Demolition Ax Goes Out In Style, Esper Rides A Harley With T-Rantula, Napier Hoists BROhemoth, Douglas Wins 5-Star In Homestead

July 23, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Fans crowded Homestead for Brawl Under the Bridge on Saturday night. Many came to see action from Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization. Some came to see the “Battle of the Mayors” as Betty Esper accompanied T-Rantula to the ring against Lou Martin and Mayor Mystery. And many came to say goodbye to a true Western Pennsylvania original as he rides off into retirement after a one-in-a-million career.

5-Star Championship: Del Douglas v. Justin Sane v. Lord Zoltan (champion)

The match begins and all three combatants are weary of each other. Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane shake hands but Del Douglas refuses to share the sentiment. Lord Zoltan stomps his foot and the match begins. Both members of Party Gras get wrist locks on Del before they pound on his shoulders. In this Triple Threat Match, everyone is in at the same time. Zoltan and Sane row the boat that is Douglas’ arms. Then they drop him to the mat and “wish bone” the King’s lower extremities. Zoltan threatens to kick Douglas in the midsection. It isn’t until Sane distracts the ref long enough to allow for the kick below the belt. They take turns working Douglas over. Sane rams his head into each of the four ring posts. Sane suplexes Douglas in the center of the ring. Zoltan then goes over and buries an elbow into his head. The referee is distracted while Zoltan beats on Douglas some more. There’s a two count on Douglas by Zoltan. He continues the onslaught. Sane posts Douglas in the corner for a series of punches to the head. Sane lays in 10 punches. Zoltan holds up Douglas. Douglas ducks and hits Zoltan with a clothesline. Sane hits Douglas with a leg drop and hits the King with a frog splash but Zoltan breaks up the pin attempt and then he attacks Sane for beating on Douglas. Douglas attacks Zoltan from behind and tosses him outside the ring. Douglas hits Sane with the Drop It Like Its Hot and scores the victory! The new 5-Star Champion is Del Douglas. 7:11.

Proclamation For Demolition Ax From PA Governor

KSWA Owner Bobby O and KSWA Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri make their way to the ring. They invite Demolition Ax into the ring. Bobby O reads a congratulatory letter from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf written to Eadie. This is nothing new for Bobby O. He read a letter of congratulations to Eadie before he was inducted into the PWHF Hall of Fame in 2014. That letter came from the Fayette County Commissioners, as Eadie is originally from Brownsville in that Western PA county. Eadie thanked the crowd for their support and said that he was very proud to have his last singles match in Pittsburgh.

Lucio Deveer v. The Ice Machine

The bell rings and the two combatants shake hands in the center of the ring. Lucio tries to get a chant started with a series of stomps. Deveer gets Machine in a head lock. Ice shakes it off and the two trade blows before Deveer levels Machine with a clothes line. Deveer gets Machine down again and only gets a two-count. Deveer posts Machine in the corner and puts a couple of boots down. Deveer is in control he side suplexes Machine for a two-count. Ice Machine crawls to the corner and Deveer follows him in. The Enigma hits two big clotheslines and gets a two count. There’s a two count. Deveer hits some clotheslines and so does Ice Machine. He then hits Deveer with European upper cuts. Posted in the corner, Deveer is hit with punches. Deveer goes down. Machine gets a two count. Machine hits Deveer again with a knee and follows with a pin attempt, but only gets two. There’s a suplex and both Megastars are down. Fedor starts the double count out and gets to two. Deveer replies and hits Ice Machine with a number of big hits. He misses with a kick. Machine hits some clotheslines and a flying body press. Ice Machine hits a big chop from the top rope. Two-count. Lucio front face suplexes Ice Machine and gets only a two count. Deveer shouts, “That’s it” and readies him for a power bomb. Machine squirms out of it and hits Deveer with an Ice Kick for the win. 8:00

Dennis Gregory v. Jack Massacre

Dennis Gregory interrupts his introduction just to run down Homestead, its Mayor, and women that “The Golden Boy” finds undesirable. Jack Massacre comes out to much aplomb from the crowd. Massacre pushes Gregory down and then Gregory extends a hand. He says, “I mean no disrespect,” and Jack clotheslines him to the mat. The two veterans lock up. Dennis hits him with punches, forearms and other offensive maneuvers, to no avail. Gregory pushes him into the corner and punches and knees the giant. Massacre tosses him across the ring. With the constant assault, Gregory gets him to waver. Gregory comes off the top rope and is able to knock Massacre down. Massacre recovers and body slams him down. In the corner, Massacre lays in a head butt. Gregory is staggered. In a smart move, Gregory hits Massacre in the knee and drops him like a redwood in the center of the ring. Massacre is in pain and Gregory continues to hit him in the knee. Referee Jugan sees Gregory using the corner ropes for leverage. Massacre recovers and suplexes Gregory. At this time, Mayor Mystery appears and distracts the referee. Gregory grabs a ringside chair and tosses it in the ring. He hits Massacre with it and gets the win. 6:32.

Brawl Under the Bridge Championship: Shawn Blanchard v. Demolition Ax

The two long-time foes lock up. Demolition Ax tosses Blanchard across the ring. They lock hands in the center of the ring. Ax powers him down. Ax gets Blanchard’s hands down and stomps on them. Once on the mat, Demolition Ax digs at Shawn Blanchard’s face. He then digs at his ears. Ax knocks Blanchard into the corner. Ax complains that Blanchard has “a lot of wax” in his ears. Ax once again goes for the wrist lock. Blanchard is reduced to one knee. Ax continues to work on Blanchard’s hand. Blanchard pokes Ax in the eye. Ax gets forced into the corner. Blanchard digs at his throat. Ax recovers and knocks Blanchard to the mat. Blanchard fights off Ax with a poke to the eye. The two wrestlers trade offense but Ax gets the final burst of offense. Demolition Ax hits Blanchard with a swinging neckbreaker and makes the cover. The referee counts to three and Demolition Ax wins the Brawl Under the Bridge title. 4:59.

6-Man Tag Team Match: Tommy Faime, Harley T. Morris and Zak Hunter v. Anthony Alexander, Shane Starr and Kris Kash

David Marbell and KSWA Owner Bobby O arrive at the ring to support their respective teams. Referee David Fedor takes time to separate the teams. Starr gets the crowd to clap along with him. Starr starts out with Harley T. Morris, who gets tutelage from Marbell. Starr pushes Marbell into the corner and he breaks it up. Marbell climbs the ring steps to consul his client. Fedor reminds Marbell that his license is for the “outside.” Starr once again pushes Morris into the corner and breaks cleanly. Morris slows down the pace and gets consultation from his corner. Starr tackles Morris down and then pulls him into his corner. Kash is then tagged in. Kash drop kicks Morris and then tilt a whirl drop kicks him in the corner. Kash is pushed into the ropes near his team and Starr tags himself in. Starr executives a standing suplex and that drives Morris to the outside. The team goes to the outside. Kash is tagged in and he dives on the trio. The capacity crowd goes crazy for the action. Kash chops Morris on the outside. Fans give him their seat. Kash pulls Morris back in, where he gets an advantage. Morris drop kicks Kash in the back and gets a one-count. Morris pulls Kash into his corner, where Zak Hunter is tagged in. Hunter shoulder blocks Kash down. Hunter suplexes Kash and gets a two count before Kash can kick out. Tommy Faime, the Golden Triangle Champion, is then tagged in. He bodyslams Kash and goes after Alexander. Faime and Morris stomp on Kash while the referee’s back is turned. Hunter is brought in and he attacks Kash. Hunter body slams his tag team partner Morris onto Kash. Morris sunset flips Morris but Morris fights it off. Morris gets Kash into a Boston Crab. Kash continues to fight out of it. Kash fights to get to the ropes. Hunter tries to interfere. Fedor breaks it up. Morris pulls Kash into the center of the ring, where Faime awaits after being tagged in. Faime posts Kash in the corner and punches and kicks his opponent. Faime goes to work on Kash’s leg. Faime reaches his corner and tags Morris back in. He delivers punches and knees to Kash. Hunter is tagged in once again. The partners slam Kash to the mat. Alexander makes the save by kicking Hunter in the head. Kash is in the corner and snap-mared to the middle. Morris goes to the top rope. Kash has taken a heck of a beating. Morris drops a big elbow. Once count before Starr breaks it up. Morris whips Kash into the corner but Kris flips out onto Morris. It isn’t enough to gets Kash into his corner. The two are beat up as Kash musters the strength to get to his corner. Kash tries to find his way. He makes it to Alexander, who comes in for the first real offense of this match. He is a house afire. His boot falls Morris. Hunter is whipped into the corner. There’s a clothesline and bulldog. Alexander and Faime are on the outside. Kash, Starr, Morris and Hunter on the inside. Faime clotheslines them down. Alexander climbs into the ring and hits the Prime-Time Cancellation on Faime for the one, two and three! 14:30.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: BROhemoth v. Mitch Napier

Some 400-or-so Homestead Krazies sing, “You’re The Best, Around” as Napier circles the ring. BROhemoth tosses the two-time Champion across the ring. They lock up a third time and Napier gets his opponent in a wrist lock. Napier rolls out of a wrist lock. BROhemoth asks for “Your Best Shot,” and he gets it with a right fist by the KSWA Champion. BROhemoth thinks better of asking for another and he drives Napier to the mat with a huge forearm. He body slams Mitch in the center of the ring. He goes for a cover and gets two. BROhemoth shouts for Napier to stay down. There’s a body slam that drops Napier down. This is clearly the most powerful opponent Napier has faced during his reign. BROhemoth charges Napier in the corner and moves the ring six inches. BROhemoth then launches Napier over his head and across the ring. Napier fights back but is leveled by a huge clothesline. BROhemoth makes the cover and gets only two. Napier fights back and goes for a cross body block and he simply bounces off of the enormous challenger. A chant of “Let’s Go Mitch” rings out under the Bridge. Napier goes for a sunset flip but BROhemoth simply falls on his chest. He does follow up with a pin attempt, but a choke. BROhemoth goes off on a fan at ringside as Napier crawls to one knee. He battles back with a few punches to BROhemoth’s midsection. Napier tries to whip him across the ring but that doesn’t work. BROhemoth levels him with another huge clothesline. BROhemoth wishes Napier up and he levels the champion with another clothesline. The chants for Napier ring out again. BRO misses with a splash. Napier goes for cross body block but is caught. He side slams Napier down in the center of the ring. Napier rebounds with two drop kicks. Napier goes to the top rope. There’s a flying cross body block. Napier gets only two on the pin attempt. Napier goes for the Sioux Falls Slam but can’t get the big man up. He suplexes Napier down in the center of the ring. BROhemoth goes after fans at ringside again as Napier tries to shake out the cobwebs. BROhemoth posts Napier in the corner. Napier fights out of the superplex attempt and instead pushes the challenger down. Napier jumps from the corner. Once in the center of the ring, Napier hoists the massive BROhemoth on his shoulder for the Sioux Falls Slam. There’s an audible gasp from the immense crowd as Napier drops the challenger down. Mitch makes the cover and gets the pin and the win. 9:47.

Battle Of The Mayors: Lou Martin (w/Mayor Mystery) v. T-Rantula (w/Mayor Betty Esper)

Homestead Mayor Betty Esper rides to the ring along with T-Rantula on his Harley. It’s all T-Rantula from the outset. He hits Martin in the back with a chair on the outside, and with plenty of overhand chops on the inside. Martin whips his buttocks on T-Rantula’s motorcycle. The KSWA Hall of Famer rams Martin’s head into the bike. The battle moves to the outside. Martin hits T with a chair and that changes the momentum. Martin rams his shoulder into T-Rantula’s midsection and that keeps him reeling. Betty Esper comes to T-Rantula’s aid and Martin shoves the Mayor. T-Rantula chases down Martin and dumps a trash can on his head. Martin comes back to life on the inside. Martin gets offense on T-Rantula and drives a boot into his neck and then a clothesline. T battles back and hits Martin with a clothesline and then another. T bodyslams Martin in the center of the ring. Martin is slow in getting up. T-Rantula tosses him into the corner and knocks him down with a slam. T sets him up for a choke slam. T-Rantula plants Martin down and then goes to the outside for nachos. T loads up and then hands a nacho boat to Esper. T-Rantula climbs back in and readies to plaster Martin with the high velocity, tasty treat. Mayor Mystery jumps on his back. T-Rantula swats Mayor Mystery off. T-Rantula walks over to Martin, who is getting to his feet. T blasts Martin with the nachos. He waves in Esper. The Homestead crowd, which has been screaming for most of the match, goes to a fever pitch. Mayor Mystery is pulled up by T-Rantula and Esper smashes the boat on top of Mayor Mystery’s head. Both Mystery and Martin lay in a heap. T-Rantula covers Martin, Betty Esper covers Mayor Mystery and Fedor counts both men out. The winner(s) as the crowd goes berserk are Betty Esper and T-Rantula! 11:11.

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