An Emotional End For A Spectacular In-Ring Career, As Demolition Ax Wins Gold One Last Time

July 26, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

One of the largest crowds in Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) history witnessed an number of spectacular moments Saturday night. However, none came close to capturing the pure timing of the final singles match for Demolition Ax.

Ax challenged Brawl Under The Bridge Champion Shawn Blanchard as the sun was descending to the west of the Homestead Grays superstructure. It was a magical moment for the one-time KSWA tag team champion and the former 6-time KSWA Champion. Both men have involved in a feud that dates back 10 years. Blanchard defeated Demolition Ax during the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament in 2009. A few months later, Ax brought Demolition Smash with him and they defeated Blanchard and Lou Martin for KSWA tag team gold.

Ax has returned a number of times since then, and has always battled the dastardly Blanchard. It is confirmed that Demolition's last tag team match occurred last December at FanFest, when Ax and Smash once again defeated Blanchard and Martin. Demolition teamed with another wrestler in a six-man match after last December's FanFest, but Smash's knee surgery placed him in retirement.

Blanchard defeated Kris Kash for the Brawl Under the Bridge championship earlier this year. Blanchard said he'd take on anyone in the Homestead contest, and KSWA Owner Bobby O almost immediately signed Ax.

Ax had announced that he was going to retire this year, after nearly 45-years inside the squared circle. The sidelining of Smash just made the decision more definitive, and hastier.

Enter Ax and the annual card under the Homestead Grays Bridge. A letter of congratulations came from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. More than one participant Saturday said that the match, the accolades, the atmosphere made Ax, born Bill Eadie in Brownsville, PA, emotional

The contest between Ax and Blanchard could never be considered a technician's dream. There were punches, gouges, clotheslines and more than enough nostril pulls. The end came swiftly for the combatants, as Demolition Ax landed offense that was highlighted by clotheslines and power moves. And for the final time in his illustrious career, Demolition Ax landed a Swinging Neck Breaker that left Blanchard down enough for the three-count, which was administered by referee David Fedor.

Demolition Ax wins the Brawl Under the Bridge Championship. Unscientific research shows that that might be the first single's title of Demolition Ax's career. There are unsubstantiated claims of Bill Eadie winning singles titles for long-defunct organizations. Nothing can be proven.

It is interesting to note that one of Bill Eadie's other alias, The Masked Superstar, one his only NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship (Florida version) on July 22, 1986 in Tampa.He lost it one week later to Lex Luger. The Masked Superstar won the NWA National Heavyweight title three times (the NWA's 3rd most prestigious belt) between 1981 and 1982. He was the NWA Georgia Heavyweight title holder three times in the late 1970's. He held the WCW TV title for a few months in 1980. Before that, he won Canada's IW North American Heavyweight Championship as Bolo Mongol in September, 1974.

Any other of Eadie's "singles" titles are nearly impossible to quantify. It might be truly possible that the Brawl Under The Bridge win might be Demolition Ax's first and only individual title, and it might have just been on the same day on the calendar as the last one for The Masked Superstar.

The sun sets on an incredible in-ring career for the Hall of Famer before an appreciative, packed house. It's the way any champion wants to go out.

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