Treats & Tricks Take Center Stage at "K.S.W.A. Autumn Annihilation"

October 18, 2011
by Sam St. Laurent: Special for the K.S.W. A.

(Lawrenceville, PA) - Keystone State Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion Ali Kaida fought off a determined challenge by Alex Arcadian to retain his title and the Annual Autumn Annihilation Casket Match authored by the Blood Beast ended the evening with full blown brawl featuring all four of the competitors slated for the Fatal Four Way Championship match at FanFest.

Ric Rumskey v. Joey Quervo

After regaining his senses following his all too familiar stumble to the ring, the Drunken Luchadore found himself on the wrong end of an attack from Rumskey. But the lovable sot was able to take to the offense and gain some momentum over the charismatic Rumskey before climbing to the top rope and missing an aerial maneuver. Rumskey seized the opportunity to land the Ric Kick and finished off Quervo at (5:02). Both combatants shook hands afterwards in show of good sportsmanship as Rumskey celebrated the victory.

Dave Diamond v. Drew Belanger

Although he may be from 1985, the energetic Diamond has made quite an impact in the K.S.W.A since his arrival. Armed with drum sticks, guitar picks and a kinetic energy befitting his Rock-N-Roll image, Diamond was amped and ready for his toughest challenge to date when he faced Belanger, the brooding Megastar from Thunder Bay, Ontario. After DDD took early control of the contest, Belanger was able to take over mid match and seemed on his way to gaining the win. But Justin Sane showed up at ringside greeting fans with his trademark “Hellooo…” and asking fans if they wanted to “Trick or Treat”. Perhaps Belanger missed his tag team partner J.P Goulet, the other half of Canadian Perfection, who remained north of the border in an extended Canadian Thanksgiving celebration, but whatever the reason Belanger was distracted by Sane’s ringside antics which Diamond Dave to move in an land the Bang Your Head DDT and cover Belanger for the pin fall at (7:05).

KSWA Owner Bobby O made his way to the ring to remind fans about the costume contest that would take place at intermission. K.S.W.A megastar and five-time heavyweight champion Shawn Blanchard made his way to the squared circle to declare his intentions for FanFest. Simply put, the burly enforcer from Minneapolis left no doubt that he intends to capture the gold for a sixth time on December 3rd and on that night will about him and not the legendary George “The Animal” Steele. Bobby O reminded the V.I.P. member that there would be formidable competition at the Fatal Four Way, with the current title holder Ali Kaida, the former K.S.W.A. champ The Latin Assassin and rising megastar Mitch Napier all striving for the same goal. K.S.W.A. Hall-of-Famer Frank Durso, the advisor to the V.I.P.s came into the ring and again made no bones about his dislike of the owner. Blanchard had the last word, letting his December opponents know that at FanFest, he’s taking everyone’s pride, the heavyweight title and some people’s girlfriends just for fun.

KSWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match - Shane Starr v. “The Iceman” Tony Johnson

Starr hits the ring first, buoyed by the Halloween themed crowd, which saw many crazies wearing pick in support of the megastar from Sharpsburg sometimes known as “The Future”. Since becoming the K.S.W.A’s first ever Junior Heavyweight Champion at FanFest 2010, the strongman from St. Louis has fending off all challengers, including a nasty feud with “The King” Del Douglas which saw Johnson lose and regain the title during the Millvale Days weekend. Starr and Johnson thrilled the 200 plus Krazies in attendance as the two Megastars fought and countered move after move that had the KSWA Arena Moose on its feet several times. Both competitors shows strength and speed and both Johnson and Starr each scored near pin falls. Starr had Johnson on the ropes and was heading towards the championship, when out of nowhere, The Iceman sprung off of the ropes and nailed Starr with the Ice Pick Kick to score the victory and retain his Junior Heavyweight Championship at (11:35). A dazed and disappointed Starr raised Johnson’s arm in a testament to the hard fought match which once again had the Krazies on their feet in appreciation.

Del Douglas v. Kris Kash

The Millvallian Monarch and his loyal minion The Jester were first to the ring for this contest, followed by the high octane entrance of the fan favorite Kash. This match was filled with plenty of back and forth action between these familiar combatants that know each other’s arsenal very well. Douglas carried most of the first part of the match which included The King landing his now infamous top rope fist which is banned in “49 out of 50 states”. Judging from referee Jimmy James non-disqualification of Douglas, one has to assume that the Pennsylvania State Athletic commission has no rules or regulations in place banning the heavy handed move from The King. Kash was able to use his speed to gain control of the match and with his all too familiar aerial assault and right handed chops, Douglas’ chest was soon a fair shade of red, but would the King be red faced when defeated? That answer would be no. With the Jester causing commotion at ringside, Douglas landed what seemed to be an illegal blow on Kash, and then the grand pooh bah of the K.S.W.A. sealed the deal by planting Kash on his head with Drop It Like It’s Hot at (10:22) to get the three count and the victory.

KSWA Tag Team Championship The V.I.P’s v. Party Gras

The scowling duo of “The Enforcer” Shawn Blanchard & “Dr. Devastation” Martin appeared first, followed by the always present scowl of their legendary advisor Frank Durso. The V.I.P.s have run roughshod over the K.S.W.A. during their careers, holding many titles and insulting many fans. They made it clear amongst their caustic taunts towards the Krazies that they were leaving the Arena with the tag team titles in tow. Once the happy strains of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” began playing in the K.S.W.A Arena, the mood turned from furious to frivolous as Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane excited the crowd with Mardi Gras beads, Halloween treats and some good old fashioned booty shakin’ as many in the crowd danced alongside the K.S.W.A Tag Team Champions. Blanchard, Martin and Durso were not amused and tried to take the early offense once the bell rang. Blanchard used his size to shoulder block Zoltan to the mat several times, but Zoltan and Sane were able to turn the momentum around and target the arm of the Enforcer. But the V.I.P.’s have been around long enough and soon the terrible trio gained control of the match and took turn pummeling Sane from pillar to post. Sprinkle in a little bit of Durso sticking his nose (and fists and teeth for that matter) into the fray and it looked like the V.I.P.s were going to make good on their promise of winning the tag team straps. But the wily Zoltan, once thought of as villainous but now beloved by the Krazies, was able to turn the tide using his version of New Orleans voodoo. Known as round the Tri-State area as bringing a wrench into the plans. The veteran from NOLA – who has turned mentor to willing but sometimes rudderless Sane – was able to gain an advantage of Blanchard by using a monkey wrench to rearrange the facial features of the Minneapolis Mauler. As always, by some form of black magic, the wrench seems to somehow disappear when any K.S.W.A. official nears Zoltan to inspect his person. Martin & Durso screamed at the apparent foul play from ringside in a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, as the V.I.P.s have authored many chapters on how to bend and break the rules. Just when Blanchard and Martin seemed to regain their senses and control of the match, Sane surprised Blanchard. After a sneaky tag with Lord Zoltan, the lovable psychopath from Smith’s Grove sanitarium landed a sunset flip from the ring apron and Sane was able to pin Blanchard’s shoulders to the mat for a three count at (13:24). After the match, the celebration was on again and Lord Zoltan announced that during the costume contest at intermission, Party Gras was giving out their own award for the “Sexiest Costume”.

K.S.W.A. owner Bobby O, Kris Kash and K.S.W.A staffers rewarded the Krazies by handing out prizes for the best kids and adult costumes. Many K.S.W.A. megastars signed autographs and gave out candy to the “best fans in wrestling” during the break. K.S.W.A. interim commissioned Gentleman Joe Perri the announced some matches for two upcoming Road to FanFest K.S.W.A shows. On Saturday November 5th at The Sharpsburg V.F.D., Party Gras is set to defend the K.S.W.A. Tag Team Titles against the Best Team Evaaaa – Ric Rusmkey and Alex Arcadian. And Shawn Blanchard will face Shane Starr in a Sharpsburg Strap Match. On Saturday November 19th at Immaculate Conception School in Bloomfield, Shawn Blanchard takes on The Latin Assassin and Ali Kaida is scheduled to defend the K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Championship against Mitch Napier. Joe also announced that several other matches on the Road to FanFest Tour will also have a direct impact on the December 3rd FanFest lineup.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Arcadian v. Kaida

Arcadian was inspired throughout this match with the Afghani Assault Weapon. Usually, Kaida uses his size and strength to overwhelm opponents and the champion also has his manager Mayor Mystery at ringside causing havoc. Well, the Mayor was mysterious in his absence and Arcadian was able to use his size and strength to counter the normal physicality and brawling that Kaida brings to the ring. Arcadian scored several close near falls and Kaida appeared to have Arcadian locked into defeat when the big man hooked in the Kaida Clutch. But the Arcadian, the megastar from Yuma, Arizona made the crowd of Krazies gasp and surprised the 275 lb. champion by lifting the Afghani into the air on his back and slamming him to the canvas. Arcadian scored a near fall but could not put Kaida away. At this point things got interesting, as Shawn Blanchard, one of the opponents with Kaida in the Fatal Four Way at FanFest appeared through the curtain in an apparent scouting missions. Kaida let Blanchard know “he had his eyes on him” as well as Arcadian. A minute later, another Fatal Four Way competitor, the Latin Assassin, appeared on the other side of the ring to also scout the match. Blanchard and Assassin shared several menacing looks, but both remained on good behavior to scout the championship match. After several more exchanges, Kaida was able to wear Arcadian down and when Kaida reapplied the Kaida Clutch, an exhausted and unconscious Arcadian could not answer the three count by referee Shawn Patrick. At (9:31) Ali Kaida was declared the winner by submission and retained the K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Title.

Six Mega Star Tag Match

The team of the K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Champions Bobby Badfingers, The Jester & Jonny Axx came out to face the daunting team of Jay Flash, Mitch Napier & Jack Massacre. In a match more suited for May’s event, Mayhem was what occurred when these six megastars hooked up. Referee Justin Smith had all that he could handle in trying to control this match. Inside and outside the ring, two, four or six wrestlers, it didn’t matter as the six men dug into to each other in a big way. Order eventually was restored, but only temporarily, as the action again spilled to the outside with Axx trying to take down the big 7-foot-tall, 350-lb. Massacre with no success. While Napier and the Jester also went at it outside of the ring, Flash was able to set up Badfingers for the Cannonball splash off of the top rope. Flash then covered up the GT title holder for at least 8 seconds, but no referee was available to make the count. The Jester then surprised Flash with his version of a face melting killer kick and afterwards, the jokester from the King’s Court pulled Badfingers on top of Flash for the pin fall at (13:12). Afterwards, an obviously angered and frustrated Jay Flash accused Bobby Badfingers of ducking the Megastar from South Beach and hiding behind his partners in the Legion of the Apocalypse. Flash, who won a shot a the Golden Triangle Championship at FanFest 2010, then delighted the Krazies by letting them and Badfingers know that at "FlashFest 2011", it was Flash’s time to cash in his shot and that he was intent on capturing the GT championship from the Chicago based ruffian.

It was also learned that during the match, Jack Massacre injured his right wrist. Unconfirmed reports have been circulating that after the Autumn Annihilation show, Massacre was attacked in the parking lot. Witnesses have said that Jonny Axx baited the big man who was then attacked by Legion of the Apocalypse members Bobby Badfingers, The Blood Beast and Ali Kaida. It has been confirmed that Jack Massacre suffered a broken right wrist. More details on his condition are to come. Even though he was conspicuous by his absence, Mayor Mystery, who has melded the LOA into a big time force in short period of time, seems to have his fingerprints all over the attack on Massacre.

Casket Match: The Blood Beast v. The Latin Assassin

The cold blooded giant from Camp Blood has made the casket match his annual contribution at Autumn Annihilation. Last year, the Beast knocked Justin Sane out of action for several months in a bloody brawl before locking Sane in the casket. Would it be any different tonight as the Beast faced his former tag team title partner and heavyweight title contender The Latin Assassin? Everyone knows a match with no rules in which the only objective is to hurt your opponent and lock him in a casket is perfect for the Blood Beast. But the Assassin is no stranger to ruleless brawling and to inflicting pain. That’s exactly how this match played out as the big Beast and the ruthless Assassin battered each other all around the K.S.W.A. Arena. Chairs, tables, walls…it didn’t matter, all was fair game as these two megastars punished each other in an attempt to put the other into the coffin. The melee went back and forth until Shawn Blanchard and Ali Kaida appeared. Unlike earlier in the night, when Blanchard and the Latin Assassin only scouted Kaida’s championship match, there was no such luck as the beating between the Assassin and the Beast continued and spilled once again onto the floor, the brawl between Blanchard and Kaida began in earnest. The Mitch Napier, the fourth competitor in December’s Fatal Four Way also appeared. But Napier seemed intent on getting at the Latin Assassin. The Assassin, who earlier in the year took Napier under his wing, blames Napier for throwing in the towel and costing Latin the Heavyweight Championship against Ali Kaida. Mitch again had the towel and this time threw it into Latin’s face. This distraction and ensuing brawl gave the Blood Beast an opportunity that he seized. But just as the monstrous Beast was going to put the Latin Assassin into the casket, the brawl between Kaida and Blanchard spilled over near the casket. The Beast was knocked off balance, knocked into the casket by the Assassin and then Kaida was knocked onto the top of the casket during the fighting. Once the lid was closed, the Latin Assassin was declared the winner at (15:10). Blanchard, Napier, Assassin and Kaida all continued brawling and bickering amongst each other until order was restored and the KSWA Arena was cleared out after another great showing at Autumn Annihilation.