Alex Arcadian. Afterwards, Drew Belanger comes in the ring to console his "Canadian Perfection" partner.

Ric Rumsky v. Diamond Dave Diamond

Referee Shawn Patrick hits the ring, only to be stopped by the late-arriving Referee Jimmy James who makes his way from the locker room. Ric Rumsky comes to the ring, then the debuting Diamond Dave Diamond. Diamond Dave used to be a referee then became a back stage agent. But he wasn't finished, as he re-imaged himself a rock n' roll-inspired wrestler. After a lengthy introduction, Dave and Ric slap hands and get the crowd into it. They feel each other out. Rumsky grabs an arm bar then a headlock. Diamond Dave reverses the move. Rumsky hits a belly to back suplex and Diamond gets back to his feet. They go for a test of strength. There's a two count on Diamond Dave. Rumsky gets Diamond Dave into the ropes. He goes for a 619 move but stops short. Dave elbows him in the gut then suplexes Rumsky. Rumsky suplexes Dave with supreme force. Two count on Dave. Rumsky gets him into a headlock. Jimmy James checks to see if Dave gives. He instead gets Rumsky down. Rumsky is up and pounds on Diamond Dave. Rumsky whips him into the corner then buries two knees. Diamond is down. Rumsky whips him into the ropes then kicks him down. Rumsky misses a kick. He glances a super kick off of Dave's chin. Both men stand and trade kicks. Rumsky lands a super kick. Two count. A roll-up on Rumsky. Two count. Dave hits rolling thunder. Whips him into the ropes. The two battle, then hit big moves in the center of the ring as the 10-minute time limit elapses. The match ends in a 10-minute draw. But then, Interim Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri hits the ring and extends the invitation for an additional five minutes. The crowd loves it. They restart the match and Rumsky hits a super kick and gets the win!

The King and Jester v. Kris Kash and Shane Starr

The two teams hit the ring and Douglas starts out against Kash. Kash whips The King into the corner then bulldogs him out. Shane Starr is in and he bodyslams The King in the center of the ring twice. Kash is tagged back in and he drops an elbow on Douglas'. Kash attacks the King's arm and drapes it over the top rope. Starr is tagged in again and he applies an arm bar on The King. Starr wrenches the arm and tags in Kash who lays a leg drop over the limb. Then he tilt-a-whirl drop kicks Douglas in the corner. Kash drop kicks and leg drops on Douglas. Two count. Douglas finally reverses a whip and lands a clothesline. At 3:30 the Jester is tagged in. He goes to work on Kash. Jester buries a knee into Kash's back. Jester distracts referee Shawn Patrick and Douglas attacks Kash from the outside. Jester suplexes Kash. Two count. Then Douglas is tagged back in. He lands a fist on Kash. Two count. Douglas goes to work on Kash's arms. Kash recovers only to be swatted by The King. Two count again. The Jester is tagged back in. The Millvale duo suplexes Kash. Two count by Patrick. Jester buries knees into Kash's back. Starr breaks up a pin attempt. Kash is forced into the enemy corner. Kash is whipped into a corner but he flips out onto Douglas. Starr shouts for his tag partner. Both men make it to their corners. Starr clotheslines both. Suplexes Jester for a one-count. Jester recovers on Starr. Jester pounds away on Starr. There's another two count. Starr gets Jester down. The tag is made to Douglas. Douglas grabs Starr by the crotch. Starr is down. Douglas goes for the fist from the middle rope. Starr kicks out at two. Douglas hits a fall-away slam. The Royal Sharpshooter is next. Starr is close to the ropes. He powers up and makes it to the ropes. The hold is broken and Jester is tagged back in. Jester and Starr double clothesline each other in the center of the ring. Both men are slow in getting up. Jester tags Douglas. Starr gets to Kash. Kash and Starr go for their doomsday device. Jester breaks it up. Starr is forced to the outside. Kash is rolled up by Douglas (fist full of tights) for the victory. Starr and Kash argue with Patrick afterwards, to no avail.

Gentleman Joe, Jay Flash and Mitch Napier hit the ring

As Gentleman Joe is introduced to make some announcements, Jay Flash and Mitch Napier enter the arena and ring. Perri comes out with a telephone to his ear. He says that he has been unable to contact The Latin Assassin prior to the big six-man tag with Latin, Flash and Napier taking on Mayor Mystery's Legion of the Apocalypse, The Blood Beast, Golden Triangle Champion Bobby Badfingers and KSWA Heavyweight Champion Ali Kaida. Perri holds out hope that Latin will arrive in time. Joe also says that Mitch Napier has been added to the Main Event at FanFest on December 3. KSWA Champion Ali Kaida will defend against "The Enforcer" Shawn Blanchard, The Latin Assassin and now Mitch Napier. Perri also says Flash will be rewarded for his hard work in the ring.

Lord Zoltan v. "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin

Martin is greeted by a loud chorus of "Garbage Pants." The response to Lord Zoltan, who is wearing a pink cowboy hat and what appears to be a hospital gown, has never been louder. In a rare move, Zoltan grabbed the microphone and said, "Cancer Sucks." Zoltan tests the ropes and is immediately attacked by Martin. Martin sunset flips Zoltan and gets him in the ropes. Frank Durso attacks Zoltan from the outside. Referee Shawn Patrick is distracted by Lou Martin for an extended period of time. Then Martin attacks Zoltan. Martin paint brushes Zoltan and then Durso bites him. For some reason, Justin Sane is too distracted by the referee to help Zoltan. Martin buries his boot into Zoltan. Again, Durso attacks him on the outside. Justin Sane just attempts to get the referee's attention instead of helping his partner. Martin buries Zoltan's forehead into the ring steps. Martin rolls him back in and pins Zoltan into the ropes. He continues to attack while on the apron. Zoltan is slow to his feet. Martin clotheslines Zoltan and gets him in a headlock and rests him on the mat. The fans chant "Survivor" for the cancer-survivor Lord Zoltan. He battles back and lands a knee on Martin's forehead. With the referee distracted, Zoltan grabs a huge wrench from the ringside table. Sane gets on the apron and Zoltan gets liberal use of the wrench on Martin. Whenever Patrick returns to the scene, the wrench is nowhere to be found. Both Sane and Durso are on the apron. It's pandemonium as both men on the outside are now on the apron, Zoltan pounds Martin, and Patrick is distracted. Somehow Martin gains possession of the wrench and Patrick sees him with it and immediately disqualifies him. The crowd goes wild as Zoltan and Sane pound the ring apron. Martin in incensed.

Intermission: Lord Zoltan auctions of the pink cowboy hats he and Justin Sane wore to the ring. KSWA Hall of Famer and international wrestling legend Dominic DeNucci makes an appearance for the Krazies. Hundreds of dollars are raised through a Chinese Auction and 50/50 raffle.

Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match: Belanger v. Johnson

The second half starts with Drew Belanger taking on "The Ice Man" Tony Johnson for the KSWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Johnson starts out with a headlock, then as he's shoved into the ropes, a shoulder block that falls Belanger. Again Johnson hits the headlock. Johnson muscles out of it but Johnson gets him again. Johnson flips Belanger and the Canadian bolts to the outside. Belanger gets back in and slaps Johnson not once but twice. A third time and Johnson doesn't flinch. He then slams Belanger into the corner and he peppers Drew with lefts and rights. Johnson goes from corner to corner until Belanger kicks the ropes and drops him, crotch first, into the middle turnbuckle. Belanger belly to back suplexes him out. Two count. More offense from Belanger and another two count. Then another on Johnson. Belanger snap mares Johnson and gets another near pinfall. Belanger puts a boot to Johnson's throat. Belanger goes for a boot but misses. Johnson hits a series of clotheslines before missing. Belanger clubs Johnson and spills him out onto the concrete floor. Jimmy James begins the count. Belanger follows. They battle outside. Belanger gets back in at the seven count. Belanger tosses Johnson back in because Belanger can't win the belt on the outside. Belanger and Johnson continue to battle outside. Jimmy James restarts the count time and time again. Johnson tosses Belanger back in and rolls in himself at the eight count. There's a two-count on Belanger. Johnson can't believe it. Johnson stands and tries to get the fans to clap with him. They do. Johnson and Belanger trade maneuvers. Belanger wins that battle but only gets a two count. They are slow in getting up. Belanger gets Johnson in the corner for a series of chops. Belanger climbs the turnbuckle, shouts "It's Over" and Johnson battles back. Johnson goes for the superplex from the top rope but Belanger battles enough to send Johnson to the mat. Belanger goes for a double sledge but Johnson catches him with a devastating kick to the mush. Johnson gets the win. Johnson celebrates while Belanger stares at the ceiling. J.P. Goulet arrives to console his "Canadian Perfection" partner.

The Legion of the Apocalypse v. Mitch Napier and Jay Flash

Mayor Mystery tells the Krazies that the Legion attacked The Latin Assassin prior to the event and he wouldn't be in attendance, because of his stable. Jay Flash starts off against Bobby Badfingers and Jay punches Bobby and sends him outside. Mitch Napier launches himself over the top rope and onto the trio. The Legion is regaining their composure as Flash and Napier ready themselves in the ring. Then, Napier and Flash jump over, in tandem, onto the quartet. With Flash and Badfingers still the legal men, they slowly get back into the ring. Badfingers tags in Blood Beast. Flash tags Napier. Flash is noticeably injured on the outside apron. Blood Beast floors Napier with a huge punch. Napier goes after Beast but the behemoth tosses the Iowan into the corner for Ali Kaida and Badfingers to attack. Flash tries to get Jimmy James to look at the action, but he's slow in doing so. Blood Beast buries a knee in Napier's throat. Blood Beast side suplexes Napier. Flash breaks up a pin attempt. The Legion has Napier in their corner. Blood Beast floors Napier. Ali Kaida enters and the duo stomps Napier relentlessly. Blood Beast face plants Napier. Two count. Mayor Mystery pounds the apron in frustration. Badfingers is tagged back in. Napier ducks a couple of clothesline attempts then is floored by Badfingers. Badfingers tags in Ali Kaida at the 7:00 mark. The trio attacks Napier, Flash chases Mayor Mystery on the outside. Badfingers floors Flash on the outside. Ali Kaida bodyslams Napier. Ali distracts Jimmy James as Blood Beast attacks Napier. Ali Kaida goes for a lazy pin but Napier kicks out. Kaida goes for a submission move. Napier won't give. The crowd is electric with "USA" chants. Kaida bodyslams Napier. Blood Beast enters. He punches Napier then forces him into a corner. Napier dodges a splash and buries a DDT from the top rope. Napier tries to get Beast in a submission move but Bobby Badfingers rakes his eyes from the outside. Blood Beast bulldogs Napier. Two count as Jay Flash breaks up the pin attempt. Kaida enters and he and Blood Beast stomp Napier. Mitch is in the corner but flips out onto Beast. The fans chant "USA" louder and louder. At the 12 minute mark, Jay Flash is tagged in. Badfingers is tagged. Flash kicks Badfingers and flips up himself. He goes for his cannon ball move splash and pinfall but that's broken up by Mayor Mystery. Flash chases Mystery to the back. Blood Beast choke slams Mitch and Ali Kaida slaps on the camel clutch. Napier is helpless in the center of the ring. James drops Napier's arm three times. He cannot continue. The winner of the match: The Legion of the Apocalypse. The team stomps and kicks Napier. Flash comes back out with a chair and cleans out the ring. Blood Beast spits blood into Jay's face. Kaida climbs back in and attacks Napier again. Flash follows and clubs Kaida with a chair. The Legion retreats, leaving Jay Flash and Mitch Napier in the ring. The fans chant "Mitch."

Shawn Blanchard v. Justin Sane (no DQ)

Frank Durso accompanies Shawn Blanchard to the ring, as KSWA Hall of Famer Dominic DeNucci does for Justin Sane. Sane immediately gets Blanchard down. Sane gets Blanchard into the corner and Justin walks the top rope. He drops a fist onto Blanchard's elbow. Blanchard battles back with punches to Justin's chin. Blanchard drops Sane and asks the crowd, "Who's the Man?" Blanchard whips Sane into the ropes and drops him with a back elbow. There's a two count. Blanchard gouges at Justin's face as this is a No-DQ match. Blanchard tosses Sane over the top rope. Durso kicks Sane before DeNucci notices the infraction. DeNucci chases Durso away and tosses Justin back in. Blanchard chops him in the corner then snap mares him. Two count. Blanchard admonishes Patrick for a slow count. Blanchard uses a piece of cloth to choke Justin. Blanchard gets Sane into a sleeper hold. Patrick gets to one knee to see if the sleeper works. At the 3rd attempt, Sane battles out. Blanchard lands one of his patented spinebusters on Sane. Blanchard goes out of the ring and grabs a chair. It's all legal in this match. He plants Justin with it then sets it up in the middle of the ring. Justin reverses a whip and hits a drop toe hold on Blanchard. He goes head first into the chair and receives a gigantic slice on his forehead as a result. His forehead becomes a Crimson Mask. Blanchard bails to the outside. Justin leaps on top of him. DeNucci makes his way over to Sane and Blanchard because Durso has lurked his way over. DeNucci takes the opportunity to plant a big fist on Blanchard's bloody forehead. Blanchard is rolled back in for a two count. Sane picks him up and whips him into a corner then lands a perfect flying leg scissors. He goes for the move a second time and Blanchard catches him for the patented spinebuster. That stops Justin cold. Blanchard picks Sane up for a power bomb and lands him square in the middle of the ring. Blanchard picks him up and power bombs Sane into a turnbuckle. Blanchard tries again and as Sane is up, Justin changes his body positioning and rolls over and down Blanchard's back. Sane rolls Blanchard up and quickly, one, two, three your winner is Justin Sane. Blanchard is in disbelief, Durso is ticked, as DeNucci and Sane celebrate.

And that concludes A Night For Gilda's Club.