No Butts About It: Party Gras Is On Top Of KSWA Tag Team Division

September 22, 2011
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

At the onset of the year, Justin Sane won one of the coveted Battle Bowl's "pick a shot" at a Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) championship in 2011. When Sane had the even more sought-after "first pick" at any belt he inexplicably chose a chance at the KSWA World Tag Team Championships. Why was the choice so...odd?

Sane, who had always exhibited bizarre behavior (hence the moniker), had become more unconventional. In addition to that, Sane had no appreciable friends left in the organization. Over his lengthy career, Sane has gotten along with a select few Megastars, most notably La Lucha, the since-retired former tag team and World Heavyweight Champion. Justin had also gelled well with Double-A Anthony Alexander, whose prolonged shoulder injury may have cut the multiple-time champion's career short.

During the next few months, Sane tried to recruit anyone--or anything (including inanimate objects)--as his partner. As a result, the reigning KSWA Tag Team Champions, the VIP's Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin, never took Sane seriously. In one of the weirder moments of recent times, Sane did ask both Blanchard and Martin to be his partner.

Then came the Ultimate Survivor Match earlier this year that was to feature a "surprise last entrant," in addition to Sane, the VIPs and others. Logic would dictate that the fourth participant would be on the team featuring Sane, Kris Kash and Shane Starr. The other unit was already made up of Blanchard and Martin, as well as "Canadian Perfection," Drew Belanger and J.P. Goulet.

Rumors swirled in the weeks leading up to the event. Recently-retired "Big Mike" Malachi, La Lucha, and even Alexander were among the names bandied about. Word was, it might have been a Megastar from long ago, or even an outsider looking to make a splash in the big market of Pittsburgh.

Fast forward to Ultimate Survivor. Everyone in attendance at the KSWA Arena was buzzing with anticipation when the surprise eighth entrant was to be introduced. The arena burst in shock and electricity when the operatic spectacle that accompanies Lord Zoltan rang out.

The VIPs cheered wildly as the Bourbon Street Brawler had often served as somewhat of an "auxiliary member" of their clique. Soon their excitement would turn to bewilderment as Zoltan gave them the ole' double noggin knocker. Lord Zoltan would go onto win the Ultimate Survivor match and Sane would extend a hand in celebration.

It wasn't all that long ago in which Zoltan and Sane battled, the loser was contractually obligated to wear a dress for an entire calendar year. Sane lost and wore a number of fetching pieces the following twelve months.

But now they formed the KSWA's newest tag team: Party Gras. The duo would stun the VIPs on July 2nd at Arsenal Park and win the tag titles in terrific fashion. The team was cemented.

They held steadfast against "Canadian Perfection" challenges. One Canadian combination even included "Nasty" Nick Crane, a long time friend/foe of Zoltan's.

Since that time, observers have noticed that the duo has excelled in single's competition as well. Justin Sane, who appeared--sane--at times, has once-again regained his zany, high-flying style of yore.

Lord Zoltan, who had taken a sabbatical from the KSWA ring before Ultimate Survivor, has returned with a passion that has been infectious with the Krazies. Young Krazies in particular have really taken to the mysterious Zoltan. Recent matches with the VIPs--singles or tag matches--have been stellar between Lord Zoltan/Justin Sane and Shawn Blanchard/Lou Martin. In the "When World's Collide" Battle Royal in August, Zoltan had the capacity crowd screaming as he may-or-may-not have used a monkey wrench on the VIP's. And during a Millvale Days contest with Martin, Lord Zoltan had the largest Millvale crowd ever in a froth before the opening bell.

As a team, Party Gras has been running on all cylinders. Justin Sane's trademark "Shock Therapy" frog splash from the top rope has been pinpoint accurate. And few teams ever in the history of the KSWA can come close to their combined experience.

The duo will next face "The King" Del Douglas and "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin on October 1 at Linden Hall in Sharpsburg for a fundraiser for the Guyasuta Football and Cheerleader Association. A rematch with the VIPs had previously been announced but anything could go next month.

But if there's anything that's set in stone, when the Krazies hear Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," they know they are in for a party. A Party Gras. Now Justin's choice to challenge for the KSWA tag team championship doesn't seem so...odd.